Hurray for the 2014 Club Nintendo Elite Status Rewards

CCC Says: "I love Club Nintendo. I applaud Nintendo for offering actual physical and digital thank yous to customers in return for buying their products, and I'm always excited when it comes to grabbing something new. Sure, that sometimes means fighting with invisible strangers over things like $5 tote bags and 3DS cartridge cases. The Club Nintendo golden nunchuk I acquired is still treated with the same reverence as a war trophy."

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Dunban671610d ago

If I understand the article correctly - It says; this years club Nintendo prizes would be disappointing normally but the precious years prizes were so bad it makes this years look good by comparison

Nintendo do must be going for the same effect w the virtual console on the Wii u eshop-

GenericNameHere1609d ago

Full retail games as Platinum rewards? Sony and Microsoft are also doing a Club Nintendo like service, with Sony Rewards and Bing Rewards respectively. Even better, the retail games can be $60 games that just came out, and if you have a huge amount of points, you can even spend those points for a PS4 or Xbox One!

Lots of people bought games to accumulate points to also get the offered free games, and at the end of the CN year, all those points will amount into an awesome physical good. That's what we want. If you're not gonna do awesome exclusive physical giveaways for those who obtained the Platinum, then you might as well remove the Gold and Platinum listings, as to not trick people into hoping for something good. Like the author said, it's been YEARS since there was an awesome CN Platinum gift.

RosweeSon1609d ago

I've never seen the point In redeeming all your hard earned nintendo stars/points/coins on digital content that can be bought any day of the week I always save it for the cool trophies or for things that are actually limited, just really wish they would do that last 2 trophies from the mario kart set I got 6 out of 8 cups but no sign of the flower or star cup's?! Come on nintendo ;) at the end of the day tho they could just offer you nothing for your purchases either way it's much MUCH better than when it launched around the time of the GameCube you could only get screensavers and bookmarks and really naff stuff like that back then ;)

Visiblemarc1609d ago

The platinum rewards are bizarre.

Most of the games are like metacritic 60% titles or games that most people who earn platinum status would likely already own.

People can blather on about how it's ungrateful to complain about free stuff, but it is these kind of value-adds that keep nintendo warm in the hearts of fans.

Let's compare this to PS+. Yes it is a paid service, but considering Nintendo games pretty much never dip in price you *are* already essentially "paying" for platinum.

Any given month I get more out of PS+ for about $4.17.

Similar comparisons can be drawn to Games With Gold, especially lately as it improves.

I'm likely to be blamed for comparing apples to oranges but as owners of all the brands, the relative value differences stand out.

Club Nintendo Platinum this year felt like a continuation of a trend toward falling value from Nintendo.