The Top Five Sci-Fi Video Game Worlds

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Science fiction and video games have a long, storied history together. For decades, rich universes full of imaginative galaxies and strange alien races have been a cornerstone of the games industry, creating for some of the most memorable experiences in the video game world."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1527d ago

Destiny is a timely mention, but I can't say I've ever heard of Anachronox.

Summons751527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

No Halo or Deus Ex? Decent list none the less.

jdktech20101527d ago

Imo, this list is no list without Halo. That universe is so deep and amazing

JediDiah1527d ago

Halo should have been number one.

gillri1527d ago

haha Mass Effect smokes it im sorry

PiNkFaIrYbOi1527d ago

Should of included Star Wars universe.

SIRHC131527d ago

Star Wars is first and foremost a film series...

PiNkFaIrYbOi1527d ago

True, but it does have several good video games to its credit. So it can and should of been included in the list.

Miraak82 1527d ago

Man everything in xenogears is so fleshed out nothing goes without getting explained , favorite jrpg of all time . makes me wanna play it again

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