Resident Evil 6 OverAnalyzed

The original idea for this game was to cover it as a regular review, however with opinions being so diverse and the game having so many aspects with the multiple campaigns, multi player and the general hate in regards to the lack of the horror element that RE games are famous for the video was expanded. So now for a chance of pace this analysis of Resident Evil 6 is brought to you from 7 different you tubers across a 3 part video, with various reasons why they hate or love the game.

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chrissx1609d ago

Hands down the worst resident evil game in existense today

Lovable1608d ago

Can't believe I have to agree with that...Game was so weird cause I liked RE5

Agent_hitman1609d ago

imo Capcom should stop pursuing the COD style of storyline, and instead they need to bring back the horror RE that we used to play back in the day..

I think most of the gamers were right when they noticed that the previous RE's like 5 and 6 were nothing but an action oriented game, not horror.. more like COD zombie action

Letthewookiewin1609d ago

Bought this at a PSN flash sale for like 4 bucks. I have never regretted spending 4 bucks in my entire life but that moment was real.

ShaunCameron1609d ago

RE6 was decent, but man those QTE's!

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