Destiny PS4 Beta Download Is Twice As Big as PS3, Indicating Large Difference in Asset Resolution

The PS4 and PS3 betas of Destiny are obviously different, since they run on consoles of two different generations, but just how different they are? There is a pretty simple way to gauge by looking at the download sizes of the two downloads.

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Omar911615d ago



Here you guys go! enjoy!

Arkardo1615d ago

hey guys here it is!



SuperBlunt1615d ago




All ps4, enjoy guys

Ripsta7th1615d ago

Thanks dude i used the first codebtw!

SuperBlunt1615d ago

No problemo. Go mess shit up

Master-H1615d ago

10 gigs is too much for me ;'(

MegaRay1615d ago

Imagine the full game. a nightmare for digital gamers :(

rdgneoz31615d ago

"The download of the beta on PS4 weighs precisely 10.97 Gb"

Weird, on my system it shows the game as being about 15 gb. Glad I got it off the EU store instead of waiting for it today.

bestofthebest1615d ago

its taking me forever to download

kneon1615d ago

It took me half an hour, I was expecting it to be much slower given the demand.

joab7771615d ago

Initial download was so fast, I was so happy and then...

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The story is too old to be commented.