Xbox One: 'Microsoft Has Been Perfect' Says Indie Dev

NowGamer: "We spoke to developers working on Xbox One indie titles Cuphead and FRU - they told us that Microsoft is changing."

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Goku7811614d ago

Microsoft perfect? That makes people suspicious of the truth just in that coment.

Volkama1614d ago

You should see how suspicious Goku gets when indies praise Sony. You will usually find him rocking back and forth in the corner craddling his head, because there have been so many suspicious "truths" about.

insomnium21614d ago

It's too late for this MS. The ship has sailed already.

lelo1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

A article praising Microsoft... this isn't going to go well in N4G.

xx4xx1614d ago

All too true.
I was going to make the same comment.

strangeaeon1614d ago

I was trying to be optimistic and think to myself that the first comment might be positive and not be the usual "MS is evil" trash. Oh well. Good on MS for improving indie relationships.

XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

Goku I also find this suspicous not being fanboy and all but who says 'perfectly' like that openly, bluntly maybe I should put a genjutsu on the employee and tell me what's going on here.

TRD4L1fe1614d ago

bro, you are a fanboy. you're only kidding youself by saying that

SpinalRemains1381614d ago


You're not a fanboy?

You're the poster child for fanboy.

TearsOfARapper1614d ago

I'd ask you to elaborate, but it appears that no one on this site wants you to. Also, *comment.

ATi_Elite1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Xbox One: 'Microsoft Has Been Perfect' Says Indie Dev!!!

I question this guys sanity and or the amount of money he just got from Microsoft.

YES MS has been way more Indie friendly than last gen but there are still lots and lots of indie Devs who want NO PART of MS due to the silly "Pay to update your game charges" and limited server access!!

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MCTJim1614d ago

Nice to see a positive comments from yet another indie developer about how MS is easy to work with.

Summons751614d ago restrictive, right? Because when one devs says their good but literally every other indie dev hates them, I'm going to lean toward the majority since they are likely speaking the truth.

Death1614d ago

Do you think that just maybe literally every other dev doesn't hate them?

Zichu1614d ago

Where does it say that the literally every other indie dev hates them?

Out of the 100's of indie developers, how many of them have come out and said that they hate the way MS is going about with indie?

Summons751614d ago

I've heard tons of indie devs complain about MS and talk about how fair Sony and Nintendo are. Hell I've heard indie games getting delayed on other systems because of MS.... This is one of the very very very few times I heard an indie dev say something good.

Zichu1614d ago

There are plenty of devs praising MS in that link... This was in June.

This link does show some negative fews, which was from last June, during the reigning of Don Mattrick... I saw Phil Fish in the article moaning, so I wouldn't give me credit to him. He cancels his game on the spot due to some interview or something.

JeffGUNZ1614d ago

@ Summons

Where have you heard that "literally every other indie dev. hates them"? I am curious. I think you might be confused. It's a small amount but duplicate articles that show any negativity to MS will be posted multiple times, thus confusing you thinking it's all these indie dev. when really it was like two.

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