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Abash1609d ago

Cool, get to play it a week earlier

MightyNoX1609d ago

Dat Mikami touch~

Bring on October.

UltraNova1609d ago

Bring on the hunger know some of us will have no money left after this holiday...

And here I thought we have no games in 2014..Shmm

ValKilmer1609d ago

Didn't want to compete with Evolve.

ritsuka6661609d ago

Smart decision. Called it...

LightDiego1609d ago

Another delay! On wait...

stavrami-mk21609d ago

God blimey brought forward a week not often that happens

TheJacksonRGN1609d ago

True, last time I remember that happening was when Transformers: Fall of Cybertron released in 2012.

Skate-AK1609d ago

It also happened with Brink.

stavrami-mk21609d ago

Lol brink I forgot about that game it got absolutely slaughtered. I didn't mind it to much not mind blowing or anything but I killed some time with it

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The story is too old to be commented.