It would be better for everyone if Battlefield: Hardline didn't exist

GameZone's Joe Donato: "I’m a sucker for the Battlefield franchise. I genuinely consider Battlefield 4 to be essential gaming, despite all the issues that game has had. In fact, Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 before it were also fantastic experiences and my go-to titles for online gaming with my friends. DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront game will probably be just as glitchy and broken on day one as all their other games, yet I will likely be there suffering through every issue because the game at the heart of it is so damn fun. Despite that, there’s one game I might let slip through the cracks, and that’s Battlefield: Hardline. Sorry Visceral, sorry DICE, not-so-sorry EA, but I’ll probably sit this one out, here’s why."

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ArchangelMike1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Atfer the Hardline Beta, I was out. There are way too many games, especially new IP's, coming out this holiday season for my to be wasting my time and money with sub-par rinse and repeat expansion packs.

Alex_Boro1583d ago

Yep feels a lot like Battlefield 4. They didn't take the time to make it feel less like a military shooter. Kind of hard to explain if you never played the beta

LackTrue4K1583d ago

the mos sicking thing about has it's own Premium with the game......and cant pass over the premium you have on Battlefield 4 either.

Matt6661583d ago

Its not a DLC for BF4, yes it going to play similar to previous BF titles, (but COD plays similar to previous COD titles) (so if your going to say that you might as well say COD:AW is an add-on for Bo2). But BF4 did not have cops & robbers, it didn't have vaults you stole money from, BF3/4 didn't have some of the weapons or vehicles that BF:HL has in.

Matt6661583d ago

Also no one is forcing you to buy or play the game.

iamnsuperman1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

At least all COD games are military shooter. Hardline is a new direction for the battlefield franchise (cops and robbers) but the game feels like a reskinned military shooter. Reskinning a game is bad enough but this is something else. It's lazy

Volkama1583d ago

I wonder if it would get more or less stick if they just called it "hardline", and people figured out it was a bf reskin without the giveaway name?

Personally I loved a lot about bf4, but wasn't a fan of the exapnses of grass in some levels. The resorts and cities were more fun to me. So I see hardline as something of a reskin towards my tastes, and I am happy to buy it.

Mind you I paid £22.50 for my pre-order. The £59.99 price on origin is quite detestable.

iDadio1583d ago

I went into it pretty interested but whilst the beta was fun when it worked it just feels to much like BF4 to warrant a standalone

Hellsvacancy1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Me and my buddies (who have played the Battlefield games since Bad Company 1) decided none of us are buying Hardline, BF4 was the final nail in the coffin

Unless one day EA announce Bad Company 3 or BF5 (which is FULLY destructible) we won't ever buy a Battlefield game again

OneShotThrill1583d ago

I totally agree....we need the full scale destruction that Battlefield once was...Hardline is just ...meh

DoomeDx1583d ago

Well the thing is..

I remember this game called Bad Company 2. Which had 'Vietnam' DLC. It was by far the best $15 DLC I have ever spend for DLC(Next to Episodes from Liberty City) because it felt like a new game.

Hardline should have been a BF4 expansion pack..Because even vietnam which costs just 15 euros, has brought more new stuff to the table then Hardline, which is fully priced game.

What happend to Dice / EA.

joab7771583d ago

It is wierd b/c this is really the 1st x that my reasoning isnt quality. I am sure that hardline will be great, but its too much the same. And Destiny is out.

3-4-51582d ago


I played liked 6-7 matches and realized that BF4 is a much better game anyways, and I'd rather play that if I'm going to play a BF game.

* Also, there are way too many other games of various genres including FPS that I'll be playing by the time this game releases.

* Destiny or Hardline
* Smash Brothers or Hardline

Not difficult choices, especially when I already own the better BF game of the two in BF4.

* Hardline is useless.

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AnotherProGamer1583d ago

Battlefield Vietnam is the same thing, came out 1 year with little changes but people love it. This isn't something new they do

Horseheadinthebed1583d ago

If I remember correctly Vietnam wasn't a full price release but hardline is.....

dcj05241583d ago

It was, it was released in 2004 and was almost the same as 1942,not as popular either but people loved it.

iamnsuperman1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Apparently it was. Then again expansion packs and general games back in the day were like this (as far as I remeber). Things have come full circle

Pintheshadows1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Yeah, but Battlefield Vietnam was frelling awesome.

I liked driving down beaches in a jeep during an intense battle. All whilst listening to I Fought the Law by The Clash. Stuff like that strikes fear into the heart of your enemies.

I still like Bad Company 2 the most though. Terrific campaign and multiplayer.

I want to know what the hell happened that the BF3 and 4 campaigns were fragmented pieces of nonsense. Odd story beats and all the hand holding linearity you could want from set pieces. 'Lead me through the shiny shiny' type stuff.

The mute character in BF4 annoyed me a lot. He just didn't respond to questions directly aimed at him which made whoever the hell he was seem rude. It didn't have the self awareness of Half Life and the most wonderful mute theoretical physicist ever as a main character. It instead had a floating rifle.

I imagine that focusing on SP as much as MP would mean an even more broken game at launch. I blame a lot of this on EA cracking that annual whip.

KwietStorm1583d ago

Wasn't Vietnam just an expansion pack on Bad Company 2?

dcj05241583d ago

Nah, it was a full priced game released in 2004.

Neixus1583d ago

nope, there's Battlefield: Vietnam, and BFBC2: Vietnam.

Hellsvacancy1583d ago

I paid 11.99 for Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 1942

Hardline is 39.99, no comparison

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Agent_hitman1583d ago

For me BF: Hardline is just an add on DLC or standalone expansion for BF4.

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