“There’s no other game like The Sims” says Maxis VP

games™ chats to Maxis’ VP and general manager Rachel Franklin, senior producer Lyndsay Pearson and producer Ryan Vaughn about the evolution of The Sims.

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-Foxtrot1612d ago

I really think a developer should take the Sims on and fill their version with lots of stuff EA/Maxis wouldn't add until expansion packs.

I think the reason they get away with so much with the Sims is because it hasn't got a rival.

thorstein1611d ago

Remember Little Computer People on the Commodore 64. It had options that the Sims doesn't have like: playing cards, feeding the dog (yes LCP had pets before the Sims was even a dream).

“There’s no other game like The Sims”... ROFLMAO. There have been plenty.

ThatEnglishDude1611d ago

Thank God for that. The Sims is shockingly boring.

TedCruzsTaint1611d ago

I'd disagree, but hey.

Baka-akaB1611d ago

Not a lot of scams of that scale indeed

Clown_Syndr0me1611d ago

I gave up on the Sims when the Sims 2 was released. i bought so many expansions, and then the Sims 2 felt like id just lost everything and had a basic game again.

Gamble201611d ago

The leap from Sims to Sims 2 was pretty drastic to be fair. Sims 2 is far, far more advanced in the basic things. But you are right that it sucked to lose so many items that would take years to get back through expansions.

Sims 3 on the other hand, different story...

Clown_Syndr0me1611d ago

Yeah I didnt mean basic in the way, the Sims 2 core gameplay was a big improvement, but when you have all the expansions, there isnt much incentive to move on to a new game.
Never bothered with Sims 3, I think I've outgrown it anyway.

jnemesh1611d ago

Sorry used to be a good developer...but SimCity showed us that you are not worthy of our money any longer. If you divorce yourself from EA, I might, MIGHT, buy one of your games again, IF it's good...but I won't ever be buying a game with an EA logo on it. Or even trust that you can deliver a good game based on your past reputation.

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