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Dudebro90914d ago

Its just Doom...learn to read.

DoomeDx914d ago

So? Its the sequel to Doom 3. Stop being such a wiseass :p

Dudebro90914d ago

Its not the sequel to doom 3.

richierich914d ago

Will this game be censored in Europe because of German laws?

UltraNova914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Did you really have to ask? YES!

I heard that when you shoot something in the game a pic of Angela saying No No will flash instead of blood and body parts flying around...not really but you get the point...

GreenRanger914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

They should just expand Doom II and keep the gameplay exactly the same as it has always been.

They should keep the graphics the same, too.


XtraTrstrL914d ago

Hopefully it's good. I also wish Quake still made proper Arena games. Q3A was amazing back in the day, I can't believe they don't try to capitalize off that anymore with a new entry to the series. Quake 4 got good reviews, but I never heard anyone going crazy about the multiplayer. I'd like to see what they could do with full focus on a new Arena game though.

turdburgler1080914d ago

I loved unreal tournament 2003. I used to play lan with my buddies and we had a blast. Before that I used to play the original doom on lan too. So much fun. I miss those days.

XtraTrstrL914d ago

Yeah, I had Unreal Championship for the original Xbox I think it was. Quake 3 Arena on Dreamcast was cool too, cuz you could go mouse/keyboard or controller. I use to use a hybrid setup of lefthand controller, right hand mouse. I do that sometimes on shooters for PC. Cuz I rather move my character with an analog stick than wasd.

john2914d ago

It's pretty amazing that Brutal Doom basically influenced id Software (as this new Doom game will feature fatalities similar to those of Brutal Doom). Good job to the modder.

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The story is too old to be commented.