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EA: ‘Madden 15’ is ‘Most Balanced Game’ They’ve Ever Built

Legacy is a tough topic for any video game, but even more so for a yearly sports franchise the likes of Electronic Arts’ Madden series that has to continue and grow due to the appetites of hungry fans.

But in the case of “Madden 15,” EA developers already have an idea how the game will stand the test of time.

“I think it will be remembered very fondly in a few years,” “Madden 15” Director of Presentation Brian Murray told Examiner this week. “It’s truly the next-gen game the fans want. Graphics, gameplay, and presentation are a world ahead of what they’ve been in the past. We think we have long-lasting game in ‘Madden NFL 15.’” (Madden NFL 15, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

SpinalRemains138  +   257d ago
Its so balanced that when you play online, you will continually run into opponents who keep running the same ludicrous plays through a proper defense, rendering the game to be extremely unrealistic.
aquamala  +   257d ago
if you can't stop an opponent that keeps running the same plays, it's on you
user1439414  +   257d ago
I hope EA have managed to make this game balanced and also hope Fifa is also balanced. :)
FireBlast1077  +   255d ago
With Coachglass from last year, it would make it hard to do that.
Akuma2K  +   257d ago
I've heard from friends who went to E3 that played madden15 that the game still doesn't have a real halftime or post game show, this is next gen correct ??
adonisisfree  +   257d ago
Correction, this is actually current gen
ShowanW  +   257d ago
And yet a 10yr old game (NFL2K5) is still 10x better.
DealWithIt  +   257d ago
So were FIFA 05 and FIFA 06
DFray919  +   257d ago
I'm looking forward to this game!
Gamble20  +   257d ago
Madden just isn't a fun game to play. It's really that simple. That's why people still miss 2k5, it was the last time they bought a professional football game (for $19.99 no less!) that they genuinely felt excited to be playing. Madden has a short development cycle, so I understand that not every year can be a new ground breaking game. My problem is that after ten years since exclusivity, we still don't have anything new or ground breaking. We just have a bunch of junk that EA keeps trying to sell that people don't actually want. We just want a fun football game.
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Macdaddy71  +   257d ago
Have to agree with Gamble20 100%.. 10 years and EA still can't match 2k and that's sad, you would think we would have some kind of half time show, game break down or something, I think am pass up this year maybe more if EA keeps giving us madden 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 and so on...they not done anything ground breaking, if I was EA team I would run and hide with shame!!!!! EA better count there blessing 2K not making football games still, Take a good look at Madden and you will see why we need Comp bad, when you don't have some one to call you out you get Lazy...
iceman06  +   257d ago
"We think we have long-lasting game in ‘Madden NFL 15"
That is...until Madden NFL 16...which which will redefine the experience...until Madden NFL 17....LOL
I will wait to pass judgement, but they have always struggled to maintain balance when they "focus" on one aspect of the game vs. the other. Let's hope they get it right...or somebody else is allowed to. I just want a COMPLETE NFL football game. PERIOD. I honestly don't care who makes it.
adonisisfree  +   257d ago
For the complete football game experience, you're gonna have to dig in the vault and pull out either allpro 2k8 or nfl 2k5. There's no way around it. Before Madden becomes realistic, its entire engine needs to be scrapped and rewritten
iceman06  +   257d ago
I've said that in the past. There are too many legacy issues tied to the continuous stacking of engine upon engine. Thinking of what VC was able to pull of that long ago has me wondering how great of a football game they could make.
modesign  +   257d ago
it took EA 15 maddens to balance it out. haha
gamegenieny  +   257d ago
Balance by EA standards means they found a way to charge $60 in DLC after having you buy the game for $60. Balance.

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