The Crew Developer Explains How They Achieved 1080p Resolution On Xbox One, 5% CPU Reserve Helped

With all the debates regarding Xbox One's inability to achieve 1080p resolution on many multiplatform games, it’s kind of remarkable that Ivory Tower have been able to achieve parity between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Crew.

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XiSasukeUchiha1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Good for them you know, but what's going to be exchange on the XB1 version though like missing effects that's going on PS4, or something else that XB1 will not have that PS4 does, or PS4 version is going to get nerfed, and etc.... Ivory tower I just want answers to my questions not to start a flame war on N4G.

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Hands Up For Games1612d ago

Its probably a good idea to get in contact with the developer directly, rather than posting a comment on N4G and hoping and wishing that the developer might, just might see it.

shinrock1612d ago

Best comment i have ever read on this site @hands up

Codey471612d ago

Easily impressed, much?

Mr Pumblechook1611d ago

So parity was achieved by turning of 'unnecessary' graphical effects on PS4 and prioritising 1080p resolution over all else.

Dlacy13g1612d ago

Some comments on N4G are just straight up transparent. Why even hide the reasoning? If you just wanted answers you certainly never would have posted your "questions" on N4G. Troll on...

gapecanpie1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

LoL ... Just get a PC... The pc verison will have a higher polygons count and effects the ps4 verison won't have and a resolution higher then 1080p at 60fps or higher.

slinky1234561611d ago

You have to have certain PC requirements to have those though. So no, not every PC version of the game will have it for everyone.

Cueil1612d ago

the PS4 can't do anything the Xbox One can't do... they are the same chipset base... this isn't like how the Xbox OG was 3 generation ahead of the PS2 graphically...

ThinkThink1612d ago

Then why don't you reach out to Ivory Tower and ask them directly instead of intentionally trying to start a flame war on N4G?

BVFTW1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@Sasuke Never give up kid! for better or worse, you're part of N4G and the replies you get are usually funny and entertaining XD

Azzanation1611d ago

Maybe the X1 version wont miss anything like every other multiplat game released on it. X1 has the power to do what the PS4 does, it just takes a little bit more time to achieve it and in some cases companies get lazy and think its not worth the extra work so they release it the way it is. This game is another example on how its all about the developer and not the hardware.

otherZinc1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Well:With games like;
Forza Motorsport 5 1080p 60fps
Forza Horizon 1080p 30fps
Halo Master Chief Collection 1080p 60fps

The other multiplats must step it up!

Also, Halo does it in Campaign Co-op.

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Ashlen1612d ago

I can pretty much guarantee the method was reducing post processing and cutting polygon count/texture sizes. That's what you do on any project when you want to increase resolution.

Five percent extra CPU doesn't take a game from 900p to 1080p.

NextLevel1612d ago

Exactly. I like when people say I'd rather take 900p/60fps over 1080p/30fps.

It just doesn't work like that.

Dudebro901612d ago

You should go work for Ubisoft and tell them how to make their games. Since you obviously know more than they do.

Ashlen1612d ago

That's fine idea, application sent.

ThePope1612d ago

Will you design a game for me, cause it sounds like you know better than everyone else. I like Sci Fi thanks!

Ashlen1612d ago

Sure, i'll get right on it.

_LarZen_1612d ago

Try to convince die hard XBO fans....

BadlyPackedKeebab1612d ago

Slight aside but interesting. The number of polygons has much lesser impact on performance than many believe. Because of the efficient way in which they are batched on modern GPUs you would have to litterally quarter them to get that kind of res at the same gramerate. What does make a huge difference is the number of independent meshes (objects) as there is quite an overhead in pushing each one. Hence the talk with dx12 and multi threaded draw calling being helpful. One of the ways we get around it is by merging non moving meshes and making a mega texture known as an atlas that covers the whole thing. With the right colours in the right place etc. Its often better to have few megga poly count meshes with huge single textures than it is many small count meshes with small repeated textures. The gains to be had are huge. All big games will do this nowadays.

SlavisH21612d ago ShowReplies(1)
Cueil1612d ago

no... Resolution isn't even that big of a frame rate hit

ThinkThink1612d ago

When you shave poly mesh and reduce texture size you do so only as much as you have to before you start noticing a difference in quality. I'm fine with that if that's the case as you don't notice the difference.

The_Blue1612d ago

Whats up with all these Pseudo-developers on here arguing with 7 figure budget development companies.

Kiwi661612d ago

In their dreams they imagine that they know more than the people that actualy make games for a living

BadlyPackedKeebab1611d ago

There are a good number of professional and hobby/indie devs on here. People that make games tend to like games too... Odd that.

Bigpappy1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I keep reading this comment being repeated by PS4 zealous. You sound like there are no Xbox1 games that run at 1080p. It is quite obvious that getting to 1080 was never impossible. The problem was that X1 wart not performing well for some games at that resolution so they went lower. The 5% more CPU seems to have fixed the issue for this developer and quite a few more have said it has helped them also.

So this is not about what is required to increase resolution from 900p to 1080p. Its about getting 1080p to run at a good stable frame rate.

beerzombie1611d ago

"I can pretty much guarantee"
No you cannot this is the one statement that is used a lot on this site like a fact.
for sales, games and hardware; you cannot guarantee shit but your fan boy status.

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TomahawkX1612d ago

ps4 held back due to parity confirmed.

strangeaeon1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Now there is a comment I never get tired of /s. The PS4 is marginally more powerful than the Xbox One, the sooner you realize that and just enjoy the games the happier you will be.

ceedubya91612d ago

Ha. The way some people are around here, they act like the Xbox One is a PS2 in comparison to the PS4.

mcstorm1612d ago

@strangeaeon I love comments like TomahawkX because going off what he is saying the Xbox, Gamecube and N64 were all heald back by the PS2 and PSX.

Sick of all this power talk just enjoy the games we have and the consoles you have picked to buy and let other people enjoy what they have got.

CaptainObvious8781612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Now there is a comment I never get tired of /s. The PS4 is a lot more powerful than the Xbox One. The sooner you realize that and just enjoy the games the happier you will be.

We all know the specs of each console. I don't know why people like you have to continually use words like "marginally" or "slightly" just to make yourselves feel less insecure about your console of choice. If you're so concerned with graphics then you should have gotten a PS4 or PC.

Like you said, stop trying to convince yourself of this "minuscule" difference in power. Just accept facts so we can all move on and start focusing on the games.

People say this site is infested with sony fanboys, but I bet my disagrees will say otherwise.

hkgamer1612d ago

i take it you are trolling.

we should just admit that the ps4 and xbone have similar power, they both get trumped by decent pc rigs which we all dont care about and enjoy the game.

if the game looks decent enough, then thats great. if it has framerate problems or the game looks freaking ugly for no reason then complain.

hello121612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

As an x box owner i have to admit the PS4 is slightly more powerful. It depends on how the devs take advantage of it. x box 1 was only using 90 per cent of the GPU power at launch, now its 100 per cent. The CPU runs faster at 1.75ghz compared to 1.6ghz for Sony this is clear advantage for xb1, with frame rates.

The GPU in the PS4 has slightly more grunt for visual effects aided and helped by Open GL. With directx12 the visual grunt might be reduced, have to wait on that and see how it will improve games visually been a new graphics driver. Also the GPU in the xb1 runs an extra 53mhz clock speed. Sony GPU is 800mhz Microsoft is 853mhz, but with lot less shading and graphical power.

GDDR5 (5GIGS) is better than DDDR3 (5GIGS) the 32 ESRAM may help out. I doubt many devs used it at launch for games, but it will be worked on for games coming out next year.

Overall, looking at it the PS4 has a slight power advantage of about 10 to 15 per cent.

imt5581612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Quote :

i take it you are trolling.

we should just admit that the ps4 and xbone have similar power,

I think is not similar.


Sorry, i edit post and copy what i wrote in previous post and pasted it below.

gapecanpie1612d ago

PC held back due to parity confirmed. (Yet still will look the best)

Spotie1612d ago

Parity with itself, troll, since they have to code for a wide variety of hardware configurations.

Don't go blaming consoles. Blame PCs for being modular, and blame devs for wanting to get money from as many setups- particularly the weak ones, which most PC gamers have (less powerful than the PS4, in fact)- as possible.

poor_cus_of_games1611d ago

Pc isn't a console so it won't be "held back" besides for the price you pay for a pc to significantly out perform this new gen consoles you're talking about twice the cost minimum.

Kingoftherodeo1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

lol sasuske you don't wanna start a flame war. then why cant you just accept that both copies will be the same? maybe some devs can do what others can't

cruzngta1612d ago

They got 1080p and thats good 4 xb1 owners. However I am willing to bet it was at the expense of missing effects(Sniper 3), lower rez textures or maybe some other graphical asset(s) that would be a burden to push the rez needed to get to 1080p. Either way it is still good they achieved what they did. PS4 will always get the better versions of the games and I have accepted that and moved on. Gamers being able to play the same games and them looking and playing mostly the same is still the bigger picture here. Having both machines I just get the 3rd party games on my PS4.

hello121612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

You really going to bring up Sniper Elite. When the PS4 was dropping more frames more than the xb1 version. Video evidence proves it and evidence is out there.

Jeez, you guys are the most blind followers i have ever seen. No wonder the world is gone gone crazy with real wars.

windblowsagain1612d ago

Don't trust that. DF already did this game and found PS4 had better framerate, no tearing, better AF and lighting.

Also the reason the xb1 has tearing is because it's unlocked because if v-synced would have to be 30fps game.

MasterCornholio1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Sorry KNWs but Digital Foundary says your wrong.

"Rebellion's in-house Asura engine proves that it has the potential to bring a 60fps experience to consoles, although the technology doesn't appear to be fully optimised for the task in hand given the large gap between PC, PS4 and Xbox One performance. The PS4 game holds up rather well in approaching a 60fps set-up while featuring almost identical graphical quality to the PC game running with ultra settings enabled. The frame-rate drops are still distracting, but aren't really severe enough to heavily impact upon the gameplay. It's clearly the most dependable console version and easily the one to go for given the choice.

In comparison, the Xbox One version feels like it could have used a little more time in development to better optimise around Microsoft's more complicated hardware set-up. The graphical compromises rob scenes of some fine detail, while performance fails to deliver anywhere near a perceptual 60fps. An obvious solution for achieving closer parity may have been to drop resolution, but in a game so reliant on picking out small detail from a distance, that probably isn't the best idea. There's the sense that Rebellion simply made the best compromises available. By and large, it works. There's still much to enjoy here - it's just that the experience isn't as solid as it is on competing platforms."

Next time do a better job with your sources.

"Jeez, you guys are the most blind followers i have ever seen. No wonder the world is gone gone crazy with real wars."

Your saying that Sony fanboys caused the conflicts between many different nations around the world? How the heck do you even believe that? I mean your seriously accusing Sony fans of starting conflicts between countries like Russia and the Ucraine.

You really need help because its impossible for that to be even true. Wow just wow.

Angels37851612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Actually you might want to re-examine your sources.

DF (much more trusted than a Youtube source) found no such issues and even recommended HEAVILY the PS4 version because despite being "1080p 60 fps" on both systems, it overall looks and plays better on PS4. the XBO version has screen tearing fps drops no aliasing, worse lod, and even POP a NON open world game...

DF has 10 different performance videos that prove yours wrong. I think you're the blind fan...or selectively hear

guyman1612d ago

well that was just unnecessary and pointless

imt5581612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

You are pwned, KNWS!


As an x box owner i have to admit the PS4 is SLIGHTLY more powerful. It depends on how the devs take advantage of it. x box 1 was only using 90 per cent of the GPU power at launch, now its 100 per cent. The CPU runs faster at 1.75ghz compared to 1.6ghz for Sony this is clear advantage for xb1, with frame rates.

The GPU in the PS4 has SLIGHTLY.

I'm just curious why Xbone fans always says SLIGHTLY when they talk about PS4. :rolleyes:

Overall, looking at it the PS4 has a SLIGHT power advantage of about 10 to 15 per cent.

KNWS, do you want again links about how test showing that PS4 CPU is faster in test and developers can get more juice from PS4 CPU? I'm pretty sure that i show it to you before.

But anyway, here is the one of them :

KNWS, show me fu**** proof that PS4 has 10-15% power advantage! NOW!

GamersHeaven1612d ago

"Jeez,you guys are the most blind follower i have ever seen"

Bwuahaha are you serious you post bs video saying the PS4 version drops more frames when its well know Sniper Elite 3 on the Xbox One version that drops the most frames.Digital Foundry already proved this.Talk about about blind fanatical follower that would be YOU.

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Antwan3k1612d ago

Ahhh, the go-to example of sniper elite 3 huh.. why not use a game like Wolfenstein that runs equally 1080p/60fps on both the PS4 and Xbox One without any performance issues on either console instead?.. oh, that's right, you're just trying to use a biased example to prove a biased point.. please continue ..

I wonder what the excuses will be when games like The Crew, Destiny, Alien: Isolation, Doom, and others (all announced as 1080p on both consoles) don't have the issues that Sniper Elite 3 (a game that nobody even cares about beyond this lame argument) has..