Destiny Beta PS4 vs PS3 Comparison Screenshots And GIF Shows Massive Graphics/Visual Differences

Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny is in beta testing phase and is available on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. Here are some comparison screenshots showcasing graphics/visuals difference between Destiny PS4 vs PS3

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XiSasukeUchiha1126d ago

The differences are staggering!

cyguration1126d ago

Okay, no. Sorry. I looked at them and other than some slight lighting changes, they don't look that "massive".

Some of the PS3 shots actually look very impressive measured up against the PS4.

Greyfoxdbz1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

are you joking?
The PS4 version looks waaaaay better. To begin with it is in the ever lauded 1080p. This is a massive improvement for a multiplatform game

Look at these two;

stuna11126d ago

Bungie did an excellent job on this multi/cross platform title the differences are negligible! Meaning as far as looks go, those who buy this on last gen consoles should be just as pleased and excited as those who buy it on this gens consoles.

wsoutlaw871126d ago

but check out that shadow in the 3rd pic down in the middle.

guitarded771126d ago

You must need glasses. The textures alone are night and day. The lighting, shadows and jaggies are different between the two. I mean the PS3 version is playable, but damn... don't discount that the PS4 version looks far better.

Deadlead1126d ago

At first glance I wasn't impressed either, but it's the size of the images provided that fails to detail the visual fidelity on the PS4 version. If you take the time to actually pull up each image and switch back and forth the difference truly is impressive. That said the PS3 version really is quite nice.

ramiuk11125d ago

i suggest you look again,the difference in huge,especially shadows and textures

UltraNova1125d ago

Textures are somewhat better, lighting is a bit better. AA is where the huge difference is!

All in all for a cross gen game I say Bungie did ok.

With that said I thing cross-gen differences are not as strong as AC:4's were. This goes either way, meaning that Bungie made an excellent work on the last gen version or simply did an average one on next gen versions.

rawz1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Even though you don't 'see it' doesn't mean the difference doesn't exist.


Now try that comparison again on a large native 1080p screen and tell me the difference is small.

x2good4u2x1125d ago

I had the game running side by side on the ps3 and ps4 and the differences really are huge at full resolution. I was shocked at how much worse the ps3 version was tbh.

Ju1125d ago

Of course the PS4 version is better - considering it runs at a higher resolution alone. But the PS3 version is mighty impressive to come so close. This is a impressive job done from Bungie.

user56695101125d ago

yeah im not seeing whats so graphically impressive about this game

RVanner_1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Completely agree, impressive for the PS3, PS4 looks noticeably sharper due to the resolution but not much else stands out that's a game changer for the PS4 version. Previous gen users should be happy

sonypsnow1125d ago

The Power of PS3 CELL CPU !!!

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Fixay1126d ago

Minor differences imo. The PS3 version looks pretty damm good

TRD4L1fe1126d ago

wow you try too hard man

Vantage1126d ago

Staggering - to astonish or deeply shock. Nope

Marginal - very slight or small. Yep

Panthers1125d ago

Some of those shots show a huge difference. Especially with the shadows, AA, and haze effects, which are nearly non existent in the PS3 version.

Papafynn1126d ago

Hold your horses! Staggering, the difference is not.

Orionsangel1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

You know when differences are staggering. When you compare Pitfall to Uncharted. Yes, the PS4 version looks much better than the PS3 version. There's no denying that, but it's not night and day or anything. I think both will be great experiences and if you want better resolution and sharper graphics with some more detail. You can have that too, but no one will be shocked by the differences here. Unless you're a graphics whore.

peshkavusCA1125d ago

I know which fanboys dominates the graphic whores department :D

bigbic1125d ago

xbox 360 fanboys? With all there digital foundry comparisons of grass blades?

ITPython1126d ago

To those who say the difference is minor, seriously.. get your eyes checked and get some glasses/contacts already. You need it REALLY bad. The difference is beyond night and day.

These two are the most telling IMO. Open them up side-by-side in tabs, and let the browser scale the PS4 picture so they are the same size, then switch back and fourth while looking at the same spot.

This is basically PS2 to PS3 difference in graphics here, and I sorry so many of you cannot tell due to poor eyesight. Goto wal-mart, they sell those cheap magnifying reading glasses for a few $$, then check the pics again to have your mind blown.

DougLord1126d ago

"Open them up side-by-side in tabs, and let the browser scale the PS4 picture so they are the same size, then switch back and fourth while looking at the same exact spot using a magnifying lens..."

Yeah that's the definition of moderately better, not STAGGERING of "night-vs-day". I can tell the difference between night and day with out any effort, without focusing on the same spot. Night and day is like PS1 vs PS4.

1125d ago
IcarusOne1125d ago

Clearly you don't know the difference between night and day.

Tiqila1125d ago

difference between ps2 and ps3 titles (lets say god of war 2 vs 3) is immense. This clearly shows a difference, but its not as big as between ps2 and ps3 imo.

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ITPython1126d ago

Ok, I grabbed a random pics off the net and did some modifying to it for those in dire need of glasses.

Compare these two pics, the difference you see (which has been exaggerated due to your poor vision) is the same level of difference people with good eyesight and/or corrected vision see with the PS3/PS4 Destiny pics.

PS3 -
PS4 -

That is the difference you would be able to see if you got some glasses or contacts. Think about it!

Deadlead1126d ago

Haha thanks for the laugh. Both versions look great(the PS4 with a clear advantage) but this game is still obviously a victim of cross-gen development. Still it is odd people aren't seeing how pronounced the differences are between the two versions.

Eddie201011125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

PS4 version has higher resolution textures, better lighting and shadows, more detailed sky maps, over all much more detail. Oh, and the resolution is obviously higher. My guess is that it runs much better on the PS4 too.

PS3 version looks good, but it is obvious the PS4 version is a good degree better.

LOL to your post.

IcarusOne1125d ago

I think you guys are confusing "not seeing" with "not caring." The differences are there, but they are not staggering. If they are indeed staggering to you, I would argue you've forgotten how good the PS3 can look.