Just how big is Sunset Overdrive?

Sunset Overdrive is the next open world adventure set to release exclusively on the Xbox One, the latest Sunset TV episode talks about the size of the game.

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n4rc1612d ago

Lol... Lazy bastards..

From lines like that.. Or the wise cracks about hiding behind a box (and throwing up the L as he runs by) are a big reason I want this game.. Think it'll keep me laughing..

Kinda like borderlands 2.. That lil [email protected]#t talking robot kept me laughing the entire game.. Seems too few games accomplish that.

Goku7811612d ago

Big enough to be over hyped to sell Xbox Ones just like Titanfall.

n4rc1611d ago

Life's gotta suck to just troll crap you apparently hate.. What a fun Friday night ;)

But fear not.. I'll leave you alone now (well.. Ignore you..same thing)

Nodoze1606d ago

That guy is a dick. If this is the new Insomniac, count me out.