PS4 Exclusive JRPG Omega Quintet Gets Brand New Trailer; Shows Story, Cast and Gameplay

Compile Heart just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive JRPG Omega Quintet, which will hit the Japanese shelves on September 18th.

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bicfitness1525d ago

Initially, the game sounded like a hot mess. But...after seeing that trailer, I'm sold!!! Its not nearly as Loli filled or offensive as I thought it would be. Has a Sailor Moon X Idol vibe to it.

LightDiego1525d ago

There is a character like you on the trailer, Sasuke.
Game looks cool.

kalkano1525d ago

So, you have the budget for motion cap...yet your conversations still take place with those ridiculously cheap cardboard-cutouts...?

You're doing it wrong.

Abriael1525d ago

Or maybe, you know, they like it that way?

It's like saying "you have budget to do everthing in CGI and you still produce anime."

kalkano1525d ago

I think that's a bad comparison. Why would someone actually WANT the conversation to take place with cardboard cutouts, instead of just showing the full character models in the full game world?

DCfan1525d ago

Not everything has to be ff.

MrSwankSinatra1525d ago

Not everything has to be ff, but why does almost every RPG have the same lame motif? It wasn't like this back when JRPG's were on top in the 90's.

kalkano1525d ago

^ Exactly. And yet, Japanese companies don't seem to see the correlation.

knifefight1525d ago

Does Compile Heart actually have the budget for motion capture? You seem to know their budget. Can you shed any details?

The PS4 isn't a huge seller in Japan. How many units do you think this will sell? Do you think it would make back a huge budget?

kalkano1525d ago

You obviously didn't watch the video.

knifefight1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

You obviously can't answer questions.

The budget isn't mentioned in the video. You claim to know so much about the budget. Who is to say they can afford more than just the amount of motion capture included in this game? Can they afford an extensive amount? Can they afford more than what they got?
Those actors and the cap studio are not working for free. Or are they? You're the man with all the budget info, so I guess I should ask you first.

So I'll ask you again (even though you don't know), "How many units do you think this will sell? Do you think it would make back a huge budget?"

If you're going to make reaching claims about a budget, then try to back them up with, I don't know, something substantial. Or, scratch that, just SOMEthing. It's more than what you've currently got, which is nothing. (Spanning two posts now.)

Come on dude. Neither of us is in the corporate offices, neither of us knows the cost of making this versus the expected revenue return.

kalkano1525d ago

My point is, they need to get their priorities straight. Instead of spending the money on motion cap, make sure you get rid of the crutches in your game.

kalkano1525d ago

I'm honestly shocked at how many people are disagreeing. This is the kind of stuff that's made JRPGs niche.

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jonboi241525d ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanimmmmmmmmmeeee eeeeeee. So this like idol Master meets Tales of Xelia ?

Blackcanary1525d ago

I want this game can't wait it's like Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

Miraak82 1525d ago

eww god its like they can't come up with any original charecters, they all look like they came out of a book of anime girl stereotypes lol

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