Do videogames make people violent?

"For some reason titles like the one on this article tend to attract lots of readers. The unfortunate side effect is that it also attracts yellow press publications that write biased articles about how videogames are ruining our society.

One of the topics that have garnered a high number of followers is the social/psychological implications games have over players minds, especially children.

Not long ago I was reading an interesting book called Innumeracy, which according to Wikipedia “speaks mainly of the dangers of mathematical innumeracy; that is, the common misconceptions of the layperson in regards to numbers”..."

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jpepsi241609d ago

cooking mama dosent make master chefs
forza dosent make expert drivers
minecraft does'nt make you
call of duty ,GTA ,Wolfenstein doesnt make killers
crazy kills not crazy games

caseh1608d ago

"forza dosent make expert drivers"

GT5 does though... :)

BitbyDeath1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Nope, i'd actually argue the opposite.
Video games prevents violence. It allows people to vent and gives them a reason to not get into trouble so they can keep playing.

mrpsychoticstalker1609d ago

It has been proven that playing video games make people smarter. It also has been proven that violent video games, show the gamers horrible things to avoid.

Alinea1608d ago

id just recommend to not have your kids playing games like call of duty because socially they become some serious morons, atleast on the Internet. but violence? no, theres nothing to worry about people becoming violent through video games, because they dont.

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The story is too old to be commented.