The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny Getting Limited Edition Custom PS4s in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced that Japan is going to get more limited edition PS4 consoles, this time around with The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny.

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Majin-vegeta1529d ago

Are you freaking crapping me??I want this now!!Hopefully it comes statewise also.

Ezz20131529d ago

i'm done with TLOU now

since i just saw the offical trailer for
The Last Of Us 2: Giraffes Park

Abriael1529d ago

Lol. That was funny as hell.

sinncross1529d ago

That Destiny HDD cover looks amazing on the console.

Really lovely.

XiSasukeUchiha1529d ago

Awesome covers, but really why not here?

NikX1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Wish Destiny PS4 Bundles in North America had that HDD Cover :( LOOKS SOOO COOL!!

And also The Last of Us one

Chevalier1529d ago

Which begs the question. Why isn't Sony selling those custom plates? It's seriously money to be had. In fact I would collect them all.

NikX1525d ago

Yes I agree they can sell them separately and make more money out of it. I would collect them all as well.

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