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Today marks the official Beta launch of Bungie's mega expanding Destiny Universe. Players will take on the role of a recently resuscitated human hybrid, who must investigate an old crumbling Russian facility, while fighting legions of ferocious alien monsters in order to gain new abilities, armor and weapons along the way.

Since Destiny's Alpha launch last month, takes a look a closer look at what Bungie has changed in this exclusive Destiny Beta Preview.

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ArronNelson1586d ago

Reading this only makes me want to get online and play now, but the network is slammed. Any one else getting access?

CaEsAr-1586d ago

Played yesterday and I'm playing now with no problems. But I wasn't able to connect for like 5 mins at first, now it all smooth.

Frankskint1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Been online playing a few hours now, got work in a few but, don't want to log off in case I can't get back on. Maybe it will be easier later but can't risk it.

Apart from that, I am loving the Destiny Beta, definitely agree with some of the authors improvements, since Alpha.

henrythomas2841586d ago

Are you freaking kidding me! Its gamers like you that is causing the PSN overload. I have also been waiting for hours to get online and its been incredibly frustrating, so to hear you say you have work and won't log off so others can maybe get online to play is incredibly selfish. I hope you get to work late and get fired.

patelsanjeed1586d ago

Lmao, that's a little extreme don't you think. I mean we all want to get online and play but damn. If its that bad play something else, while your waiting.

EdnaJones971586d ago

I actually agree with henrythomas284. thinks its very selfish leaving the game online for hours especially if you are not playing just so others can't get online. Ultimately its never the gamers fault anyway as PSN needs to increase its band width to deal with the Destiny Beta gold mine rush.

Frankskint1586d ago

Wow. Lmao some one drank the cranky juice this morning. I did leave the game paused and went to work as it happens and glad I did. Since some of my friends still can't get on.

Sorry dude sucks to be you, if you still can't get online. LOL

Goku7811586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

This game gets me hype, I had almost forgot yesterday was the big day! I have the feeling some people will have withdrawal syndrome when the beta stops. Ill just jump back on DC Universe, man I love that game!

Predaking771586d ago

Destiny on PS4 is amazing. I was surprise how a beta can look that good. I was totally convinced by it and will get it day 1 when it releases on september

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