Should SWTOR Be More Like WoW?

Should SWTOR be more like WoW? If you ask the wrong person this question, you’re likely to get your head taken off.

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Magicite1613d ago

does anybody even care about this game?

reploid1613d ago

I do. Im subbed on it. great game if youre just in for solo play, plus the history rocks and theres just so much stuff to do on it. Comparatively i unsubbed wow back at the end of last year. Go figure. I guess that if i was interested in the social aspect or had more time to do things faster id be bored as i am of wow, but so far its been fun.

Volkama1613d ago

It couldn't be much more like WoW without featuring night elves.

Vantage1613d ago

Should Call of Duty be more like Call of Duty?

pandehz1612d ago

I loved playing this game. Had it from early access in 2011.

On and off with it many a times. Main issue is the engine. Terrible terrible engine causing lags, multiplayer lags, loading screens everywhere. This put me off.

Besides that it was a damn fun game. Similar to wow in many aspects.

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