Rainbow Six Siege Getting A Lot More Info Soon; Drones Can Be Destroyed, There Will Be More Hostages

Ubisoft promises a lot more information on Rainbow Six Siege in the coming months. Also, drones can be destroyed by players and there will be different hostages.

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micx1312d ago

I don't see why there was controversion over including female hostages. A hostage is a hostage, no one likes it regardless of their sex.

Imp0ssibl31312d ago

Nowadays there is always a controversy if every single possible variation of human is not represented.

hiredhelp1311d ago

Glad drones can be destroyed what i thought were RC cars.

TheUltimateGamer1312d ago

People have no lives.. No matter what anyone does, it'll in some way be found racist, sexist, or opressive. Everything is too damn PC. People just need to grow a backbone... Watch, here comes the "Invertibry Society" to tell me that not all creatures need a backbone and it's insensitive to say otherwise...

Jrmy841312d ago

I agree with you but, with that car chase that just went down in the news them using that women hostage as a shield against police bullets. I can see it upsetting some as of right now.

1nsomniac1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

The controversy can't of been that bad. I can't wait for this game & always looking for new info but can't say I ever heard anything questioned about female hostages & it seems ridiculous that it would even be questioned in the first place.

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mark3214uk1311d ago

its been to long between rainbow six games, there in a differant league to cod i think, most of my online gaming memorys are from black arrow,vegas ect