Firmware Update 1.03: A Pre-Order Called Sting

"The Firmware Update this week features a fireside chat between Malcolm and Joe. What the hell is Marvel doing with it's characters? Who's winning at WWE Battleground? Did Microsoft finally beat Sony in June with the $100 price cut? Find out!

Talking Points: Two studios open, two studios close, Crysis in crisis, Sting drops out of The Police to be in WWE 2K15, expect to hear the song "Happy" a lot in NBA 2K15, Basement Brawl is back but will probably still suck, Evo is freaking awesome, Sony announces when it will be at Evo, what will be upgraded in The Last of Us Remastered, whether The Walking Dead Season 2 could appear in our game of the year tournament, Alien: Isolation might getting it right after all, the Mass Effect survey, and much more!" - Malcolm Spinedi

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