Doom 4 Is Finally Shown Off At QuakeCon | WGTC

Chaz from WGTC wrote:

Doom, the franchise that many credit with single handedly launching the first person shooter genre, has had a long road. Personally, I can credit it with sparking my interest in PC gaming, and still look back fondly on that satisfying ka-chunk that came with inserting one of the 400 floppy disks needed. Tonight, ID kicked off Quakecon 2014 by finally giving us our first peek at the new Doom title, and it’s already looking to reignite my love for the franchise.

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NarooN1077d ago

What joy do you get out of posting first on every single article? I seriously don't understand.

Reaper29r1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I'm curious as to how does he do it? You gotta give the guy credit he never fails lol. Back on the topic of DOOM though, I can't freaking wait, I love the series. 3 still creeps the hell out of me. Sounds like they are really taking it back to it's roots. GIBS FTW!!

elda1077d ago

LOL!..Let the kid live.

UltraNova1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

He must be a moderator who likes trolling us... I cant see any other possibility here. I mean he cant be on N4G 24/7 commenting first! Unless...

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Why do you even care that he post first on every comment. Why did you even have to ask that question just leave the him be. Really if he wants to post first all the time that his concern and doesn't hurt anyone by doing it.

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A moderator with one bubble? Haha

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It's ignored by 67 people. And he joined less than a year ago!


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well the guy kinda add flavor to this site. I personally find it funny and entertaining to look for his comments. you can view all his first comment trophies in his profile XD

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He's probably out of school for the summer and has nothing better to do. His parents should make him go outside so he can get some fresh air and exercise. Otherwise let him be.

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I don't really care that he does it honestly, since I don't click on every news pieces here. He is obviously free to do what he wishes, so long as it doesn't break the site's rules. My inquiry was merely expressing my astonishment at his unwavering conviction.

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He get's publicity here, i guess. :D

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why does that even bother you?

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josephayal1077d ago

one of the most underrated games ever

Volkama1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

What is? Doom? Doom is held in really high regard, I don't think it is under-rated?

ArtificiallyYours1077d ago

Seriously do you have an iota of emotional humility whatsoever?

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At least when he comments first he doesn't comment "first!".

DLConspiracy1076d ago

And this one sounds awesome.

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Sasuke is awesome, he is our mascot, screw the haters.

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ape0071077d ago

DEMONS, pinky demons everywhere

Fireseed1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Welp. With that little description I am officially excited. Gratuitous levels of gore and blood... Oh how I missed Doom :)

TheCagyDies1077d ago

Already got Fatal Fatal 5 today, show me some demons!!!

SilentNegotiator1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I totally read that in Louise's voice. "show me some demons!!!"

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1077d ago

Heard good things about it so far.

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