PlayStation Now: Built to succeed, set up to fail

When first announced, there was a great deal of scepticism around Sony's PlayStation Now service. No one could really question the merits as consoles have grown to be backwards incompatible, making those bargain bin last generation acquisitions useless without the matching console. If the plethora of HD reboots/remakes/remasters and collections of older downloadable combined with the ever-popular 'retro' titles like Shovel Knight have shown us anything, it is that gamers love their classic titles.

Given that PlayStation Now is built with technology that actually does a very good job of streaming games to these new consoles, it would seem that Sony is in an ideal position to make a lot of money from the service. Unfortunately there are two major problems that might outweigh this solid foundation and cause the service to flounder when it should in fact wind up thriving.

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Neonridr1609d ago

my only concern is the short term pricing (4 hours) is too much. I don't know if they are purposely doing that so more people will just opt for the slightly more expensive (but better value) 7 day pricing.. who knows.

JBSleek1609d ago

I think the long term prices are bad as well. The game is cheaper in other places then me renting a game I won't be able to own.

DanielGearSolid1609d ago

I think the prices they set are good for ppl without PS consoles... Because otherwise they would have to pay for the game and console to play the game

There should be an automatic cheaper price point when playing on a PS console, since its cheaper in some cases for us to go out and by the game

pompous1609d ago

And yet if you were to rent from Redbox they would be $2.50 per night as well as Family Video is 6.99 for 5 days. So the prices are fair based on what you could rent games for. Also the 4 hr rental is to push people to the next tier of rental, that's why 4 hr rental is priced the way it is as that is how movie theaters, food establishments, and various store price things to get you to move up to the next tier. It's basic sales tactics and nothing more. Rentals anywhere have ALWAYS been not worth it in the short or long term because like you said JB you could own for cheaper.

JBSleek1609d ago

"And yet if you were to rent from Redbox they would be $2.50 per night as well as Family Video is 6.99 for 5 days. So the prices are fair based on what you could rent games for."

As if Gamefly doesn't exist?

Darkstares1609d ago

Why have a 4 hour option in the first place? The 7 days and 30 days are the only offerings that make any sense. Make the 4 hour pricing for 24 hours and make the 90 days full ownership.

Prime1571608d ago

I think danielgearsolid said it best with, "I think the prices they set are good for ppl without PS consoles... "

I think their end game is MANY devices... like Netflix is today.

How do you all think psnow will be when it works on your iphone, Samsung galaxy, nexus, surface, Asus transformer, ipad, Etc? Well the prices be unfair then? I'd like to know what everyone thinks.

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Chalgyr1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

That four hour pricing just seems crazy. If you want someone to demo it, put it at fifty cents or maybe a dollar, but event hat seems too high when even a quarter would work out to $1.50/ day or jut over $10 for a week. :)

badz1491609d ago

the pricing is indeed the trickier part of this service. I would rather they put is as a subscription with number of games per month rather than per game per time basis. for example, $10 for 2 games for a month or $50 for 12 games a month. you can use them as many times you want but if you fell short like if you payed $50 but you only finished like 8 games, no refund.

seems kinda cheap, right? but considering not THAT many people will be hooked on the service 24/7, it's kinda fair for both sides!

LackTrue4K1609d ago

I rather keep my PlayStation 3....then pay for "NOW"

There are just many games on my hardrive, and i still enjoy it.

BlackCountryBob1608d ago

Then do that, PS now isn't designed to replace your old console, it's for someone who maybe didn't have a ps2 or 3 and wants to try some of their games without buying new hardware.

I don't know why people keep having to say it but just because it is released and called playstation, you are not obliged to buy it or use it, it's an option for some of the 100 million people with Playstations out there, and it's not a failure if it only a proportion of these people find a use for it.

Letthewookiewin1609d ago

Sorry but what the hell is that pic of the testosterone bubble hand thing all about. It's fucking disgusting. It's an add and needs to go. It makes my eye twitch!

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RichardDawkins1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

It needs to be subscription based. That's just me. I can only imagine Sony is trying to make whatever profit they can with this.

colonel1791609d ago

As long as they have the current pricing, it's going to fail. These kind of services are made to be better with a subscription model, not individual pricing.

People would prefer to pay $20 a month, than $5 a game. IMO, I would even pay $99 a year. But the point is that the pricing is what's going to make it or kill it. Not even the content.

Agent_00_Revan1609d ago

Agreed. I see this service struggling heavily the first couple of months, and afterward hopefully they restructure and shoot for the subscription model.

TheFutureIsBlue1609d ago

If they do go the subscription route, I hope they include a discount or something for PS+. I agree, though. 20$ a month or something along those lines would be sooo better. It would pretty much be gamefly, but digital which would be freaking awesome!

OrangePowerz1609d ago

I think it was always destined to be somewhere between big success and failure. It will have it's userbase and depending on what PS2 and PS1 games they have I will use it as well since I have a ton of PS3 games. For me it's a potential very good service for proper retro gaming.

itBourne1609d ago

I really could careless about the ps3 games on it as well. The ps2/ps1 games would draw me. Mostly ps2, give me Dark Cloud and I will throw my money at them lol.

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