Microsoft To Lay Off 14 Percent Of Its Workforce

Today, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella wrote a letter to all company employees that indicates the corporation is preparing to lay off 18,000 employees. (The New York Times reports that this makes up about 14 percent of Microsoft's global workforce.) These layoffs will be the biggest and most severe in Microsoft's history.

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XiSasukeUchiha1610d ago

Hopefully you can find work somewhere else.

ITPython1610d ago

Wonder how many of the XB1 cheerleaders (ie trolls) will suddenly disappear from N4G because of this?

Seriously though, as long as none of these people are the ones MS pays to leave fake positive feedback for the XB1, and fake negative feedback for the PS4, I feel really bad for them and hope they get back on their feet soon. It is tough out there.

FriedGoat1610d ago

I have noticed for the past few months a strange increase in agrees and "well
Saids" in a very short amount of time on certain pro Xb articles. I wonder....

dcbronco1610d ago

This whole 14 percent thing is a joke. It makes one of two things clear. Either how stupid most of the press (and gullible the people) are or how corrupted they are. Before Microsoft acquired Nokia, they had over 125,000 employees. That acquisition brought in an additional 30-60,000 Nokia employees bringing Microsoft up to 155-185,000. Cutting 18,000 is not 14%. They actually added employees over the number the reports are using.

So why is everyone reporting 14%? For some it's stupidity. They use other reporters as their source. You could also call that lazy. The other is corruption. Look at Microsoft's stock price yesterday. It was all over the place. If you want to know why, check out Jim Cramer's interview with John Stewart on the Daily Show. Insiders use games like this to cheat those stupid enough to still believe the market is their best chance for a stable retirement. The market doesn't always win for the average Joe. In fact, most lose or break even. It does always win for the insiders. Because their games give them your money.

Microsoft's new CEO is allowing the market forces to manipulate him. No CEO should ever chase stock prices.

blackout1610d ago

Why do we have to disappear. These layoffs are because off an acquisition (Nokia). Microsoft inherited extra man power. If im not mistaken 22,000 more.

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Magicite1610d ago

of course you can, its not the end of the world, besides they will have recommendations.

mrpsychoticstalker1610d ago

Most of these people are from the Nokia acquisition. Living in Finland. And this doesn't really impact the Xbox division, aside from the Xbox entertainment which no one really cares about.

Plus we are still getting the Halo series from Steven Spielberg.

FarEastOrient1610d ago

What happened to the Quantum Break TV stuff?

Tedakin1610d ago

Remedy is making that game, not MS. I doubt it will be affected.

dantesparda1610d ago


Way to only care about your precious. And not all the people losing their jobs. So much damage control.

nicksetzer11610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

@fareast Nothing, I am sure you will find something else to pretend to be upset about though....

Rimeskeem1610d ago

The people who worked at Xbox entertainment cared about it

Insomnia_841610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Didn't you say Microsoft would never leave thousands of people with no jobs? Didn't you say they have so much money that they would do anything to keep people working?

Why o why1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Thats all I've heard since I joined n4g. Ms's money this, ms's money that. The same money they chose NOT to spend for the majority of last gen on the things that actually mattered and could be built upon. No point bragging about them then dissing sony for being 'broke' or 'going bankrupt' yet they continued to pump out more higher quality games for the whole gen. They didn't adopt the minimalistic approach ms have now become synonymous with.

In regards to the job loses, I'm hoping all affected can sort themselves swiftly.

thejigisup1610d ago

It will impact the xbox division in Finland definitely.

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GreenRanger1610d ago

There'll be 14% less cheering for Microsoft at E3 2015.

FamilyGuy1610d ago

Lmmfao, I forgot all about those canned laughs/applauds that only came from MSs own employees

Perjoss1610d ago

hahaha, yeah those cheers are hilarious, everyone expects applause, its only polite if soneone is up on stage trying to impress you that you at least show a little appreciation for the effort. But the cheers are certainly not needed, specially when peoople are cheering when really mundane features are announced.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1610d ago

How many of these articles do we need?

dantesparda1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

As many as we needed for Sony. After all, fair is fair, right? You know, all the Sony is doomz talk. And did all of the Sony lay offs even add up to anywhere near 18,000 people?

mcstorm1610d ago

There is a difference in Sonys layoffs and Microsoft's. Sony was because it needed to make cuts to survive the cuts Microsoft are making are from the Nokia division because they now have 2 teams in the Windows Phone/Tablet market and Microsoft don't need this and when they bought Nokia Microsoft took on around 14 thousand staff.

Also Microsoft have just had a new CEO with a new vision for Microsoft and he is trying to change the company's image and by doing this some jobs also have to go.

At the end of the day any company letting staff go in my eyes in a sad thing as this is real people out of a job and I don't want to see that for anyone no matter how much I don't like that company.

I hope the people who will lose their jobs over the next 12 months manage to find another one soon after leaving Microsoft.

Daoshai1610d ago

@mcstorm. Not sure why your getting disagrees, only fanboys can't see the difference. Well, ok, I guess we know why your getting disagrees after all.

dcbronco1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

It's a sad comment on gamers when an intelligent comment is only met with disagrees. People wonder why the general population looks at gamers as children. Reading comments on a forum and watching the reaction makes it clear. Not that the general public is any better, but the majority always sets the tone. Though it is the vocal minority that positions the majority.

But anyway, keep it stupid gamers.

mark3214uk1610d ago

differance is sony were honest about there layoffs ms are masking it with a nokia merger,truth is there making layoffs because they are not doing as well as they thought with xbox,they thought they would be milking retail game shops with there drm system,they thought adding kinect for extra $100 was a good idea,they thought they would have big cheque's from the nsa for allowing them to look straight into your living room,they fucked over idies,they have the weaker console that is struggling at the start of its journey,all that leads to job loses and big cuts

thejigisup1610d ago

Well, they are certainly changing their image

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2cents1610d ago

as many as it takes. The hate will never stop for MS or for Sony.

Thanks to the intelligence levels of the majority in the gaming community. This forum alone has spawned some really troubled individuals who have somehow made it their whole existence to spread dis-information. Spamming each and every article with exactly the same bile. With no break for food, toilet, washing, blinking... I would hate to see what some of these people actually look like in real life.

Sasuke, NextLevel etc have some serious medical issues that need to be addressed, It seems to be totally normal behaviour for their ilk to continually spew out nonsense. eg. Sakuke has been a member for 6months but has posted over 5000 comments!!! and I challenge anyone to find anything of any substance in any of those posts.

The monkeys are never going to get of the organ grinder. Its the same old sh1t every day.

I come here for news and discussions about gaming but I don't remember the last time I managed to have an actual exchange of ideas on this forum. Its all too easy to get sucked into the he said she said debacle that oozes over into every single article.

anyways, rant over. Time to read some articles.

Tito081609d ago

I would recognize Sasuke as being a fanboy, but his comments are not as delusional and ignorant as the infamous Truefan1, which YOU failed to mention.

2cents1609d ago

I did add 'etc.' to the sentence.

There are loads, too many to mention. Those names came to mind only because they were in the forefront of my mind as I had read many comments from them in the last few days.

sorry if I'm offending you, but I posted because they are offending me with their useless posts so I chose to jump in and throw my 2cents into the lions den. Sometimes people need to speak out and sometimes louder than the usual lot when the balance gets skewed. And in my opinion, I felt I needed to say something that provokes thought.
I'm nothing more than 'just another post', I keep things in perspective, but if 'my post' makes even just one person change their behaviour for the better then its worth it.

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