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Submitted by sam_job 572d ago | image

Destiny Beta PS4 vs PS3 Comparison Screenshots And GIF Shows Massive Graphics/Visual Differences

Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny is in beta testing phase and is available on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. Here are some comparison screenshots showcasing graphics/visuals difference between Destiny PS4 vs PS3 (Destiny, PS3, PS4)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   572d ago
The differences are staggering!
cyguration  +   572d ago
Okay, no. Sorry. I looked at them and other than some slight lighting changes, they don't look that "massive".

Some of the PS3 shots actually look very impressive measured up against the PS4.
Ezz2013  +   572d ago
i agree
Greyfoxdbz  +   572d ago | Well said
are you joking?
The PS4 version looks waaaaay better. To begin with it is in the ever lauded 1080p. This is a massive improvement for a multiplatform game

Look at these two;
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stuna1  +   572d ago
Bungie did an excellent job on this multi/cross platform title the differences are negligible! Meaning as far as looks go, those who buy this on last gen consoles should be just as pleased and excited as those who buy it on this gens consoles.
wsoutlaw87  +   572d ago
but check out that shadow in the 3rd pic down in the middle.
guitarded77  +   572d ago
You must need glasses. The textures alone are night and day. The lighting, shadows and jaggies are different between the two. I mean the PS3 version is playable, but damn... don't discount that the PS4 version looks far better.
Deadlead  +   572d ago
At first glance I wasn't impressed either, but it's the size of the images provided that fails to detail the visual fidelity on the PS4 version. If you take the time to actually pull up each image and switch back and forth the difference truly is impressive. That said the PS3 version really is quite nice.
ramiuk1  +   572d ago
i suggest you look again,the difference in huge,especially shadows and textures
UltraNova  +   572d ago
Textures are somewhat better, lighting is a bit better. AA is where the huge difference is!

All in all for a cross gen game I say Bungie did ok.

With that said I thing cross-gen differences are not as strong as AC:4's were. This goes either way, meaning that Bungie made an excellent work on the last gen version or simply did an average one on next gen versions.
rawz  +   572d ago
Even though you don't 'see it' doesn't mean the difference doesn't exist.
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KINGOFTHEJUICE-  +   572d ago
Now try that comparison again on a large native 1080p screen and tell me the difference is small.
x2good4u2x  +   572d ago
I had the game running side by side on the ps3 and ps4 and the differences really are huge at full resolution. I was shocked at how much worse the ps3 version was tbh.
Ju  +   571d ago
Of course the PS4 version is better - considering it runs at a higher resolution alone. But the PS3 version is mighty impressive to come so close. This is a impressive job done from Bungie.
user5669510  +   571d ago
yeah im not seeing whats so graphically impressive about this game
RVanner_  +   571d ago
Completely agree, impressive for the PS3, PS4 looks noticeably sharper due to the resolution but not much else stands out that's a game changer for the PS4 version. Previous gen users should be happy
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sonypsnow  +   571d ago
The Power of PS3 CELL CPU !!!
Fixay  +   572d ago
Minor differences imo. The PS3 version looks pretty damm good
TRD4L1fe  +   572d ago
wow you try too hard man
Vantage  +   572d ago
Staggering - to astonish or deeply shock. Nope

Marginal - very slight or small. Yep
Panthers  +   571d ago
Some of those shots show a huge difference. Especially with the shadows, AA, and haze effects, which are nearly non existent in the PS3 version.
Papafynn  +   572d ago
Hold your horses! Staggering, the difference is not.
Orionsangel  +   572d ago
You know when differences are staggering. When you compare Pitfall to Uncharted. Yes, the PS4 version looks much better than the PS3 version. There's no denying that, but it's not night and day or anything. I think both will be great experiences and if you want better resolution and sharper graphics with some more detail. You can have that too, but no one will be shocked by the differences here. Unless you're a graphics whore.
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peshkavusCA  +   571d ago
I know which fanboys dominates the graphic whores department :D
bigbic  +   571d ago
xbox 360 fanboys? With all there digital foundry comparisons of grass blades?
ITPython  +   572d ago
To those who say the difference is minor, seriously.. get your eyes checked and get some glasses/contacts already. You need it REALLY bad. The difference is beyond night and day.

These two are the most telling IMO. Open them up side-by-side in tabs, and let the browser scale the PS4 picture so they are the same size, then switch back and fourth while looking at the same spot.

This is basically PS2 to PS3 difference in graphics here, and I sorry so many of you cannot tell due to poor eyesight. Goto wal-mart, they sell those cheap magnifying reading glasses for a few $$, then check the pics again to have your mind blown.
DougLord  +   572d ago
"Open them up side-by-side in tabs, and let the browser scale the PS4 picture so they are the same size, then switch back and fourth while looking at the same exact spot using a magnifying lens..."

Yeah that's the definition of moderately better, not STAGGERING of "night-vs-day". I can tell the difference between night and day with out any effort, without focusing on the same spot. Night and day is like PS1 vs PS4.
PumpkinEater69   572d ago | Spam
IcarusOne  +   572d ago
Clearly you don't know the difference between night and day.
Tiqila  +   572d ago
difference between ps2 and ps3 titles (lets say god of war 2 vs 3) is immense. This clearly shows a difference, but its not as big as between ps2 and ps3 imo.
ITPython  +   572d ago
Ok, I grabbed a random pics off the net and did some modifying to it for those in dire need of glasses.

Compare these two pics, the difference you see (which has been exaggerated due to your poor vision) is the same level of difference people with good eyesight and/or corrected vision see with the PS3/PS4 Destiny pics.

PS3 -
PS4 -

That is the difference you would be able to see if you got some glasses or contacts. Think about it!
Deadlead  +   572d ago
Haha thanks for the laugh. Both versions look great(the PS4 with a clear advantage) but this game is still obviously a victim of cross-gen development. Still it is odd people aren't seeing how pronounced the differences are between the two versions.
Eddie20101  +   572d ago
PS4 version has higher resolution textures, better lighting and shadows, more detailed sky maps, over all much more detail. Oh, and the resolution is obviously higher. My guess is that it runs much better on the PS4 too.

PS3 version looks good, but it is obvious the PS4 version is a good degree better.

LOL to your post.
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IcarusOne  +   572d ago
I think you guys are confusing "not seeing" with "not caring." The differences are there, but they are not staggering. If they are indeed staggering to you, I would argue you've forgotten how good the PS3 can look.
iiwii  +   572d ago
lol.. I played the PS4 on the Alpha, but wanted to bring in a couple of my PS3 friends on the Beta. That's what it felt like when I first started it up. I felt like it was really low res and in areas felt like detail was washed out a bit. There was a clear cut difference in the graphics.

BUT... after jumping in and playing for a few minutes, you forget all about it. It's still the same game and just as fun (except trying to get use to the difference of the PS3 controller layout)''
tbone567  +   572d ago
hahahaha. no way.
trancefreak  +   572d ago
Here is what I do not understand! If the captured shots provided here produce a native gaming TV output Image of 1080p PS4, and 720p PS3 respectively; wouldn't the PS3 image needed to be stretched to compare the same height and scale of both variants of the PS4 versions. It looks more like a windowed mode for the PS3 this way to my eyes.

My point is if the PS3 version was stretched or enlarged to fill my display it would look visually less impressive compared to the PS4. I understand that these pictures are at their native resolution, but with that being seen the PS3 version is not allowing me to enlarge the shot that would be comparable to what would be seen on a monitor or TV screen blown up at 1280x720 output on a 40"TV.

I hope that makes some sense because we are more less looking into a smaller windowed ps3 capture unless you own a monitor that is actually 1280x720.

The PS4 enlarged really shows how much more is in the game without looking ballooned or over blowned by a larger TV @720p.

I like to mention I might be looking at this all wrong as well but was curious to why both versions don't have the same screen fill from the captures. TBH though, I think Bungie did a fantastic JOB here by keeping the game visually impressive on all platforms while maintaining the same gaming experience across multi platforms it appears.
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Akarogg  +   571d ago

I bet you didn't even look at the pictures.
FanboyKilla  +   571d ago
just finished playing the beta on ps4. sighs i dont know about the difference between ps4 and ps3, but i can say i doubt its that huge. cmon fellas its cross gen no matter how u slice it. and im unimpressed with the graphics on ps4. its obvious they wanted the game in the hands of as many people as possible, if you are looking for next gen, you wont find it in destiny. the game is still interesting none the less.
PockyKing  +   572d ago
Like how you guys NEVER list a source for where you get your stuff. Shinobi would be that source, it might be a good idea to let readers know where you got your information so you look more credible. They're screenshots, but not directly from you.
Abriael  +   572d ago
To be more precise, Neogaf is the source, but you do have a point.
PockyKing  +   572d ago
Sourcing, the no man's land of games journalism ha.
The_Infected  +   572d ago
Well did you expect it to look the same? It's obvious it's going to look way better.
yewles1  +   572d ago
Considering it's Bungie's only time one PS3 and their previous 360 work, I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 version was as low as 1024x576.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   572d ago
Considering that the Sony platforms are the lead platforms. I wouldn't be surprised that you are wrong.
Me-Time  +   572d ago
Hmm, I didn't know the PS3 and PS4 were structured the same way.

Bathyj  +   572d ago
Its a good point. Devs took year to get to grips with PS3's exotic architecture. Bungie are doing it in the twilight of the generation?

I'm amazed that made it look so good, but dont be surprised if the technical and performance aspects are not up to scratch with the 360 version which that are well versed in.
SirDjss  +   572d ago
I thought the differences would be bigger? Next gen my as. Only difference are better AA on the shadows on walls.
Cryptcuzz  +   572d ago
It is up to the developers how they go about handling the next gen versions of a game.

If a game is developed both for last gen and the current gen, then more than likely (the current gen version) won't be up to par with the best visuals of what a current gen only game would look like.

That is why, for example, The Witcher 3 developers have decided to develop the game with current gen and PC only. Same for many other developers with games in the works that are skipping on last gen version and creating games with current gen systems in mind only.

"Only difference are better AA on the shadows on walls"

That is not the only difference from what I can tell.

Textures are clearly better and sharper, The overall image of the PS4 version is clearer too. The PS3 version has a blurred look to it. PS4 version is 1080P and the PS3 version will be 720P. That is why the PS3 version looks like it is zoomed in with a smaller point of view and less things displayed on screen at once.
SirDjss  +   572d ago
Yea sure, the imige might be clearer if you really look hard because of the resolution. But im not kidding myself to seeing something that isnt there just because i want it to be there.

Thats why i keep saying that the differece arent that big between them. Oh .. Its not called point of view, its field of view (FOV) Basic PC terms there ;)
Anonagrog  +   572d ago
The field of view and the resolution are functionally independent from each other, so there won't be any change there. If you glance the edges of the picture-pairs you'll notice the perspective projection's view angle is the same in both.
Back-to-Back  +   572d ago
PS3 is also missing alot of foliage PS4 has.
Cryptcuzz  +   572d ago
Field or view or point of view, you got the point didn't you?
If you want to knick pick about words:

"I thought the differences would be bigger? Next gen my as"
It's Ass, as in your ass. Simple words everyone knows how to spell :D

Not trying to persuade you one way or another about the difference, but the visuals are clearly better on the PS4. Whether big enough for you or not, hey, there are those that will always find something to be dissatisfied about.
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chikane  +   572d ago
PS3 vs PS4

(Massive Graphics/Visual Differences)

You don't say
Omar91  +   572d ago


Here you guys go! enjoy!
JOLLY1  +   572d ago
those are 4x3 codes Bungie is using 3x3
Omar91  +   572d ago
are u sure because I just used the third one and I'm downloading the beta as we speak
JOLLY1  +   572d ago it for PSN? If so, That makes sense, and shoot! :P
danny818  +   572d ago
False. Its 4x3
wsoutlaw87  +   572d ago
lol had to spend time disagreeing then you missed your chance. Im sure the codes will be everywhere because bungie is sending 3 to each person
liquidhalos  +   571d ago
You pop the codes in on the psn if it's 12 digit not bungie. Google is your friend
JOLLY1  +   568d ago
liquid, I already wrote that I was wrong. No, Google is not your friend though.
TRD4L1fe  +   572d ago
I don't see a massive difference. slight is more the word
Vantage  +   572d ago
There's not that big a difference. The PS4 defiantly has sharper textures.

The clouds look like paper cutouts on both.
JOLLY1  +   572d ago
Even though the PS4 version looks far superior, the PS3 version still looks great!
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   572d ago
What I noticed is Draw Distance, Textures, and Resolution which does make it look quite good compared to PS3, but the PS3 version is no slouch either.
TKCMuzzer  +   572d ago
I imagine the only way to really tell is to actually play both on your own TV.
aceitman  +   572d ago
u are right I have both ps3 and 4 betas and on the tv man u can tell the difference. I have a 65inch .
Shakengandulf  +   572d ago
65inch tv... You must really appreciate that 1080p content.

I have a 40" tv sitting about 5 feet, sitting back further gives me smaller picture and sitting closer would require a resolution jump.
Sevir  +   572d ago
The PS3's Shadows, Draw Distance, AA and lighting are bad, but I'm sure in motion the game looks and runs well. I'm surprised They got that much out of the PS3 on their first attempt when making the game.
Edvin1984  +   572d ago
Wow the game looks great on PS3 very impressive, as if I didn't have PS4 id so rock my PS3 for this one.
N4GJD  +   572d ago
No one should be surprised it looks identical.

Could anyone share a PS3 beta code? PM me. #shotinthedark
rright  +   572d ago
If anybody has an extra beta code, could you please PM me one? Thanks.
Gigus  +   572d ago
Anyone have a spare ps3 code?
Masterman280  +   572d ago
Not ''massive'', but still good.
Beastforlifenoob  +   572d ago
That is what she said.
Oh and btw im talking about what my gf said about the differences between ps3 and 4 for destny.
PickAShoe  +   572d ago
PS3 Destiny Beta code :D


The texture is better on PS4.
InTheZoneAC  +   572d ago
who cares about graphics for this, the game is average anyway...
beethovenisblack  +   572d ago
i have extra destiny beta codes 4 ps4(americas)
PiperMCFierceson   572d ago | Spam
system22  +   572d ago
differences, yes. massive differences? i dunno. i was kind of expecting a bigger gap in quality honestly.
DougLord  +   572d ago
The wall of diminishing returns on Graphics has been hit. We need to focus on make play, story telling, AI, physics, and revolutionary new mechanics. Because beyond 1080p the extra pixels are less and less important.
Min-Q  +   572d ago
Anyone have an extra NA PS3 beta code? It would be much appreciated... Just got off of work and can't preorder anywhere (Stores are closed.). I wanna check this bad boy out now..!!

Much love...
Bathyj  +   572d ago
It still amazes me that people look at screen shots of a next gen game on their 21 inch monitors, scaled to fit their browser and think that is what theyre going to be seeing when they play the game.
DarthBigE  +   572d ago
I get motion sickness playing this game =(
It was fun too.
NiteX  +   572d ago
I don't get motion sickness... from anything. But it was straining my eyes on the PS3. Was almost like vaseline was smeared all over my TV.
DarthBigE  +   571d ago
ever play mirrors edge? I couldnt last 10 min playing that.
NiteX  +   572d ago
Been playing it on PS3. It's incredibly blurry and aliased, but overall a good looking game for PS3. I think the biggest difference is the lighting.
Graham90s  +   572d ago
Did you get an extra ps3 code?
If you did could you please give I to me?
floetry101  +   572d ago
Screenshots are one thing, general performance is another.

Yeah, the PS3 port looks pretty good all things considered, but there will be no doubt that the PS4 absolutely obliterates it from a performance perspective, from resolution to framerate.
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