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Destiny Beta: The Devil's Lair Strike Mission Exploit Found

Hardcore Gamer: Defeating the Devil Walker in "The Devil's Lair" Strike Mission is arguably the toughest task in the Destiny Beta. Thankfully, an exploit was found that allows you to single-handedly take down the massive tank in a matter of minutes. (Destiny, PS4)

ValKilmer  +   375d ago
Welp, now I can finally get back to enjoying Destiny.
Lawboy2  +   375d ago
This is where I stopped at...and I don't think I'll be going back....I'll probably rent the game but it's just not my cup of tea....reminds me a lot of mass effect and warframe....it's a really enjoyable game just not my cup of tea...and the devils lair mission is pretty tough
PeaSFor  +   374d ago
the game is exactly my cup of tea, being a mix between borderland, diablo, mass effect and halo is a perfect mix.

already spent a ridiculous amount of time in the alpha, will also spend a lot of time in the beta, oh and also preordered the game in a heartbeat after playing the alpha.
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Lawboy2  +   374d ago
Yeah it's a really good game...it's just my preference is funny...I enjoyed the time I spent in the alpha and the beta so far but after about an hour or two...I put the game down and go play something else....i may try it out again tommorrow...and I'll still probably play the final version but like I said just not my cup of tea
ShinMaster  +   374d ago
I enjoyed it. I played the Alpha and Beta. But I wouldn't buy it.

That Devil Walker took way too long to defeat. One hour of constant shooting the same spots with little variety get's boring and exhausting. So I'm not all that excited to face other bosses with similar or higher HP. Character design was too bland. There are barely any differences between classes gameplay-wise and everyone has access to all the same weapons. All armor looks the same.
It's like Borderlands minus the charm and style.
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rdgneoz3  +   374d ago
"and the devils lair mission is pretty tough"

It's a lot easier than the alpha was.... In the alpha, the devil walker and final boss had a lot more hp. Without dying, you spent twice as much time trying to kill it even without wipes. Hell, hard mode in alpha was insane with the number of mobs that spawned and hp of the bosses. Try two or 3 captains spawning on the last boss, when the boss alone could kill you in 3 shots (which it fires fast, though now about a 5 shot in the beta) if you're in the open...

All people have to do with the devil walker, is shoot the legs. Blow a leg off, it cripples it for a few seconds and takes off a chunk of hp. If the other two people in the group die, the remaining person just needs to hide far back and not stand in the open and get shot by the walker. The place is easy, try two manning the place because someone left and you didn't get a replacement... I've had that happen before. That or someone goes afk.
Eldyraen  +   374d ago
Played it last night on hard and was practically a cakewalk. Just some random pug but was so much easier than any alpha attempt.

During Alpha (on Hard) we almost always had to use the balcony during entrance segment every time but we fought on the ground for beta easily (when Ghost unlocks the 3 beams). Tank went smoother (enemies spawned on different sides than just bottom of Ghost's stairs which surprised me but wasn't anymore difficult) and main boss on Hard could often force entrance corridor camping due to quick multi Captain spawns from stairwell to the left. Also I never seemed to get critical damage shooting the boss' "eye" anymore so they take away that when lowered health?

I'm curious if Hard was disabled though or if was just tweaked as in Alpha they had visual icons saying what hp/weapon % was and every time I selected level 8 for the Strike it still said "normal" next to it. During campaign missions though there was a noticeable difference between normal/hard.

Granted difficulty is subjective as I know I had played this part before and could had just had experienced teammates that helps a lot. I still think it was tweaked though.
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Lionalliance  +   374d ago
I need the a beta code now for ps3 D:
EyeWishUHeaven  +   373d ago
Check your inbox.
Lionalliance  +   373d ago
Many thanks!
BiggCMan  +   374d ago
This is not an exploit, it's a strategy -_- There's another invulnerability area as well that a few of us have found. What a way to get clicks.
Insomnia_84  +   374d ago
Does anyone know if the progress in the beta carries on to the full version?
kurruptor  +   374d ago
Bungie is still deciding on that. No decision yet.
Dhampir  +   374d ago
All you have to do is shoot it's leg's armor to expose the core. It'll be dead in 5 minutes. How can anyone take half an hour on this fight?
GusBricker  +   374d ago
Just shoot it's legs, a weak spot opens, unleash hell. Repeat.
nope111  +   374d ago
Ugh... I just completed this mission with one teammate, and he kept dying... Oh well, it was still fun.
Vurczi  +   374d ago
I don't find that an exploit. I was there and I had 2 issues with that spot.

1. Enemy reinforcement will come at you and attack you. and
2. You have to shoot at the Walker's legs in order to finish him and from that distance it's not that easy to have perfect accuracy.

Now, I found a way better spot. on the right aide of the Walker, there is a little indoor area like a building and inside there you can have perfect view on the Walker's legs, while the Walker can't hit you + for some reason the enemy reinforcement never entered that area, which I found strange, but at least I didn't have to worry about them, now this was a spot I found exploiting.
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leemo19  +   373d ago
I use that spot all the time, it makes killing him so much quicker.
I'm glad people would inform Bungie of this issue but I can't stand the losers who have to try and exploit and break a game on purpose to make up for their lack of skill . These are no life morons that should be banned, never to be allowed to play again. I'm reasonable and understand people who might have accidentally stumbled upon it but like I said it's the others who try and use it to their advantage or simply because they find it enjoyable to do so to use against others.
- End rant
LAWSON72  +   374d ago
That giant spider thing was so unfair IMO. He killed me in one hit pretty much with all attacks and it took like half an hr for 3 people to kill it. This game is definitely different then I thought it reminds me of Mass Effect, Halo, Phantasy Star Online (so much like this game and I did not expect it), and Borderlands. The PvP is pretty sick and I am not sure how I feel about the MMO aspect. IMO it feels lacking in characters, story depth, and the missions lack variet, however unlike MMOs I dig the gameplay, coop is probably very fun, and it has loads of content (Of course this is just judging from the beta). I think this game is going to disappoint a lot of people don't get me wrong it is great for what it is but I just see a lot of people not liking it. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
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PoodlePuncher  +   373d ago
So... the beta pretty much ends after you beat the 5 or so missions on earth, right (aside from the crucible)? And is the final game going to be the same deal where you're playing the same map over and over? Thought that was kind of ridiculous.
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