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Three Purchases In The Last 6 Weeks I Regret – 3) Watch Dogs

IM PLAYIN concludes their series of articles looking at three games that they've regretted buying in the last six weeks. They conclude with Watch Dogs.

"*In Ewan McGregor’s Obi Wan Kenobi voice*… you were supposed to be the chosen one! My last purchase probably comes as no surprise to people who’ve read my first thoughts on Watch Dogs. To say I was underwhelmed, disheartened, disappointed and indeed even gutted, doesn’t come close to summing up how I felt whilst playing Watch Dogs. The hype around it perhaps meant it was never going to live up to what was expected of it, a fact that I feel is best highlighted by using Metacritic – the Critic reviews are all around 80 out of 100, whilst the User ratings come closer to 50. This huge difference points out one thing – getting the game for free adds quite a lot to what you think of the game!" (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

uth11  +   413d ago
I never bought into the hype of this too much, so I wasn't really let down by this.

But I do agree with the article somewhat. I think all the fun in this game is in the missions. Roaming in the open world gets kinda boring fast. Even Lego Marvel was more fun in open world mode than story mode. I'm not sure why this is.

Maybe Watch Dogs' Chicago needs more to interact with besides missions?
LordMaim  +   412d ago
What were the other two? I'd rather not reward this click bait.
welly300  +   413d ago
Not the best open wrld ive played but its a stop gap till gta.

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