5 Console Games That Must Find Their Way to Mobile

A list of 5 games that would perform as good if not better, on mobile devices and bring fresh air to the Stores.

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DBLDeathDealer1615d ago

Interest list and it would be great to see some of those make it to my Mobile device.

Summons751614d ago

No game should find their way to mobile... Look at the controller based console games on cell phones, the horribly remade Final Fantasys - horrible visually and in gameplay, KOTOR - awful....I could go on but cell phones are not and will never be made for real games.

SteamPowered1614d ago

Hey dude, check out the NVidia Shield. I picked mine up for $200 and its the best device ever. When you play Half Life 2, GTA, Final Fantasy, Dead Trigger 2 with full controls and a wicked touch screen, well it really makes these games playable. I talk about the Shield a lot, but buddy, it plays so many emulators, Google Games, and it will stream my PC games from my Nvidia GPU flawlessly.
The Shield single handedly turned my view on "cell phone games"

Realplaya1614d ago

So pay $200.00 for a device to add to a $600.00 phone?

1. One mobile phones are small devices that fit in your pocket adding a controller takes that away.

2. Anyone paying $800.00 for mobile phone games is crazy.

SteamPowered1614d ago

At "realplaya"

Um, I think of it as a portable gaming device akin to the PSP or 3DS. Im not going to play these games on a Cell phone. The Shield is a Portable console, not a damn phone. To me, there is my phone, which I use for phone things, and my Shield, which I game with.

tubers1614d ago

Hopefully they bring back the original Shield form factor over the years.. The next shield is a confirmed to be a tablet.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1614d ago

The author must be on drugs and should be put out of their misery or something like that.

Peter_Warrior1614d ago

I can't understand so much hate on mobile games.
You're behaving like your parents did a couple decades ago.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1614d ago

Not saying anything about mobile games. But games from either consoles really shouldn't be ported to mobile platforms.

Besides our parents never reacted badly to video games.

On another note we just hate cell phones in general and think they should all be destroyed.

PeteyMcPickle1614d ago

This list did nothing other than make me laugh.

hkgamer1614d ago

no, i rather play a game built for mobile then see a port

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