Here Are the Goddesses of War of Sony Santa Monica Studio

A few days ago we saw a picture of the ladies working at Naughty Dog, and learned that there are about 30 of them at the house of Uncharted.

Today Sony Santa Monica Tools Programmer Emily Berger responded in kind showing a picture of a sizable group of ladies working at the studio of God of War, also revealing that there are about 25 ladies working on Kratos and friends.

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DEEBO1614d ago

I would play as a Greek goddess but she has to keep the brutally of the series.No waterdown pg-13 T for teen crap.

xHeavYx1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Imagine meeting one of them at a bar?

Me: "So, what do you do for a living?"

Woman: "I work at this company called Sony Santa Monica"

Me: 0_0

Kingthrash3601613d ago

I'd buy purple pants a drink....its the dude looking chick in the back next to the girl with her hand up I'd avoid...o.O

Back-to-Back1614d ago

Besides the girl in the purple pants,

I would rename this picture creatures of war. Seriously thats a whole lot of ugly in 1 picture.

strangeaeon1614d ago

Funny, I just call them devs.

Bhai1614d ago

Yeah, and they're calling 'em devys(Deva in english... i.e. goddess heh heh, not too different from you)

Magicite1614d ago

Some of them are even cute...almost :)

isarai1614d ago

And why wouldn't they? lol it's not like being a dev makes you genetically different or something

spoonard1614d ago

There is no "fat" or "ugly" on the internet these days. Everyone is a special, delicate and unique flower that deserves love and only the highest praise possible or else you could damage them severely.

Cryptcuzz1614d ago

The one with the purple pants is attractive to me :)

XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

These goddess be looking nice, maybe I might kidnapp one to help grow the Uchiha clan again who knows :P

gamerfan09091614d ago

Although GOW has never been a game that I've personally liked, you can tell SSM has a lot of talent and are special studio. Hopefully they make a new IP along with another GOW. I just could never get into hack and slash games.

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The story is too old to be commented.