First Person Shooters to look forward to in 2014

Now that E3 is well over and the FPS future is definitely more clear than ever, iLLGaming compiles of the list of five shooters that vow to freshen up the immensely saturation genre.

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SideNote1608d ago

Thinking he purposely left out Halo. What a nob.

k3x1608d ago

Halo? You mean the mediocre game that became popular solely because it was the first and only XBOX FPS at the time?

fuertespedos101608d ago

Halo and destiny are no good at least for me

JediDiah1608d ago

Say HALO to my little friend!

ShaqSoda1608d ago

Most promising: Far Cry and Halo MC collection.
I hope CoD is not trash, and I hope Hardline does some new things.

Khan6131608d ago

Hard line will do new single player via Visceral games.

The multiplayer beta appears to be a re-skin with new models and audio.

Music still sounds like a wet fart in a distortion mic.

pandehz1604d ago

Hardline will do new things never before done.

Like re release BF4 and call it..

MysticStrummer1608d ago

Destiny, Far Cry 4, and Planetside 2 for me.

Beyond 2014 I reeeaaally want to see more about Doom 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.