PC Hardware Sales On The Rise

A recently released report by John Peddie Research (JPR) claimed that the PC gaming hardware market will reach just over $21.5 billion by the end of 2014, and is expected to reach $23 billion by 2017. Seeing reports such as this make it harder and harder to think that around mid-2000s certain areas of the internet were convinced that the PC gaming industry was dying if not already dead. With this report from JPR and other recent reports about the boom in the PC gaming software market really make it clear that the PC market is strong and only going up.

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tbone5671610d ago

For PC gaming I choose Microsoft Windows PC. Macs are not really good for gaming and Linux is not really supported. Best to go with MS with PC gaming. There's also steambox coming up but I don't see that doing well at all.

pandehz1609d ago

I lol'd at steambox the day it was announced.

It has neither exclusives nor can it do what a normal windows pc does thoroughly.

JBSleek1610d ago

Join us people. PC is the best platform.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1610d ago

Fixed: "In my opinion Pc is the best platorm"
No doubt it has the best graphics but best platform to game is no doubt always going to be disputed especially when looking at exclusivity.

JBSleek1610d ago

I didn't think I had to put in my opinion, that was common sense.

Also I'm not going to talk about exclusives because I can name much more exclusives on PC then console games so that's a non starter.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1610d ago

JB surely you can name but they also have to be good. civ v is easily my fav

Pandamobile1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Exclusives aren't the be-all-to-end-all of gaming, you know. Outside of fanboy refugee camps like N4G, no one really gives a damn whether a game is on one platform or 7. The more idealistic of gamers would probably insist on more platforms being better for everyone, not worse.

If your gaming tastes aren't limited to AAA action games, PC is objectively the best platform to game on.

Excluding mobile (Android/iOS), PC has:

1) The most flexibility; PC's come in all shapes and sizes, with seemingly infinite ways to personalize it to your specific tastes. Want to be engrossed by digital worlds? Pull that 27" monitor up close and put on your favourite headphones. Want to kick back and relax? Stream your games from your desktop to your TV with a PS3 or 360 controller in-hand.

2) The most games; 20+ years of gaming history is at your fingertips. Want to experience the pinnacle of gaming and technology as it was in 1998? Half-Life has you covered, including a fan-made HD remake of the entire game in Black Mesa. Not to mention you can even play most NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, PS1, PS2 and DreamCast games through emulators.

3) The best technology; If you're the type that just wants the same little box that everyone else has, this might not be up your alley, but if you're like technology, your eyes and brain will appreciate a nice crisp >1080p, anti-aliased, 60+ FPS experience in every game. With 4K and VR gaming set to become the new standards in the coming years, why not go where the getting's good?

4) The most social experiences; you can instantly connect with everyone and anyone you care to via IM, voice chat and gaming communities built right into the games themselves. Consoles are starting to become a bit more social than they were last gen, but they still pale in comparison to the guilds and clans and communities of PC games.

5) Steam + the greater Internet; if you aren't already on Steam, you're seriously missing out. All those nice "new" features that current-gen consoles have? 95% of them either originated on PC or were first popularized by Steam. Free games, cheap games, in-development games, old games, new games, AAA blockbuster games, 1-man indie games. PC has so many games that the biggest challenged is simply finding something you want in the endless sea of gaming experiences that exist today. There's also family sharing. My roommates and I all pooled our Steam accounts into a family sharing circle, so we all have 500+ games in our libraries to choose from. How crazy is that?

I could go on forever, but if you don't see the point by now, I might as well be talking to the wind.

uth111610d ago

It may have the most powerful technology, but imo, it's a poor gaming platform overall. Too many issues.

aliengmr1610d ago

Know what you mean.

3 whole mouse-clicks to install a game. 1 click to play a game. 1 click to install drivers, did that twice this year so far, thought my finger would fall off.

Goodness me, I'm not sure how much longer I can do all this mouse-clicking.

I mean, you can clearly see why I dread having to install a game, its 3 CLICKS!! How anyone can endure such hardship I'll never know.

uth111610d ago

-buggy drivers
-games that somehow don't work right on -your- videocard, even though it meets the published specs.
-update to a new version of a game, and it runs like sh&*, forcing you to do a hardware upgrade, even though it doesn't look or play any better than the previous version!
- games that mysteriously crash
- processes that like to start up and consume all CPU- like dllhost on my laptop
- Just now I was playing a game on this PC, and suddenly my FPS dropped to like 3 fps. It was because I left THIS site open, and some flash widget on it sucked up half my CPU. WTF? It's only a couple of months old, it should perform much better than that.

Stuff like this just wore me down over the years. I buy very few PC games these days

Pandamobile1609d ago

Sounds more like you don't know how to operate a computer. I figured that was sort of a prerequisite for 21st century life. Guess I was wrong.

Dasteru1609d ago


-Viruses - Practically non existent since Windows 7. I went nearly 6 months without even having any anti-virus and didn't get a single virus.
-Spyware - As above.
-Buggy drivers - Non issue with Nvidia and rare with ATI unless running crossfire. Hasn't been a major issue in about a decade.
-games that somehow don't work right - Again, very rare. Hasn't really been an issue since 3D voodoo cards.
-update to a new version of a game, and it runs like sh&* - Rare with the exception of a few lousy devs that rush out patches to increase sales.
-games that mysteriously crash. 99% Bethesda issue. Very very rare with other games.
-processes that like to start up and consume all CPU - Check your CPU. Either it is a crap CPU or is is defective. My CPU never goes past 1% usage while not gaming. Flash never uses more than 1% unless there is a busted page script. I never have games suddenly slow down due to an increase in CPU usage.

pandehz1609d ago


Once I had to do 4 clicks, swear down I almost lost it.

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Magnus7011610d ago

Join the PC Master Race.

Where 1080p @ 60 fps is considered shit and any game can be modded for our amusement.

gamernova1610d ago

Lol so much truth in this statement.

zsquaresoff1610d ago ShowReplies(4)
johny51610d ago

Screw 1080p/4k, on PC 8k/surround is where it's at!

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