The Co-op Podcast #82: Will Microsoft’s New Direction Make Xbox One The Leading Console?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: On this week's episode of The Co-op podcast we spoke a lot about the recent news regarding Microsoft. Their sales have doubled since E3 and the price drop of the Xbox One; and unfortunately they've also shut down their entertainment division aimed at delivering original TV content to the console. Around 18000 people lost their jobs which is unfortunate, but it shows Microsoft is changing focus. Does this mean that Microsoft's new approach is all about games? Does this also mean that they'll win the majority of the gamers moving forward? Let us know what you think after listening to our discussions.

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bicfitness1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

NPD just answered with a "no". Why are we still having this discussion? The trajectory of each is pretty much set now, and with the Xbox marketing cuts, they won't be making any great inroads into EU. Japan is a write-off, I think we can all agree. Also, there was another story this morning about the larger mobile-patent purse strings that props up the Devices and Services Division being cut. Which explains why we didn't see any "megaton" exclusives announced at E3: the money well is no longer unlimited.

At best, MS is fighting for 2nd place now. And world-wide, they haven't even passed the Wii U yet.

xHeavYx1615d ago

I agree, they've had so many changes, so many "price drops" and other stuff and still they can't surpass the PS4 sales

Septic1615d ago

"And world-wide, they haven't even passed the Wii U yet."

Well lets wait for them to release worldwide first.

But yeah, I will actually be surprised if MS even take first place in the US now. There's simply too much momentum in Sony's favour.

The important thing is that it fights hard and keeps Sony on its toes. That will be a good result for everyone.

bicfitness1615d ago

Serious question, but do you honestly think that Tier 2 countries-- especially given that their marketing team literally was just gutted in Europe--will make any sort of an impact? Are we adding this onto the chalkboard now?

And I thought we were ignoring each other's posts :) Its better that way, since you tend to get all excited. If you can answer civilly, and without degenerating to your usual behavior, then by all means, let's continue this dialog.

Speaking frankly, I find this whole "competition is good", "need MS to keep Sony balanced", line of thinking quite misguided. MS has made a terrible product (technologically) with features and a vision that have been wholly rejected by consumers. Nothing about that vision or product needs to remain. Part of competition, is the culling of the weak and undesirable. And in the future, Sony has tablets and the giants of Google, Apple and Samsung to compete with in the console space, particularly once these mobile devices get more and more powerful and feature laden. You can already see Sony shifting away from the mindset of fixed hardware with PS Now.

LackTrue4K1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

@ septic

What is up with all this waiting....?!

The same thing was said @ E3!!! "Wait for E3 show"

Now it's....
"Let's wait after E3..."

What are early supporters customers have to do....."wait too?!?"
I want/will get an XboxOne some day just for Gears of War, but instead of me waiting for Xbox/Mirosoft to get on the right track.

"I'm letting them wait on my $$$/my Microsft purchases.....instead of wait on hand for them"

darthv721615d ago

the primary objective of any company that releases a follow-up product is to surpass the sales of the preceding product.

So i would think MS is more focused on trying to meet or exceed the sell through of the 360 before they take on the competition. They have 80+ million to go and all the time they want to take to get there.

What "we" dont know is if there are any deadlines to meet. That is between the shareholders and the company to decide.

for us as gamers, we just want the games. Games that are appealing and fun and worthy of our $$$. If they can deliver that, then the consumer will reciprocate with system sales.

lifeisgamesok1615d ago

When the 1080p, zomg gddr5 hype dies down by next year is when Xbox will make its run with Halo 5, Quantum, and other exclusives

It starts this holiday with the best exclusive lineup

The PS4 has been selling off of promises and PR

disKinected1615d ago

Thanks for the laugh, now move along.

chrisarsenalsavart1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )


Butt hurt Reynolds ladies and gentlemen.

ger23961615d ago

If it it doesn't? Then what?

otherZinc1614d ago



The PS4 is riding on pure hype. Infamous, Killzone:Shadow Fall, & Knack have all done nothing. Those games have no staying power at all. And Drive Club is doing absolutely nothing that it said it was going to do. So why is the PS4 selling, hype of Power.

Power that isn't on display in any of their games as they do absolutely nothing special:
Killzone: where's the co-op?
Infamous:open world with nothing in it.
Knack:just a pos.

When that hype wears down, Halo Master Chief Collection will be waiting.

MysticStrummer1614d ago

XB1 will never be the lead console, in sales or in terms of development.

PS4 will continue to have more games, it has more award winning devs working on it, and so far people clearly prefer what PS4 is offering over XB1.

DigitalRaptor1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Dear God.

Look at these butthurt fanboys attempting to troll off the back of another loss, despite a small but obvious temporary spike.

These garbage, poorly thought out articles always get these guys out of the woodwork, by providing unfounded and false hope.

PS4 is selling because it has more games from a wider and more diverse array, and it always will.

PS4 is selling more because it is more powerful hardware at a smaller cost.

PS4 is selling more because Sony has had a rock solid product and strategy from the get go. They had fair and pro-consumer policies from the PS3 cycle going into next gen.

They built trust and good will from this and a series of award winning and diverse, risky exclusive games throughout the cycle. And gamers can already see this continuing now, into 2015 and beyond.

They KNEW what the market actually wanted and what they still want, which is precisely why Microsoft has been trying to desperately damage control a crappy, invasive, non-gaming, anti-consumer vision and trying be like Sony for the past few months.

Their services offer much more value across their devices and ecosystem. PS+ simply offers more and may do for a long time.

They are selling more than Xbone because their home consoles always have, and always will.

They are selling more PS4s because they have the stronger global brand, and have the mind share that they had in the early days before the PS3.

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_LarZen_1615d ago

Why should the XBO be the leading console? It's a weaker console with a unclear message to costumers.

Every multiplatform game is looking and performing slightly worse then the PS4. And there is so far not a system seller game on it.

jnemesh1615d ago

I agree with bicfitness and _LarZen_ here. Why are we even still seeing articles like this? It's obvious by now that the WEAKER, LOWER PERFORMANCE hardware with LESS GAMES is failing! A "new direction" won't help for at LEAST a few takes a significant investment in time and money to make new games, and new EXCLUSIVE games are the ONLY thing that could convince most buyers to get an Xbox One over a more powerful, better performing PS4!

Stick a fork in Xbox...they are DONE!

stuna11615d ago

You have to crawl before you walk! Things take time and, there are still some feelings of betrayal present from potential supporter as well as past supporter alike. This whole situation with Microsoft is going to take time, but I do commend Microsoft for realizing mistakes were made, and that they are making an evident and visual effort to try to correct those mistakes.

chrissx1615d ago

Unless m$ somehow learnt how to master the arts of magic,they are in the battle of 2nd / 3rd place this gen

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