The next Xbox One update: six OS features we want for August

Total Xbox: We haven't asked about Xbox One updates for a while, in which time many of the requests thrown at Microsoft's door have been read and addressed. Slicker achievements, USB drive support and the blessed controller battery life indicator all popped up in our consoles' fizzing memory-banks recently.

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JBSleek1492d ago

Some features to come:

Waking up the console and automatically downloading content (console has to be configured for Instant on).

Low battery notification will be displayed on-screen when the controller runs low on juice.

Remote downloading of apps and games by purchasing them on or through SmartGlass

Controller will vibrate when the Xbox button is held down long enough to carry out an action.

More (maybe - unknown at this time)


stuna11492d ago

One thing I can definitely say about Microsoft and Xbox1, they are definitely consistent with their updates! I want to invest in a Xbox1 at some point soon, but I want to be confident that Microsoft will stay the course they are taking.

tbone5671492d ago

Everytime I turn on my Xbox an exciting new feature is waiting for me. glad i chose it over a PS4. Can't wait for Threshold to come to Xbox One.

Mikelarry1492d ago

not sure if i am doing it wrong or if this feature is already available but i would like to add to that list the option to turn on the controller as well with the instant on feature. for example when i say "xbox on" my tv swtiches on, so does my xbox one but then i have to manually switch on my controller don't make any sense to me

matt1391492d ago

lol I never even thought about that before

Mikelarry1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

lol dont steal it... ill sue :). it weird to me as well that this does not happen currently. i am waiting for the submit an idea option within the preview app to open up so that i can suggest this to them

Dinkis1492d ago

I like that idea but lets say I have 4 controlers and one of them is the Titanfall one. How will it know I want a the Titanfall controler on and not some random one? I think your idea is still a possibility tho

Mikelarry1492d ago

It could allow you to designate one controller as the main controller with ability to ammend said if you then change your mind about the tf controller you can set another one. Just an idea

mhunterjr1492d ago

Sounds good, but the controller would need to have some sort of standby mode to listen for the on signal. Unless this was planned since before launch, I doubt we'll ever see it...

That said, the controller can and does receive firmware updates...

Silver3601492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

goto website submit idea.

okay idea was already submitted got to above website log in with xbox live ID and vote for it. That is where they are getting their update ideas from. Oh yeah vote for downloads being cheaper than retail copies.

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matt1391492d ago

-Ability to preload digital titles
-3d blu ray
-Battery PERCENTAGE, not a little bar

Mikelarry1492d ago

"-Ability to preload digital titles "

i thought Insomniac mentioned this was coming soon.

i wouldn't mind a battery percentage as well as the bar it nothing much to go on. great ideas

ThatOneRiggaNob1492d ago

I think there are other features that are far more important than the ones listed in this article.

1. Voices messages
2. Background music functionality for Xbox Music or custom
3. Ability to store music on your harddrive via usb or cd
4. Pre-ordering and pre-loading
5. Able to play voices through speakers (good for streamers)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head but I'm sure the wonderful N4G community can list a ton of other features that seem more important than "Xbox, find my controller".

scotmacb1492d ago

The main thing left is media playback on usb sticks and backgrounds and themes

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