PS4 Exclusive JRPG Omega Quintet Gets Brand New Trailer; Shows Story, Cast and Gameplay

Compile Heart just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive JRPG Omega Quintet, which will hit the Japanese shelves on September 18th.

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bicfitness1608d ago

Initially, the game sounded like a hot mess. But...after seeing that trailer, I'm sold!!! Its not nearly as Loli filled or offensive as I thought it would be. Has a Sailor Moon X Idol vibe to it.

LightDiego1608d ago

There is a character like you on the trailer, Sasuke.
Game looks cool.

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jonboi241608d ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanimmmmmmmmmeeee eeeeeee. So this like idol Master meets Tales of Xelia ?

Blackcanary1608d ago

I want this game can't wait it's like Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

Miraak82 1608d ago

eww god its like they can't come up with any original charecters, they all look like they came out of a book of anime girl stereotypes lol

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