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How to Easily Complete “The Undying” Crucible Bounty in Destiny [Exclusive Exploit]


If you’re getting started with the Destiny Beta test you are probably looking for the fastest way to level, or get the best reputation with the game’s factions. Picking up Crucible reputation focuses hard on questing, or a large amount of grinding through PVP events. Having played nearly 12 hours in the Beta within the first day, we snooped out the single best way to finish one of the hardest Crucible Bounties in the game – “The Undying.” (Destiny, PS4)

ROQFrost  +   153d ago
What a cheater!
JoeIsMad  +   153d ago
It's not cheating if it's part of the game, right?
Hi3i  +   153d ago
Totally cheating!!
FamilyGuy  +   153d ago
It's a wall glitch!

Lol of course this is cheating but this is a Beta, I'm sure Bungie will patch it before release.
Stevefantisy  +   153d ago
How long before they tweek this you think?
JoeIsMad  +   153d ago
I think the wall only clips in the corner, but this is beta, so it's at least going to last through that duration.
Palitera  +   153d ago
Are online cheats allowed here now?
ROQFrost  +   152d ago
Oh no it's an exploit in a beta, we better cry about it...

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