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Doom 4 Is Finally Shown Off At QuakeCon | WGTC

Chaz from WGTC wrote:

Doom, the franchise that many credit with single handedly launching the first person shooter genre, has had a long road. Personally, I can credit it with sparking my interest in PC gaming, and still look back fondly on that satisfying ka-chunk that came with inserting one of the 400 floppy disks needed. Tonight, ID kicked off Quakecon 2014 by finally giving us our first peek at the new Doom title, and it’s already looking to reignite my love for the franchise. (Doom 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   164d ago
Doom 4 was nice.
MuhammadJA  +   164d ago
Yep, may she RIP!
Zeniix   164d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
NarooN  +   164d ago
What joy do you get out of posting first on every single article? I seriously don't understand.
Reaper29r  +   164d ago
I'm curious as to how does he do it? You gotta give the guy credit he never fails lol. Back on the topic of DOOM though, I can't freaking wait, I love the series. 3 still creeps the hell out of me. Sounds like they are really taking it back to it's roots. GIBS FTW!!
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elda  +   164d ago
LOL!..Let the kid live.
UltraNova  +   163d ago
He must be a moderator who likes trolling us... I cant see any other possibility here. I mean he cant be on N4G 24/7 commenting first! Unless...
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Blackcanary  +   163d ago
Why do you even care that he post first on every comment. Why did you even have to ask that question just leave the him be. Really if he wants to post first all the time that his concern and doesn't hurt anyone by doing it.
Irishguy95  +   163d ago
A moderator with one bubble? Haha
thorstein  +   163d ago
It's ignored by 67 people. And he joined less than a year ago!

turab  +   163d ago
well the guy kinda add flavor to this site. I personally find it funny and entertaining to look for his comments. you can view all his first comment trophies in his profile XD
bangoskank  +   163d ago
He's probably out of school for the summer and has nothing better to do. His parents should make him go outside so he can get some fresh air and exercise. Otherwise let him be.
NarooN  +   163d ago
I don't really care that he does it honestly, since I don't click on every news pieces here. He is obviously free to do what he wishes, so long as it doesn't break the site's rules. My inquiry was merely expressing my astonishment at his unwavering conviction.
Gantrfaxx  +   163d ago
He get's publicity here, i guess. :D
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StrawberryDiesel420  +   162d ago
why does that even bother you?
Beastforlifenoob  +   164d ago
WTF is sasuke on about.
josephayal  +   164d ago
one of the most underrated games ever
Volkama  +   163d ago
What is? Doom? Doom is held in really high regard, I don't think it is under-rated?
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ArtificiallyYours  +   164d ago
Seriously do you have an iota of emotional humility whatsoever?
R00bot  +   163d ago
At least when he comments first he doesn't comment "first!".
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DLConspiracy  +   163d ago
And this one sounds awesome.
LightDiego  +   163d ago
Sasuke is awesome, he is our mascot, screw the haters.
ape007  +   164d ago
DEMONS, pinky demons everywhere
Fireseed  +   164d ago
Welp. With that little description I am officially excited. Gratuitous levels of gore and blood... Oh how I missed Doom :)
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TheCagyDies  +   164d ago
Already got Fatal Fatal 5 today, show me some demons!!!
SilentNegotiator  +   164d ago
I totally read that in Louise's voice. "show me some demons!!!"
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   164d ago
Heard good things about it so far.
nucky64  +   164d ago
pulling out a demons heart??....oh YESSSSS!
Tsar4ever  +   164d ago
Melee attacks with weapons? Good.

Neck snapping sneak attacks? I hope with only the human enemies.

Ripping limbs off demons? WTF!?? I'm not digging that!! If so, I hope your able to do this ONLY after a "Soul Spheres" boost or a something of the sort. How'd expect me to fear any demon If could tare it to shreads with my bare mitts?

It's on MARS, umm. ok. But I also want the game to also take place on Mars' moons PHOBOS & DEIMOS, please don't leave the martian moons out again.
thehobbyist  +   163d ago
Clearly you don't know shit about Doom.
Tsar4ever  +   163d ago

And what shit don't I know about DOOM, enlightening me?
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mcarsehat  +   164d ago
I've heard a lot of people praising DOOM for its use of "old-school" mechanics like health pickups and no reloads, why? Those mechanics were took out because they were past their time so why bring them back, it can only do more harm than good.
dcj0524  +   164d ago
What do you mean?Health regen and reloads were fully possible in the 90's. It was a design choice to keep them out.
voodoochild346  +   164d ago
The were taken out to make the games easier to play. Learn to aim better and take less damage or play an easier game.
liquidhalos  +   163d ago
No way, that sounds awesome. I cant wait to play it. I really hope its full of hard as nails sections where i juts want to smash my screen. Man im psyched for this game. I wonder if theres any chance on a new Quake now too. Anyone know?
Eyeco  +   163d ago
Regen health is the worst game mechanic to happen to FPS gaming in the last 20 years, what follows suit with it, is linear level design unbalanced weaponry, and frequent checkpoints. In other words "casualisation " (if thats a word)

In the mid 90's FPS were actually very complex, challenging games, with large levels that featured multiple forks in the road that tested the players navigational skills, wide variety of enemies that required strategic use of different weapons, even puzzle elements, traps, secrets, sometimes ambiguous objectives.

None of which are present in todays shooters, a great deal of skill was required, Quake 1 b!tch slaps all shooters today in terms of difficulty, skill and depth wich is why tournaments are held even to this day 20 years post release. Outside of Street Fighter and Starcraft how many games have had that longevity ? hence Quakecon.

It really annoys me when people dismiss FPS as casual dudebro experiences, they can be and have been some of the more complex games out there, it's casual mechanics like regen health and checkpoints that have completely neutered the genre.
solar  +   163d ago
those were the days weren't they Eyeco. FPS's, other then the ones Valve makes, suck.
WeedyOne  +   163d ago
Apparently "old school mechanics" (aka mechanics that challenge the player, and don't hold your hand) aren't suitable for today's gamers.... SMFH
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mcarsehat  +   163d ago
I am probably years older than you and have good authority to brings such matters up. I am not talking from my point of view, i'm talking from the view of the largest consumer, the teenyboppers/kids that put the billions into the industry.

I am talking about maybe the biggest thing that hurts games, the lack of options, the way that old school mechanics are being brought back (for old school gamers) but the newer mechanics are being taken away, why not have the option to have both?
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eternaltorment  +   162d ago
the old-school mechanics are partially what make Doom, Doom. health regen and reloading doesn't belong in Doom. it's a game about slaughtering demons fast as fuck. no time to reload or wait for health to regen.
Skate-AK  +   164d ago
Hoping someone leaks the footage they showed.
dcj0524  +   164d ago
Looks like I'M buying.
elda  +   164d ago
Seems like my type of game!
rawshack  +   164d ago
i think the game engine they use is good rage wolfenstine and now doom look awesome .
They said that they are using the new ID Tech 6 engine for Doom 4 and will be next gen only.
Codey47  +   163d ago
Internally known as id Tech 666
PygmelionHunter  +   164d ago
I actually wanted it to be more like Doom 3, but I'm pretty sure that I'm the minority among Doom fans...
gamer1138  +   163d ago
I loved the almost survival horror aspect of Doom 3. But then its better they go in a different direction rather than going over old ground. That said...I really want another sci-fi survival horror like Doom 3 or Dead Space 1!
MysticStrummer  +   163d ago
A new game based on The Thing could be good.
Paul85  +   164d ago
Can't wait to play it!
Soldierone  +   164d ago
Pretty stupid to hand a big eff you to over 50k fans that sat through the boring conference just to see one thing, only to cut em off. What BS is that? Exclusive to the con, really? You had ALL eyes on you for one moment and decide not to take the opportunity just to advertise some gimmick?

I'm a massive Doom fan. I even read the books and have been on a treasure hunt to find their crappy comic book. Just because I can't shell out thousands to fly to Texas means I get screwed over? What is this bs..... There are plenty of fans that would love to go to the Con, you have no reason to "give them a reason" to go, people simply CANT. Thanks a lot Bethesda, it's not like we've been waiting years to see this or anything.....
Pintheshadows  +   164d ago
It sounds awesome.
Angrymorgan  +   164d ago
Yea, good luck snapping pinkys neck, like a damn tree trunk!
Blackcanary  +   163d ago
I remember playing the very first game I'm 29 now so i can't wait for Doom 4.
Jrmy84  +   163d ago
Can't wait, my geek senses are tingling.
Edit: This one I'm buying for PC('! ')
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tee_bag242  +   163d ago
I cant wait for this. It seems alot of like minded people posting in this thread so I really recommend playing Samurai Warrior to tie you over until we get this old school gore fest in our hot little hands.
Shinuz  +   163d ago
Did you mean Shadow Warrior?
tee_bag242  +   163d ago
Lol yes.. Oops. Thanks for the save
Mithan  +   163d ago
Well everybody who saw the video so far has been impressed. Nice to hear.
viper3512  +   163d ago
After the success of Wolfenstein, I'm glad the return to more traditional shooters looks to be here to stay. I'm a broke console gamer with a shit pc, so I'll get it for my upcoming ps4! My body is ready :)
Dontworrybhappy  +   163d ago
I'm hoping Halo returns to its roots as well. They tried casual with Halo 4, didn't workout, here's to hoping for a return to arcade shooters!
viper3512  +   163d ago
I didn't mind halo 4, but it just didn't feel the same to me. Im actually not getting halo anymore, since ps4 seems to be a better console with more interesting games. But I agree, long live arcade shooters!
WeedyOne  +   163d ago
Halo 4 didnt feel like halo because the weapons where not scattered across the map. This took away a key element of halo game play, MAP CONTROL.

That weapon drop system in halo 4 sucks! Its basically a halo version of COD kill streaks.
Dontworrybhappy  +   163d ago
Yea I think 343 stated that they were going back to weapon drops in Halo 5. I'm hoping that they go back to just Halo in its H1-3 days cause that's when I played the most. As with every game I'm cautiously optimistic.
Braid  +   163d ago
Now let us see some off-screen video. Come on, I know some of you did it.
Dontworrybhappy  +   163d ago
Yes! Finally an article about GAEMS on this site. And Doom nonetheless!
FlyingFoxy  +   163d ago
I have a good feeling about this running quite well on good hardware, it will apparently use ID tech 6, Wolfenstein N.O uses ID tech 5. I think it will look a bit better than that, noticeably but not hugely. Plus if the engine is any good then it should be well optimized.

I just hope there's a lot of possible interaction with the environment, Doom 3 didn't have much compared to HL2 and they were released pretty closely together back in 2004.
T1125P  +   163d ago
ID Tech 6, can't wait to see it in action. I will be def. preordering the new Doom once it's announced. Oh does anyone know or hear if John Carmack will be making his speech? Without him there, it doesn't really feel like a true QuakeCon :/

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