Tips for playing Destiny Multiplayer Beta

Destiny beta is now available on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Here are some important tips for playing Destiny Multiplayer beta

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Mikey322301585d ago

Thanks for these little tips but..

I wish games like destiny had a very simple and easy website you can go to, that shows you what you need to know to understand the game and understand what your doing better. Some kind of straight forward tutorial that doesnt take forever to read through, where i can learn.

When i played the alpha for the first time, i say down for probably an hour and messed around, really not fully grasping or understanding what to do, if i was playing right, or how to have fun. I asked another friend who had been playing online for multiple hours what he thought, and he said he wasn't so impressed. A few days later i asked him again, and he said he wrapped his head around it, and it was actually pretty fun and interesting. That prompted me to play through a 2nd time, in which i also started wrapping my head around it and got pretty addicted. Still i feel like there is so much i dont understand, that could make playing feel much more full and fun.

I think that is why many games (new IP's especially) dont get as much attention as they should, because the learning curve to understanding how to have fun is to high. It's not even so much a high learning curve, i dont think a lot of games break down how to play and have fun very well.

Agree? Disagree?

mayberry1585d ago

That is what turns some gamers away from my personal favorite shooter, Killzone. Too many people tried it out, realized it played differently than thier favorite shooter, i.e. cod, and didn't learn to adjust to the curve and gave up! Big mistaken, they are stellar games, imho.

caseh1585d ago

Game held your hand for the first couple of minutes, telling you who to talk to and explaining what that person does. Then you had the gameplay, point and shoot. There wasn't that much to it so i'm failing to see what was so complicated about it.

Angrymorgan1585d ago

I played for the first time last night with my brother and we both relly enjoyed it.
I think what makes it so good is the amount of progression, customisation and unlocks,Ala borderlands. Even playing alone, your always bumping into other players which makes it alot of fun for me.

Dspdspes1585d ago

Mike is absolutely right! Warframe was the same for me. It took me like a month to "understand" the mechanics.

danny8181584d ago

totally agree, me and my buddy joined a firefight and were lost just shooting the fallen everytime they came up lol

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Grave1584d ago

Anyone know how to turn off the auto-aim crap? I don't like aiming at things and not being in control of the reticle.