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Submitted by Valay 576d ago | news

June 2014 NPD: Hardware sales for all platforms

Data from this month's NPD report has leaked, revealing US hardware sales for all platforms during the month of June. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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NextLevel  +   576d ago | Well said
"The PlayStation 4 beat out all systems with 269,000 units sold. Xbox One came in second place having sold 197,000 units."

197,000 units isn't even close to the Xbox One's best month. Says alot considering all the hype that went into dropping Kinect. The Xbox One also would have been outsold by the Wii U (by alot) if they didn't remove Kinect. Which is crazy.

270,000 units is amazing for a system some people think has 'no games'. It should see a decent boost next month from the TLOU RE and should have ZERO problems holding down the US until at least November.
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Lawboy2  +   576d ago | Well said
Yeah but u got to admit that's actually not that bad....I think we should just concede that the playstation 4 is an amazing console and is highly likely to lead this generation in sales...that way maybe xbox fans can get back to enjoying there games and not be ridiculed for not selling as much as the ps4
NextLevel  +   576d ago | Well said
If the Xbox One can maintain these numbers, it would be great, but I don't see any reason it would last. The Titanfall SKU boosted the Xbox One number to 311,000 in March, a few months later it was 115,000 and 77,000. Only time will tell though.

Lets be realistic here, new SKU and price drops cause sale spikes, the Xbox One numbers next month will probably be lower than 197,000.

This is no where near closing the gap. It did better the month before Titanfall.

January 2014…141,000
February 2014…258,000
March 2014…311,000
April 2014…115,000
May 2014…77,000

"xbox fans can get back to enjoying there games and not be ridiculed for not selling as much as the ps4"

Last gen the PS3 took heat for years until it over took the Xbox 360. This gen is just getting started.
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psforward  +   576d ago
That may be the smartest thing I've ever read from an X-box1 supporter.
TFJWM  +   576d ago
I agree with everything you said cept for the its not that bad. Xbox1 sold 5k more in the last two months then ps4 did in June, that is with all the pre orders for the unbundled SKU. There is no way that is the ''boost'' Microsoft was hoping for
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k3rn3ll  +   576d ago
Considering how people keep raving that the ps4 is selling 2-1 on xbox, this is a great improvement. Dropping to 1.36-1 is pretty impressive . Especially considering no new games that month. And lets be honest, its not a pricedrop so people need to stop pretending it is one.
itBourne  +   576d ago

I mean it is a price drop, tons of people dont want to fork out and extra $100 for something they will not use.

Also Microsofts strongest market is NA, the situation is much worse in Europe. However, if a company is ran right, you do not need gang buster sales to be profitable, look at Nintendo.

I really am glad to see Sony do so well, mostly because so many amazing 1st party titles sold like ass last gen, maybe it will improve so we can continue to get those 1st party niche market titles.
Death  +   576d ago
Interestingly enough Sony said the Vita was sold out due to increased demand last month. According to the data sales are down 44.4% from last year for the month and 26% for the year.

Half way through the year and sales between the PS4 and Xbox One are 1.57 million vs 1.1 million. That doesn't really sound like as huge a differance as some want to believe. Another interesting fact is the average number of Xbox's soldhas been 76,666 less a month for the year. With the lower price due to Kinect being dropped the Xbox One sold 72,000 less. For it's first month, the lower price isn't the game changer some had hoped.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   576d ago
I agree and congrats to PS4 leading the sales while MS is second and even Nintendo clawing its way back.

I expect bigger numbers from all three going into the fall season.
I wish we would go back to getting the NPD sales figures every month like we use to. Why did they stop doing it in the first place?
BlackWolf12  +   576d ago
Honestly, July is going to be a much more accurate indication of the sales trend.

June was always going to see a sales spike from all the people who were waiting for a Kinectless Xbox One. Those inflated numbers will see a gradual decline once again leading up to the end of the year.
Redgehammer  +   576d ago
The 399 price did not go into effect until june 9th, so I'm interested to see if there is any difference in a full months report. Congrats to the industry as a whole, i love seeing a healthy report. Kudos to the PS4, as well; however, Sony and I will never exchange currency for hardware, ever again. Regardless of that, i recognize its impact on MS, and believe that needed lessons have been learned by the Xbox division. I look forward to owning a XO in the future, and am happy all tastes have an option, in which, to enjoy gaming. I just choose the XB platform for my family, and me.

A 400k,YTD14, difference is not a staggering amount IMO. Considering the backlash MS endured, and arguably wrought upon itself.
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morganfell  +   576d ago | Well said

Last gen the PS3 began to gain on the 360 from day one in worldwide sales. It started behind, and at launch it began to gain. And it won in it's home country.

With the X1 it began to fall behind from day one. It started behind, and at launch it began to fall further behind. And it is losing in it's home country.

The X1 is performing exactly opposite the PS3. People can let those comparisons go because this isn't last gen at all.


Thanks for proving me correct. But to answer your question. No, it will not make a differnce. Put that dream down and stop grasping at straws. The fact is the X1 Kinctless Sku peaked in the first week of it's launch and started to drop after that. The only reason X1 sales were as high as they were was because of the first week from June 9th through the 16th.

The Titanfall bundle has disappeared at many retailers and that was a source of sales for MS even outsewlling the KInectless Sku. The Kinectless Sku is selling worse than at any point to date so no, the extra 9 days will not make a difference. Let it go.
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JorboTron  +   576d ago
I can't wait to see the medal ceremony when they place the gold medal on Sony's chest. /s

seriously guys lets just be happy that console are selling well across the board. even wii u is selling well. PS3 did not win anything for narrowly beating out 360 in a nail bitter last gen, if anything they lost about 60 million customers to MS from the previous gen, so depending on how you look at it who really won? Also because of that competition Sony came out swinging with the PS4 and we the gamers win. Competition is good. all platforms have pros and cons. everyone just play games and forget about the numbers, as long as it selling
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   576d ago
Xbox fans enjoy their games.

Maybe it's time Sony fans allow them to do that in peace.
Redgehammer  +   576d ago
It's folly to confuse being curious about a topic, with dreaming or grasping at straws. The demise of Xbox has been grossly overstated, here on N4G, but i know where I am, so it is just a matter of course.
SilentNegotiator  +   575d ago

So Xbox gamers can't enjoy Xbox if some people on the internet say that they don't like Xbox/MS?
NewMonday  +   575d ago
so the PS4 is outselling the XB1 by a rate of 3-2 even after the price cut, next month the rate should go back to 2-1 in favor of the PS4.

the biggest challenge to the XB1 now is the revival of the WiiU, between the power of the PS4 and the unique games of the WiiU it will hard to establish a message for the X1.
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1OddWorld  +   575d ago
@Lawboy2 - Why should we concede???

I am "Pro Gamer" just as much as the next guy, but this is Xbox fans getting a taste of their own medicine and rightfully so. Why should Sony fans be the bigger person and just let things go? I hope they are ridiculed for the rest of the generation.

I am an eye for an eye type of guy.
BitbyDeath  +   576d ago
Yup. Xbox actually did pretty well.
Isn't Thuway going to get into trouble for leaking this?
slate91  +   576d ago
Geeze, dude what is up with you. Like...why?? Lol
Sitdown  +   576d ago
I could be wrong, but I don't understand why you think TLOU will give the ps4 a nice little boost....and I say that as someone who plans on purchasing it, but I already own a ps4.
Boody-Bandit  +   576d ago
Because TLOU is an AMAZING game. One of the most award winning games in history of gaming. That and take into account the polls that have shown that a fair amount of Wii and 360 supporters have jumped shipped to the PS4 early on. Most of them have not played TLOU.

How is it any different than MS only consumers thinking Halo 1-4 will move X1's? At least TLOU is remastered for this generation where as Halo isn't.

So yes. Without question Sony will see a bump in sales when the TLOU is released. I played it on the PS3 and I'm picking it up for the PS4. It's my favorite game from last gen and one of my all time favorite games. Uncharted 2 is my 2nd favorite game from last gen.

TLOU will definitely give Sony a little boost. Not that they need it since they've been out in front every month worldwide.
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ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   575d ago
The last 2-3 years of the last gen had a bunch of games coming out. My backlog was so big that I passed on TLOU.

I got a PS4 a week ago and now I'm waiting for the remastered version to come out. Since roughly 7 million out of 80 million users played it, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in that position.
Sitdown  +   575d ago
The common theme in all of our post is?..... We are getting the game, but already have a ps4. So no bump from us. If out of 80 million only 7 million wanted to experience it... Why do we believe a sudden jump in graphics will cause people to by a ps4 to play a game they perhaps previously shunned? With regards to Halo.... It's Halo...a bonified system seller. If Halo did not have the history, I would make the same comment towards Xbox fans. Not saying it won't happen, but was just wondering.
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ABizzel1  +   576d ago
Congrats to all, those numbers were a lot higher than they should have been, so I guess they counted the last week of June (that entered July) as a full week which would have put each platform closer to the actual NPD numbers.

regardless Kudos to all, June was a great week for every platform.


Stop trolling......please ;(
PumpkinEater69   576d ago | Spam
bullymangLer  +   576d ago
you guyzzzzz, ha. so silly . .

if only gaming was about saLes . but its not.

Gaming is firstly all about gameplay, then the overall quality of the project.

Gaming is not about how much a product sold lol. too much sales figures round these parts.

Nintendo still in first, sony second, Sega in third, and micro innnn
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Spotie  +   576d ago
A lot of good it does for a game to have great gameplay and am amazing story if it has zero sales. Likewise, it doesn't do a console much good to have a great library if nobody is buying the hardware.
johndoe11211  +   576d ago
Did you think carefully about that statement before you wrote it?
Magnes  +   576d ago
The console that leads in sales will drive the market. If you are a fan of a particular console and it's direction/vision it makes sense that you would root for it to lead in sales. Get off your soap box.
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imt558  +   576d ago | Funny
Nice, Sony, really nice.

Anyway, from MisterX :

misterxmedia ‏@misterxrnedia 1m
@PNF4LYFE dont give credibility to NPD fake ass numbers, are made in office room by Sony paid firm, insider confirmed

ROFLMAO!!!! I can't believe it.
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morganfell  +   576d ago
MisterX is the most delusional individual in gaming.
GW212  +   575d ago
I would love to meet this guy in person. I won't be traveling to eastern Europe to do it but I'd love to see what kind of person he is in real life.

I'm guessing he probably does this as some joke or is literally paid by MS to do it. Good gig if you can get it. Imagine that your job is to just literally make things up. Sources? Whatever, make 'em up. Let's make up some tech terms today. Let's take logic, put it in a box, lock the box up, and just type.
ShwankyShpanky  +   575d ago
One could easily be forgiven for not realizing that that is a spoof Twitter account, given how outlandish X can be.

That spoof account is pretty amusing, though.

One of the below is a real MisterX tweet, the others are from the spoof. Can you spot the real one? (meh, it's not too hard to do... I picked some of the funniest parody tweets)

"i threw a dart at the dartboard and now stacked ram is my new hot secret truthicle! Xbox One has stacked ram, my for real insider to comment"

"no I am not FUD! you are FUD! stupid liars try to do provings me of the wrong, cannot be done my truthicles are solid!"

"Nothing about #neogaf is legit. Gaming forum is front group for whoever ponies up the most cash, OT is socialist propaganda"

"PS4 dark secret: real life GDDR5 bandwidth is 135GB/s. Not peak 176 GB/s as they PR. Ponys making suicide, my russian boner is 4 cm bigs!"

"Insider Daily. 12.4 teraflops is confirmed! Visit my page for truthicles and pictures of randomness with nonsensical red lines drawn on them"
(note: the above pic is the spoof account's avatar, not my own editorial)
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Darkstares  +   575d ago
Vita sold just 15k, i'm not so sure I would say nice job unless we are only focusing on the PS4. Which of course is a nice job.
Anon1974  +   575d ago
Bear in mind though that the Vita is limited in supply (for whatever reason). The fact they've been hard to find for weeks in the US will no doubt take a toll. Not that it was doing fantastic in the US or anything before that, which is a shame. It's a tremendous console.
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lelo  +   576d ago
One serious question to NextLevel. Do you even play games ?
You seem to be at N4G the whole day. I don't think you have time for anything else. Hope at least that Sony pays you well.

As for June 2014 NPD, it seems to be good numbers all around, except for the Vita. Very good numbers for the PS4 and the X1 got better numbers then I thought. Congrats to everyone.
r2oB  +   575d ago
Perhaps he posts all day while at work. Or school. Or maybe he is able to multitask while gaming. You don't think that's an ability exclusive to the Xbox One with the snap feature, do you?
Quanicus  +   575d ago
These conversations are hilarious. Xbox One hasn't been release in all their markets. Xbox STILL has approximately 23 markets to release their console in. That being the case 197K isn't that bad.
jnemesh  +   575d ago
No, what is hilarious is that people like you still seem to think that "Tier 2" countries are going to make a significant impact in global sales!

Remember, these countries COMBINED contributed less than 10% of global sales with the Xbox 360. If you are expecting these countries to make up the difference in sales between the PS4 and Xbox One, you are going to be in for a rude awakening! COMBINED they won't even make up the difference in sales in North America, let alone the rest of the world!

It's high time that Xbox fans accept the reality that their console is not the #1 console this gen, and will NEVER be the #1 console! The denial is getting pretty damn ridiculous at this point!
GW212  +   575d ago
Right... because the US or UK and the People's Democratic Republic of WhereEverTheHell carry the same target market weighting. Good call.
SmielmaN  +   575d ago
NDP is North American sales

Xbox released in countries that they targeted as their strongest sellers

Stop this lame excuse about xbone not being released in all areas. It wouldn't make any significant dent (especially the ones where ps4 has been available as ppl probably purchased that console). As a added bonus for you, MS not releasing their product in all territories is their decision. So they chose, as a business strategy, to not release in those territories.

On topic: great for Sony, again. I honestly thought xbone would either take or tie this month in NA with the huge $100 drop. Also, go Nintendo!

Where's trufan and Tbone???? I mean, they were talking a lot of trash leading up to this NDP release?
mmc-007  +   575d ago
NPD is US only lol
oSHINSAo  +   575d ago
Just remember... PS4 is in 72 Countries while Xone is in 13...

PS4 7 Million / 72 countries = 97,222 Ave per Country

Xone 5 Millions / 13 Countries = 384,615 Ave per country

While, PS4 wins in USA, is not the same case for other regions, there are other places were Xone sales better than ps4, so, lets just wait for September when xone will release in 26 more countries i guess, 100,000 sales each, and will catch up ps4, with 39 (vs 72 countries)
BlackTar187  +   575d ago
lol you're using a math average for areas that in a 8 yr cycle never even sold 384k systems.
koston3647  +   575d ago
I know you probably think that all makes perfect sense in your head....

but jeez man, just cause you throw out a number and divide it evenly doesnt mean shit....
Chevalier  +   575d ago
Your calculation assumes that every country gets the same amount, except the main 13 countries represent the lions share of sales. Where are Xbone sales better than PS4?! They are losing in ALL 13 countries. Also don't forget that when PS4 launched in 2 countries they sold 1 million whereas Xbone only got 1 million from launching in 13 simultaneously.
SmielmaN  +   575d ago
You just proved how small a difference releasing in many more territories has on overall sales. The main markets are NA, UK, the rest of Europe, and japan. Why don't you show us your math skills and divided what amount of consoles have been sold in those territories.
poor_cus_of_games  +   575d ago
In what countries is the xbox outselling the ps4? Please tell me.
Boody-Bandit  +   575d ago

You spin me right round baby right round like a record player right round round round.

On topic and with that out of the way:

The PS4 is well over 9 million sold to consumer and the XBOX ONE is 5 million. Get your facts straight. Sony is out selling MS with limit supplies in the regions MS significantly outperformed Sony last gen. That is why MS is in limited regions because they over stocked the areas they did best in last gen and were still out sold by Sony that couldn't keep PS4's in stock the 1st few months.

You could walk into any store in NA a month after the X1 launched and walked out with an XBOX ONE. With the PS4 it was have a dozen windows open and constantly hitting refresh hoping you could score one.

If Sony took MS's approach / strategy and limited their quantity of units while focusing primarily on the top selling regions they would be even further out in front of MS in those regions MS once dominated.
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ThanatosDMC  +   575d ago
Wow, that was the most intelligent comment ever on ng4 and it's even backed up with math.
DarXyde  +   575d ago
Except the countries have varying sales trends and aren't normalized, aka calculating a mean is useless. Proof of the fallacy of this assessment is in the fact that Xbox One has sold less to date in most of the regions both consoles are available in. Likewise, Sony's resources are split between more regions with shocking sales differences. Sales are not normally distributed for Playstation 4, given the area, considering the differences in region size. If, say, Xbox One sold a million more units tomorrow with 29 more countries, that would hurt their average considerably. Gamers per region are not normally distributed, nor are the populations comparable. Pretty bad example on your part.

Basic statistics, mate. I'm not knocking Xbox One, but I thought you should know that the comparison you're making is, frankly, garbage.
#1.12.8 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Arkardo  +   575d ago
Hahahahahaha LMAO!

Are you for real? Like real real?
ziggurcat  +   575d ago

NPD is US, so the 72 vs 13 argument is invalid.
#1.12.10 Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
letsa_go  +   575d ago
First belly laugh of the day, thanks oSHINSAo!
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solidjun5  +   575d ago
LMAOOOOO!!! wow. Thank you oSHINSAo. That was...classic.
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HaveAll3  +   575d ago
I think the sells of both are great since we are in the summer months and really no big games to push them. So I say its a win for both...
harrisk954  +   575d ago

Hardware Monthly Sales

PS4 ~ 269k
XB1 ~ 197k
3DS ~ 152k
Wii U ~ 140k
360 ~ 62k
PS3 ~ 42k
Wii ~ 19k
PSV ~ 15k

Hardware US LTD's as of July 5, 2014

PS4 ~ 3573k
XB1 ~ 2916k
WIU ~ 2548k
Vita ~ 1840k

June Software Sales

Tomodachi [3DS] 138k Retail, 37k Digital
Mario Kart 8 [WIU] 470k [Retail + Digital]
All Other New Retail Handheld Games sans Tomodachi < 7k
UFC [PS4] 160k [XB1] 118k
Minecraft [360] 151k [PS3] 144K
Watch Dogs [PS4] 210k [360] 154k [XB1] 137K [PS3] 117k

LTD Software Sales

Mario Kart 8 [WIU] 753K Retail Standalone, 885k Total
Watch Dogs [PS4] 793K [XB1] 500K [360] 326k [PS3] 255k
Wii Fit U [WIU] 48K
Tomb Raider DE [PS4] 179k [XB1] 99k
Donkey Kong Country TF [WIU] 285k
PvZ Garden Warfare [360] 295k [XB1] 163k
Titanfall: [XB1] 1010k Retail Standalone [360] 614k
Infamous SS: PS4 648k
FF13: Lightening Returns [PS3] 139k [360] 74k
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles [PS3] 77k
FFXHD [PS3] 276k
South Park SoT [360] 289k [PS3] 236k
Dark Souls II [360] 289k [PS3] 236k
Tearaway [PSV] 67k
TW101 [WIU] 83k
raymantalk1  +   575d ago
i think MS will drop the price of the xbox1 again before xmas or offer a $200 vouchers towards games as anyone with a brain wont buy a low spec console without something to sweeten the pot SONY will keep there console same price as it will sell anyway.

ps expect MS to give away loads of xbox1's as well so they can get more into homes to try and make peeps think it is selling well.

here comes the disagrees from xbox fanboys roflmao
mediate-this  +   575d ago
Oh my goodness, they are both selling good, whats your problem? 72k difference. You incure a battle between this fake ass console war. They both are doing good, ps4 doing super good.

Your try gard tactics are lame broski.
Evil_Ryu  +   575d ago
WOW! how many sony executives dicks do you have in your ass? seriously you sound ridiculous
kamisama  +   575d ago
For the people claiming it's not a price drop what exactly are you looking at they took the kinect away to give the system a price drop and improve sales.
True_Samurai  +   576d ago
So they did sell double of may good job MS keep it up. Expect S.O.D. and MCC to push sales
#3 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(40) | Report | Reply
dboyc310  +   576d ago
Dude you guys S.O.D way to much credit. That game has no hype behind it that shows it will move a lot of systems.
Back-to-Back  +   576d ago
It's not called Sunset Overhype for nothing. My guess it wont even crack 500k.
Redgehammer  +   576d ago
Honestly, tbe only people ive seen call it over hype, are people whose posts suggest they have no plans to get it, in the first place. Also , people that just like to denigrate the Xbox, and it's fans, also qualify.
morganfell  +   576d ago
Truefan, er, Redgehammer, he is right. If you are monitoring actual preorders the game isn't even a blip on the radar.

It could pick up between now and then but it does change how it is performing at this moment versus other titles that are launching even farther out.
MysticStrummer  +   576d ago
So XB1 did double May's numbers and then some. Still not great, considering May was so low, but not as bad as I thought after seeing MS's tweet that they weren't sure about doubling.
Ausbo  +   576d ago
Good sales numbers for all. Surprised the wiiu is selling this well. I guess Mario kart helped out quite a bit. But I think the Wii u is destined for last place.

my predictions:
1.) ps4----100 million
2.) xbox--- 80 million
3.) wiiu--- 45 million
ABizzel1  +   576d ago
You numbers are actually close to what I came up with, but I must say these sales I'm listing are from launch until 2020 for all 3 consoles.

Worldwide 2020 sales
PS4: 100m
XBO: 70m
Wii U: 46m

NA breakdown (both PS4 and XBO have already outsold Wii U in NA)
PS4: 40m
XBO: 35m
Wii U: 15m

EU breakdown (PS4 has outsold Wii U in EU and XBO is almost past it as well)
PS4: 40m
XBO: 25m
Wii U: 15m

JP breakdown (Wii U could actually win Japan, but PS4 will be right there with it)
PS4: 10m
XBO: 2m
Wii U: 10m

Rest of World breakdown (excluding China, PS4 has already doubled the others)
PS4: 10m
XBO: 8m
Wii U: 6m
#5.1 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
PumpkinEater69   576d ago | Spam
ABizzel1  +   576d ago

Thanks for not attacking my prediction like I'm sure some will, but yeah based on how things are right now that seems to be the results for this gen.

In NA the PS4 currently has the lead, with XBO right on their tail which is why I came up with the 40m vs 35m, because over 6 years there's going to be a build up in favor of the PS4 if things don't change. The Wii U is finally doing solid, but it's success in the US depends on making sure they have a steady stream of system sellers each season, and I don't know if they can do it for the long haul.

In EU the Wii us is actually outselling the XBO right now and I wanted to give the Wii U a higher number because of it, but the XBO isn't out in many EU countries, and the lead the Wii U has over the XBO is going to get ate up once it hits more countries. The PS4 is dominating EU and I don't see anyone catching or stopping it.

JP is the wild card so to speak. Nintendo can actually win Japan with all the Japanese support it's been getting, but the problem is the Japanese console market has shrunk to around 25m gamers, which means the share between Nintendo and Sony has to be heavily in Nintendo favor if they want to keep track with the other consoles on a worldwide scale, which I just don't see happening.

As far as the rest of the world goes Sony is the likely winner since they already have more units sold than the XBO and Wii U combined already. CHina is the wild card here, but again based on recent polls the PS4 is still winning there and that probably has a lot to do with the heavy push for F2P & MMOs.

So again:

PS4: 100m
XBO: 70m
Wii U: 46m

What can they do to improve their numbers?

Sony: Just release tons of GOTY worthy games like they did with the PS3, keep the price competitive, and offer great services, and they should coast through this gen easily.

XBO: Time. They have to recover from the PR nightmare, and while they've put all the effort in that was needed to fix it, it's still going to take time for the majority of gamers to get over and (which will be when they're looking for a second console). In the meantime they need to launch worldwide, increase the quality and diversity of their first party studios (which they're trying to do), release their AAA big guns (Halo + Gears + A new gen IP of that magnitude), Spend that money on marketing, exclusives, and services. A final thing is the get the XBO subsidized in the US at least through cable providers, which will really get those numbers up and could help them win NA.

Wii U: They're in a pickle. The lack of hardware grunt means a lack of western 3rd party support. The good new is they have full Japanese support, and an amazing first party. They need to start making earthquake type moves with their games. Make Pokemon Z exclusive to Wii U, where's the Pokemon 3D fighting game, Pokemon MMO, Mario Galaxy 3, a new Metroid Trilogy, Earhtbound, Pokemon Snap 2, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Adventure, Super Mario RPG 2, and pay for 3rd party exclusives that take advantage of the hardware and gamepad. The reason I listed Pokemon so much is because Amiibo + Pokemon can be a killing for them. Finally they need to make sure they're always $150 less than the PS4 and XBO to stop the thought process of "We'll for $100 more I can get a much more powerful console" from crossing consumers minds.
RichardDawkins  +   576d ago
If you want the X1 to reach 80mil/70 mil by Dec 2020 (7 full years) you'll need:

80mil/7= 11.5 mil a year
70mil/7=10 mil a year

If the X1 can't pull off 10mil in 2014, and by can't pull off i mean only reach 6 or 7 mill.... it will need some really impressive years in the future. This might simply be a bad launch year for the X1.. but it's also the best launch year for the PS4.

My prediction is 50-60mil by dec2020..
#5.1.3 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(2) | Report
ABizzel1  +   576d ago

The XBO will be just fine. First off the XBO still isn't worldwide, and when it is it should be averaging well over 300k units per month. Secondly the holiday season is the best selling months for consoles, and with the right games and and bundles the XBO will have a great holiday. Third these consoles are not going to be $400 all generation, and if MS is wise they'll fight tooth and nail to get the XBO price down to $299 first within the next year or two when people begin going out looking for a second console.

As prices drop, more games are announced, more features and services are announced, then demand will increase for all 3 (not that the PS4 really needs it).

The thing is who's going to put more into making sure they scoop up that 2nd console purchase position MS or Nintendo, and I have to say that MS is going to go on an all out spending spree to make sure it's them. Maybe I should have put a range like I intended, but I was trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

PS4: 90m - 100m aka 15+ million consoles per year
XBO: 60m - 70m aka 10+ million consoles per year
Wii U: 40 - 50m aka 5.7+ million consoles per year

Things will improve for the XBO and Wii U.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   576d ago
I'm pretty sure the release of Zelda U and Xenoblade X alongside the new Metroid and Star Fox are going to boost the Wii U well above 45M.
It'll likely reach around 70M, if they advertise their games well. Never underestimate brand power when it's spread to the public well enough via good ad campaigns.

PS4 isn't going to reach 100M at this pace, though. It'll reach 90M, at best. If it were getting a lot more third party games as exclusives instead of sharing them with PC's and XBone, then I'd say its chances of matching the Wii's 100M are better, but as it stands, I'm not convinced.
They just don't have the casuals to match that number, and the PS2's base didn't all immediately jump onto the PS4, either.
#5.2 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
Mr_Writer85  +   576d ago
Wait.... So the WiiU which lost its lead to the PS4 after less than 6 months, is only going to be 20million behind in 6 years time because of just 4 games?

And the PS4 will only get to 90 because it doesn't have enough 3rd party exclusives compared to the X1.

But yet the WiiU who's 3rd party support is dying a slow death, and when developers move into this gen full time, the WiiU's 3rd party support will dry up full stop as it can't compete ( see Arkham Knight).

Yet the WiiU being the weakest console, and hardly any 3rd party support will in 6 years time of sold 70million. Compared to a console that has already surpassed it, has full 3rd party support, a lot of great PR, plenty of holiday price cuts, and no doubt have a TON of first party exclusives (I'm willing to be more than the WiiU in 6 years time). Will only sell 20 million less?

You sir have no idea what you are talking about.
#5.2.1 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(6) | Report
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   576d ago
You seem to be forgetting that Nintendo has been focusing much more on indies and exclusives.
Those on top of key first party titles and new IP's like Splatoon can and will make up for games from third parties.

And as to third party?
Who are you trying to kid?
How can you even call losing them a loss when the majority of their "efforts" have been badly done ports? Don't even TRY to spin their screw-ups into Nintendo's fault; Nintendo didn't make the ports bad compared to the same games on other systems.
Third parties did, and it ruined any chance they had of gaining a proper foot-hold with the Wii U audience.
If they had made brand-new games built from the ground up for it on a consistent basis, we would likely be seeing third parties successful on all 3 consoles instead of just Sony and Microsoft.
They abandoned the Wii U because their lackluster efforts didn't bear fruit.
That's on them, and the Wii U's reputation has suffered enough damage from their bad ports as it is.
On top of that, a lot of AAA third party games, despite sales, have actually been below-par lately.
It's the reason you see them bringing games like TLOU up to the PS4 so soon after its release on PS3; they haven't thought up anything better so they're re-using something recent.

And no, not just because of 4 games.
Obviously the system will get a lot more games going forward; nice try, but you're not going to put words in my mouth.

And it's absolutely laughable that you'd think they'll have more first-party exclusives than Nintendo by the end of the gen.
Even before counting the 3DS, Nintendo has more first-party games than both Sony and Microsoft.

You, sir, are underestimating Nintendo's ability to make a system recover.
Just like the rest of the world did with the 3DS and Wii.
#5.2.2 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report
InTheLab  +   576d ago
Man you are a true spin artist.

Nintendo has been focusing on indies and exclusives because that's all they can focus on. Watchdogs and Project Cars up and abandoned the system this year. That's why N is focused on the only thing they can be focused on.

And you and this bad port nonsense. Man you are trying yourbest to pretend like Nintendo isn't partially responsible for these "poor" ports as they are the ones that made half a console with weak specs and requires more effort port than the competition.

At some point, you have to blame Nintendo and fans that dont buy anything but Nintendo made games. Wait until Bayo 2 comes out in Oct and sell 10k or something insanely low. Who will you blame then? Feel free to bookmark this comment and I'll eat crow if that game breaks 100k in a month.

And before I go, you don't honestly believe the WiiU will sell more than 45m units do you? I mean, they've only done that 3 other times and 2 of those times were with 2 of the all time great consoles. Nintendo has forecast that they plan to sell 3 million consoles this year. Add on last year's total and that's 6m console in 2 years. I don't even think they will catch the Gamecube at this rate. Have you forgetten that the WiiU is one of the worst performing consoles in history?
#5.2.3 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   575d ago
I'm not ignoring Nintendo's flaws with third parties; I've just got a clearer view of where their blame in that particular pile of fail lies.
The systems power isn't at fault here.
If you actually think the systems power is at fault for turning third parties away, then you must have been ignoring the fact that they're willingly developing games for weaker systems with even more difficult-to-dev-for innards than the wii u.

Destiny on ps3 says hi.

Nintendo's flaw with third parties was in allowing half-assed ports instead of asking for new titles, not giving them money to make new games instead, not allowing them earlier access to Nintendo's staple of first party characters sooner for more collaborative titles, and not having more first party games earlier to make up the difference.

It's not nonsense; third parties have a larger share of blame than Nintendo does in the way their ports have been received on the system, and at some point you've got to stop being a freaking apologist for them and accept that they dug their grave on wii u, and dragged the wii u's third party reputation even deeper into the mud at the same time.

And yes, i do feel that with the right exclusives, they can make the wii u outsell the GameCube.
Third parties certainly can't make it happen.
Not with those horrible ports.
It's up to Nintendo to undo the harm third parties have done.
#5.2.4 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report
Mr_Writer85  +   575d ago
"You seem to be forgetting that Nintendo has been focusing much more on indies and exclusives.
Those on top of key first party titles and new IP's like Splatoon can and will make up for games from third parties."

Sony's effort on both fronts blow Nintendos efforts out of the water.

The Order
Deep Down (co developed)
Sony Bends new IP

And that's just in the coming year and a half. As for indie again Sony blow Nintendo clear out of the water.

"And as to third party?
Who are you trying to kid? "

3rd party games are the bread and butter of all consoles. The fact that in a years time the WiiU will have very few third party games will mean less games.

Less games means less choice, less choice is never a good thing.

"How can you even call losing them a loss when the majority of their "efforts" have been badly done ports?"

Well when you make cheap underpowered hardware you get cheap results..

"If they had made brand-new games built from the ground up for it on a consistent basis, we would likely be seeing third parties successful on all 3 consoles instead of just Sony and Microsoft. "

No we wouldnt as Nintendo owners dont buy third party games, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Arkahm City all good ports, all sold terribly.

"And no, not just because of 4 games.
Obviously the system will get a lot more games going forward; nice try, but you're not going to put words in my mouth."

Well what games? More than Sony? Lets look at the Wii v the PS3 shall we?

Last gen Nintendo published 104 games

Sony 152

Last time I checked 152 was greater than 104...

"And it's absolutely laughable that you'd think they'll have more first-party exclusives than Nintendo by the end of the gen".

Is it.... Is it really? After the evidence clearly points to me being right.

Also games like GTA 5 won't becoming to the WiiU so someone who has JUST a PS4 will have many more games to play than a WiiU owner. FACT

"Even before counting the 3DS, Nintendo has more first-party games than both Sony and Microsoft."

But we are not talking about the 3DS? The 3DS is a portable console. Portable games have a MUCH higher turn around, so yes they do have more games on the 3DS but it doesnt take 5 years to develop a 3DS game. We are talking about HOME CONSOLES the 3DS is not a home console..

And again the WiiU is losing out on a HUGE amount of third party titles. So swings and roundabouts.

"You, sir, are underestimating Nintendo's ability to make a system recover.
Just like the rest of the world did with the 3DS and Wii."

And the Gamecube...and the N46?.....

The 3DS I will give you. But the Wii never struggled they hit it out of the park from that start with the causals.
#5.2.5 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   575d ago
Wow, where do I even begin with you, writer?
Blows Nintendo or of the water? Strawman argument, since that's based on tastes.
And the same goes for Indies. Shovel knight is fantastic btw.

As to third parties, I've already explained this; the hardware isn't why the ports suck.
They're still doing new games for ps3, which is weaker than wii u. Destiny, for instance.
If they could make it run on ps3 they could do the same for wii u.
So no, quit pulling that kind of crap or of your butt and put blame on this parties where it's due.

Outof the ports you listed, not one of them didnt have something missing, and all of them were ports of games weve already played elsewhere, so nice try but no luck.
Until they do something better than ports with cut content, you dont have any ground to stand on when you claim the lack of ports is going to hurt them.
#5.2.6 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report
Mr_Writer85  +   575d ago
"Until they do something better than ports with cut content, you dont have any ground to stand on when you claim the lack of ports is going to hurt them."

Due to lack of ports they lost a years lead of sales in less than 6 months.

As for indie and 1st party exclusives it's nothing to do with taste. Sony produce more games, fact, Sony are pushing Indies more than Nintendo playstion plus is prime example FACT.

In a year and a half the WiiU has 416 games released, PS4 278 a 138 difference it will half that number come December and be in PS4s favour by this time next year.

If you don't think that hurts them then you really don't know what you are talking about.

That's how consoles make money, hardware and 3rd party games as they charge
A platform fee, something PC doesn't hence why the games are cheaper.

Then again you think the WiiU will sell 70million by 2020 XD

Good luck with that, the WiiU will be dead and buried by 2017 stuck on 14million.
#5.2.7 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   575d ago
Lol, lack of ports made them lose their potential lead?
Bro, you're delusional; the few ports it got during launch were so horribly supported that they only made the system sell worse by running it's reputation regarding third parties!
Those horrible ports are what made wii u owners decide that they couldn't trust or justify supporting third parties on wii u, and history proves that any ports going forward are likely to be just as terrible and thus just as harmful to the system.

Pull your head out of your nether crevice and face facts; third parties screwed themselves over when they tied to sell themselves to a new consoles gamers using substandard shovel-ware ports, and it's a fact that third parties will continue to not matter to the wii u's future as long as their multiplat ports suck so bad.

Nintendo will survive long after 2017, and you'll be choking down some crow long before that point anyways, as third parties will continue to prove me right.

Stay salty.
Mr_Writer85  +   575d ago
Where did I say Nintendo wouldn't be here on 2017?

Is the WiiU now the whole of Nintendo? And if you look at the facts you will see I am right.

The Wii launched in 2006 and the WiiU launched in 2012, so the Wii had 6 years.

So to say the WiiU with its poor sales will be replaced by 2017 makes sense.

Also blame 3rd parties all you want, but ask yourself why is the WiiU getting shoddy ports?

It's because the WiiU is a poorly made console, with poor console and game sales, publishers are interested in making money why spend time and money on a making a port that won't make money?

Why isn't Nintendo sorting this? Why are they not trying to convince them to put effort in? Why not drop the price of the WiiU to encourage a larger install.

Sony had the same problem last gen, poor ports. Funny how as soon as they dropped the price and sold more the ports improved.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   575d ago
"Is the WiiU now the whole of Nintendo? And if you look at the facts you will see I am right."

Except you haven't listed anything but biased information to draw bullshit conclusions.

"It's because the WiiU is a poorly made console, with poor console and game sales, publishers are interested in making money why spend time and money on a making a port that won't make money?"

Except that's not true at all anymore; it's not tracking that far behind the XBone, and AGAIN, the innards are not the reason.

If the power of the console were a factor, then you would not see them doing things like bringing Destiny to PS3!

"Why isn't Nintendo sorting this? Why are they not trying to convince them to put effort in? Why not drop the price of the WiiU to encourage a larger install."

Because #1 Trying to tell third parties how to do their own games would just push them further away from the system, and #2 they've already started their collaboration initiative to give third parties some ground to start on.

As for the price drop, they've ALREADY DONE THAT.
Or are you so cheap that anything higher than $200 for a Nintendo system is too much for your high and mighty wallet?
If that's the case, then you've already lost this round for not understanding the simple fact that it's already at a perfect price point for the majority of consumers.

"Sony had the same problem last gen, poor ports. Funny how as soon as they dropped the price and sold more the ports improved."

Sony's poor ports problem wasn't anywhere near the same scale as the Wii U's problem, and you know damned well that the price drop was far more necessary for the PS3 than it is for the Wii U because the PS3's innards were FAR more expensive at the time.
Dropping their price forced them to go without a single cent of profits for OVER TWO YEARS from the system's sales.
Nintendo doesn't want to make the same stupid mistake.
They want profit, and with the right games, they're going to get it.
#5.2.10 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
ITPython  +   576d ago
The PS4 is essentially outselling the XB1 at a 2:1 ratio, and the gap just keeps getting wider every month (XB1 couldn't even catch a break in June, when it was supposed to bypass the PS4). It justs keep getting further and further behind, only way it can catch up is by having BETTER sales each month than Sony, yet they haven't managed to do that in 6 months and probably never will.

If the PS4 sells 100 million, the XB1 will be around 50 million, probably 40. It is more in line with the WiiU than the PS4, completely different leagues. XB1 and WiiU are like college football, whereas the PS4 is like national football (NFL).
Redgehammer  +   576d ago
Not in the region the NPD is reporting on, its only a 400k difference.
ITPython  +   576d ago
@Redgehammer - Shipped-through numbers (XB1) is NOT equal to sold-through numbers (PS4). Also I bet MS includes refurb units (like they did with the RROD 360 incident) and consoles given away (on the multitude of giveaways they have sponsored over the months) as 'units shipped', further padding their numbers.

Actual sold consoles is very close to being 2:1 in the US, if not already 2:1 or more. MS can only pad their numbers and buy their own consoles for so long before they just can't keep up anymore, even with supremely fake padded numbers.
weekev15  +   576d ago
Dont know why you got so many disagrees, this looks spot on. TBH I think Nintendo would be ok with 40-50 million sold this gen, would still make a hefty profit from that which is what its all about at the end of the day.
InTheLab  +   576d ago
I honestly don't believe there's 70m people that are fans of the console. I feel like a large portion of 360 gamers were forced to buy 2 and 3 360's.

My guess would be 40 or 50m for X1 and 100m for PS4.

As for the WiiU, I really can't see them beating the Gamecube. You can't sell 3m consoles each year and hit those numbers, and Nintendo has projected themselves selling another 3m.
akaFullMetal  +   576d ago
70k difference wow!
k3rn3ll  +   576d ago
Dem stats son
Lord-Nicon  +   576d ago
Numbers are starting to level in the end both consoles will sell well, September is the month where Xbox One will launch many countries, we will see then how the global goes.
HeWhoWalks  +   576d ago
Highly doubt those extra countries will do anything for the X1. It's already out in its strongest regions (and never mind that September is Destiny month, one that will handily belong to the PlayStation 4).
#8.1 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Lord-Nicon  +   576d ago
I dont care if PS4 sells better, im just saying that things are leveling up.. and yes, every country will add a little to the Xbox One total sells, we have to wait and see December numbers, thats when the real numbers will count, and end this stupid "im selling more i win"
jaredhart  +   576d ago
I read a story this week that the Chinese overwhelmingly prefer the PS4 when asked. It's not going to get better for Xbox.
HeWhoWalks  +   576d ago
And I'm saying those countries, while they'll increase the tallies, will matter little in the long run.

There was never an argument against increased sales.
BlackWolf12  +   576d ago
Numbers are starting to settle?

PS4 is selling 30% more units than Xbox One.

And that has been a similar trend for a long time now.
jnemesh  +   575d ago
Point #1. These countries made up less than 10% of Xbox 360 sales last gen. ALL of them favor PS4 heavily.

Point #2. There is this little game called Destiny launching in September. Maybe you have heard of it? It is going to BURY the Xbox One in September...because, despite being multiplatform, it is being HEAVILY promoted by Sony, and unlike the Xbox version, has a bundle with a special edition PS4. It WILL move hardware for the PS4, like it or not.
SuicideKing  +   575d ago
I think the extra territories will help, but I don't think it will be significant. I would wager that PS4 sells more every month this year, except maybe holidays(November December). Don't underestimate Master Chief.
Sony just has too much momentum and good press right now. It would take a huge shift or some really big exclusives for MS to change things.
BlackTar187  +   575d ago
"we have to wait and see December numbers, thats when the real numbers will count, and end this stupid "im selling more i win"

bigbic  +   576d ago
Business is healthy for everyone, good thing for gamers.
weekev15  +   576d ago
When this gets disagrees it makes me sad. All 3 consoles are now making money for their prospective companies with MS and Sony losing money through other branches of their business, it's the console part that is looking healthy. This can only be a good thing.
Bathyj  +   576d ago
I hate to be THAT GUY, that stuck up for VGcharts but its worth noticing

PS4 2014
NPD 1,577,000
VGC 1,521,806

XB 2014
NPD 1,101,000
VGC 1,117,563

You gotta admit, thats incredibly close. Remember NPD is not official either, its just NPD best guess (albeit with hopefully a more sophisticated extrapolation system.)

Yeah I know they adjust their figures, but did they do that in the last half hour since NPD was leaked?

Yeah youre right, but when its THIS close (seriously its like 3 and 1%) then youre just splitting hairs complaining about it. These figures are remarkably close. Eerily so. I'm just giving credit where credit is due this once.
#10 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
DVS-Zev  +   576d ago
also interesting how VG overtracks X1 and understracks PS4.

Every time.
DanielGearSolid  +   576d ago
Literally everytime
lelo  +   576d ago
* mind blow *

Have you ever though that maybe it's NPD that overtracks PS4 numbers and not VGC that undertracks them... just saying.
BlackTar187  +   575d ago

Doesn't VGChartz change their # every month once they get real figures?
tiffac008  +   576d ago
That's only because VGChartz makes adjustments when NPD comes out. You should have seen the last two months on how bad their original numbers are compared to NPD.

For this month they got Wii U and X1 right but undertracked the PS4 by 70k.
BitbyDeath  +   576d ago
I'm sure they just change their figures everytime a new NPD hits.

Funny to see that PS4 is under the real amount and Xbox is over it... (as everyone always states) snicker
jjonez18  +   576d ago
I agree.
VGC may not be exact, but they'll give you decent ballpark figures for hardware.(Their software numbers are worthless)
zeuanimals  +   576d ago
Seems easy enough to guess it about right if you let NPD do all of the work. NPD already tracked the first 5 months, VGC is just using that data which puts them around the ballpark. All they have to do then is guess for June. Even with NPD's help, they were off by 50k for the PS4.

It's like stealing someone's kill in a game. They do 90% of the damage but you come in and accidentally finish it off, very sloppily too.
#10.5 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   576d ago
Ndp is more for conversation...

Ea and valve etc have said they don't bother with them.. I've heard Walmart also does not share info with them.

And its comes down to the same issue.. You can poll the few chains that will deal with you, and hope the pattern continues for everyone else..

Its like saying hey.. We asked 1000 people question A and 90% gave answer A..

therefore 90% of all people on the planet feel the same way.. Its just not how it works lol
ziggurcat  +   575d ago
Yes, it's certainly worth noticing that VGC over tracks MS, and under tracks sony.
highjay9  +   575d ago
PS4 2014
NPD 1,577,000
VGC 1,521,806

XB 2014
NPD 1,101,000
VGC 1,117,563
Those VGC numbers are basically NPD numbers because they adjusted their numbers every month when NPD release. There were few months that XB leads Ps4 according to VGC.
HeWhoWalks  +   576d ago
If it's any consolation to the serious X1 fanatics, 197K is much better than I expected! Just so happens that the PS4 also did much better than I expected!
strangeaeon  +   576d ago
Kudos to Sony, pretty much have things wrapped up for this gen. Not terrible numbers for the X1 but not good either. At this point MS needs to take a long hard look at their mistakes and try to learn from them.
mad at me  +   576d ago
How can you say ps4 has it wrapped up but then acknowledge x1 numbers were decent/not good either...
XBisLIKEdeadANDstuff   576d ago | Spam
LightDiego  +   576d ago
Great numbers for PS4, as always.
LOL_WUT  +   575d ago
It's a wrap ps4 has this gen hands down only question who will be in second place? I'm betting on X1 ;)
Major_Glitch  +   575d ago
I say Nintendo takes second.
Arkamenitas  +   576d ago
Honestly, i think Ps4 will hold about steady relative to the others in terms of sales gap until the holidays. I'm curious to see if the boost to XBone sales from the kinect-less sku will last though. I think we can safely say they'd have been behind wii u if not for that, and might be for july, depending on how well mario kart shows it legs this month. Afaik wii u doesnt have another major release until the end of september, Ps4 has a few things coming soon, but im not familiar with what xbox has in their pipeline for the next 3 months
DanzoSAMA  +   576d ago
Sounds good, And in September Xbox ONE will launch in 26 countries.
HeWhoWalks  +   576d ago
I must ask, again, what do people REALLY expect those extra counties to do for the X1? Destiny also launches that month, with an exclusive console bundle for the PS4.

I just don't see what others are seeing.
JeffGUNZ  +   576d ago
I expect more gamers to be able to buy an Xbox. I don't care if it's 10 units only, that's 10 people who can game that weren't before on an Xbox. It's not all a d*ck measuring contest. The more areas the console is out the more gamers can get involved and that's the important part.
BX81  +   575d ago
@ he who walks
If you really want to know I'll tell you, with out brand loyalty because even though I prefer my xbox over any other system I acknowledge that all consoles have pretty sweet experiences. I expect those countries to give the xb1 a bump in sales and fan base. Let's be realistic, the xb1 isn't going to improve sales by leaps and bounds. How ever I do believe they will keep improving. We have to remember no system has gotten off to the start the ps4 has. That doesn't mean everything else is a fail in comparison. The xb1 is turning a corner and making things right. That is solely their fault and they are reaping the rewards of bad policies and press. Now that e3 is passed they are gaming momentum slowly but surely ( don't call me sherlly). The increased countries will increase the xb1's numbers.
Bathyj  +   576d ago | Well said
26 more countries.
1 less excuse.

I cant wait.
Big-finger  +   576d ago
me either. But then their new excuse will be: " it hasn't been released in 73 countries! It's not fair!!"
MysticStrummer  +   576d ago
"I cant wait."

weekev15  +   576d ago
What difference does it actually make to you? Does xbox failing give you more games to play? Or is it just so you can brag that a choice you made this one time has resulted in a corporation being slightly more profitable than another company. Do people actually realise how ridiculous the console fanboy wars are....
Bathyj  +   576d ago
Actually I just want the "more countries" delusion to die.
BX81  +   575d ago
@ bathyj
More countries= more xb1's sold. Deal with it buddy. I agree it's not going to match Sony numbers right away but acting like it's not going to make a difference is just a pipe dream.
amiga-man  +   575d ago

to be fair i don't think he is saying it won't make a difference, he is just saying it won't make any major difference to the numbers.

There is a reason MS chose not to release in those countries and the reason is simple, they won't sell very well in them, if you seriously think it will mean the xone coming close to the PS4 in numbers your in for a rude awakening.
#15.2.6 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
RichardDawkins  +   576d ago
And in September the status quo will remain the same.
psforward  +   576d ago
And the gap will continue to grow only more slowly...
XBisLIKEdeadANDstuff   576d ago | Spam
MysticStrummer  +   576d ago
@XB - If they didn't care they wouldn't keep saying "Wait until (fill in the blank)"
badz149  +   576d ago

launching in more countries have nothing to do with NPD
Master-H  +   576d ago
And the sales will be what they are now but TIMES 26 !!!!!! /s
Why o why  +   576d ago
How about ps supporters saying...'who gives a .....' to your 26 countries. Last gen the advantage was the world versus ZERO countries for a year in most regions and a year and a half in others. Did that fact temper the gloating........ please take it like a man. Whats the next excuse going to be.
HeWhoWalks  +   575d ago
@ JeffGUNZ: That has nothing to do with my question.
OldDude  +   576d ago
Its worth noting the PS4 and X1 came in #1 & 2 over other systems. That being said I thought the X1 would sell better after dumping a $100 add-on 90% of X1 users don't use. I traded my Kinect in at GS the first minute I could. Pretty disappointing numbers. Amazing PS4 keeps right on chugging.

Edit: When the lead becomes 8mil you will see X1 go to $329.99. I'm calling the shot.

Edit again: The Ps4 is unstoppable at this point. It literally is becoming a phenomenon at this stage of the game already. Personally, I like the X1 a lot, but then again I'm old so I just enjoy watching all you youngsters duke it out over numbers.

Okay, what the h*ll, one more time: Even the staunchest X1 supporter has to admit MS had to be hoping for better numbers... I mean, c'mon, ya gotta admit it.

I'm out, finally.
#16 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Death  +   576d ago
90% of Xbox One owners don't use the included Kinect? That's an interesting statistic. I wonder what PS4 fans see in the camers that 90% of Xbox owners don't?

You thought Xbox One would sell better after Kinect was dropped. It sold a little over 13,000 more than it's average for the year without Kinect. For the first month it is pretty safe to say nobody wanting Kinect isn't the problem.
OldDude  +   576d ago
The 90% statistic is a metaphor, it simply means a significant number of X1 owners. It wasn't meant to be taken literally.

The rest of your post I agree with 100%
Death  +   576d ago
According to the first month of data, less than 10% didn't want Kinect. Your metaphore is as flipped as it can be. Had Xbox One sales been over a million for the month you would have been spot on with your guesstimate.
MSpence516  +   576d ago


It's called hyperbole, also known as a number you pulled out of thin air.
Ripsta7th  +   576d ago
And people were guessing 400k for ps4 and 200k for xb1 haha
Look at how wrong you guys were
typittt69  +   576d ago
Let's wait and see what The Master Chief collection will do for xb1. If they're smart they will do a similar bundle deal like they did with Titanfall. And this one will actually sell. Big time.
brew  +   575d ago
That's a long wait. Lets wait and see what July's numbers look like and what The Last of Us can possibly do for the PS4 first.
PSnLex  +   576d ago
You guys are all silly! The xones numbers are TERRIBLE!!! And it's the fact that those numbers came from a month MS made a significant change to the console: slashing Kinect and cutting the price of the xbox! To do all that and STILL not outsell Play station is laughable! What can they do now?? the only thing left to do when you're defeated: XBOX STUDIOS SHUT DOWN! Lmao
typittt69  +   576d ago
The only silly guy is you.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   576d ago
Well, i just wish we can get good sales tracking numbers of software and consoles worldwide !
MultiConsoleGamer  +   576d ago
I'm going to catch utter hell for this....

Thuway is a known fraud. These numbers are pure fiction.

Let loose the slings and arrows. Bring on the dogs of war.

That's not even an official NPD report.

Let the fanboy stoning commence!
Redgehammer  +   576d ago
Potentially true, but not guaranteed.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   575d ago
Here's the chain of events that lead to the posting of the fake numbers, along with a clue to their illegitimacy.

The fake numbers were quietly posted to a site owned by Newegg. A user on NeoGAF noticed that the numbers matched the predictions of a recently banned user almost exactly. In the tradition of typical NeoGAF censorship users were forced to edit their posts for even mentioning the user.

So the trail goes from the banned user, the newegg owned site, the user who "discovered" the numbers, and then to frauds like Thuway.

Now here's two obvious ways to know these numbers are fake. First Sony claimed there was " unprecedented demand" for the Vita last month. These fake numbers are awful low. So either Sony is lying or the numbers are fake.

Two, when you purchase an NPD sbscription you are forced to accept an agreement that states you will never share the valuable data or face losing access to your $10,000 a year subscription. There is no way a prominent retailer would take that chance.

This entire story is nothing more than one huge scam perpetrated the same old liars and frauds. It's always this same group of scammers.

One last thing, you may have heard me state countless times that I worked in connection to retail and still consult on that subject. Well there is one other way I know this is a fraud but I will only talk about it in private.
#21.1.1 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
KNWS  +   576d ago
He leaked this didn't know it was him who put this out. I wonder if the numbers are accurate? We know he is a liar and a fraud. Sony won June but are those the real numbers?
jams_shop  +   576d ago
Lets be honest, those are not great numbers at all. For a console that already got a "price cut", couple of decent exclusives and let's not forget that NA it's Xbox's strongest market. It seems like the general public isn't willing to buy it at that price. I think Microsoft should had drop the price to $400 with Kinect on the box and to $300 with out it.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   576d ago
Vita - 15k

So much for that demand
MSBAUSTX  +   576d ago
I am trying to figure out how anyone could in their right mind disagree with your comment. It sold literally 1/10 the amount as the 3ds and the vita is hraphically superior in every way. Maybe if it had good games and content people would buy it, myself included. But it doesnt and these numbers back that up.
SpiralTear  +   575d ago
Sony's not doing anything to increase that number. Without any investment in quality first-party software, the system's dead to them. Thank God for Japanese devs and indies. They're actually doing something with the Vita.
barb_wire  +   575d ago
You guys realise that the Vita was pretty much unavailable at retail and online for the month of June, right?.. Those 15K represent what stock stores had left..Sony just hasn't been keeping up with the demand and they dropped the ball.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   575d ago
got proof
barb_wire  +   574d ago

Sure, this is only 1 story (of many) you just have to look.
XStation  +   576d ago
At least we can say that the Xbox One isn't "doomed". You can obviously tell a lot of ppl are buying the console.
Goku781  +   576d ago
Playstation Excellence. What happens when last of us comes out, an how about that Destiny Beta right now?
#25 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
sebzhd  +   576d ago
M$ one future (around 2016):
MSBAUSTX  +   576d ago
Notable numbers....PS Vita with 15000 units. Uh that is a terrible number
MSBAUSTX  +   576d ago
Ok so xbox sold more last generation and Play Station will sell more this generaton. Does it really make a difference? Both are still selling good enough numbers to justify more games and future consoles. All that matters is that we have good games to play regardless of which medium we choose to play them on. MS and Sony will be making consoles after this generation just like they did last time. In the end when they have both sold in the millions and millions upon millions if games have been purchased they will both have made their money and will still be here. Arguing about who is winning right now is pointless.
BlackTar187  +   575d ago
Except Xbox didn't sell more last gen.

and if it were to be fair ground they would be around 8million behind ps3
HollywoodLA  +   576d ago
Woah.... Microsoft fanboys are now crapping their diapers lol.
Wikkid666  +   575d ago
Why would they?
HollywoodLA  +   575d ago
Because their console is being beaten handedly in sales, and the entertainment strategy Microsoft mistakenly unveiled their consoles with, is now bankrupt.

Sony winning. To state the obvious.
#29.1.1 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Wikkid666  +   573d ago

You do realize that the $399 sku wasn't released till June 8th?

And if you do the math from that:

PS4 8966 units per day
XBO 8954 units per day

Yep... huge difference /s
KNWS  +   576d ago
Sony is winning with sales, but the margin ahead is 470k (United States) its not that huge. Microsoft can easily close the gap by Christmas and if they don't with the release of Halo. I'm not sure what else they can do.

I think Microsoft has to spend more money to get more killer games on the xb1. While i believe they did have a better game line up than Sony at E3. They didn't have one killer IP or even 2 to get more people really excited.
#30 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Chevalier  +   575d ago
Killer App like say Titanfall? Why would Sony be worried?! They're apparently capable of destroying Xbone sales without games and they start releasing this fall with Destiny Bundle to kick some sales and a white system during Christmas.
Clarence  +   575d ago
As much hype and money M$ spent on Titanfall you would think it was suppose to be the xbone game changer. Top that of with a price drop, the xbone is suppose to be selling like crazy. Yet it's not.

Xbone fans will have to settle for 2nd or 3rd this gen. The 360 had NA in the palm of its hand last gen and it still lost.
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