Naughty Dog believes 'The Last Of Us' shows how complete their engine is for PS4

Naughty Dog's Lead Programmer Jason Gregory discussed a bit about what it has been like bringing the game to PS4 and the lasting thoughts they've been left with for future work on the PS4.

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BigBosss1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Looks really good so far especially for a remastered game and looking how uncharted 4 looks either, dear Lord! ND never fails at what they do.

XiSasukeUchiha1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Naughty Dogs are legends that are stained in this world and the after world make gamers eat crows for a decade.


I'm Uchiha Sasuke mofo, so that's all you need know!

BigBosss1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

I speak on behalf of everyone at N4G, but do you even play games? Or you just always here just to get the first comment...

Okay then, I think there is a new episode of Naruto. Go and watch it instead of always getting the first comment

VanDamme1434d ago


You're a fictional children's cartoon character? And we're on the same plane of existence? Holy f*cking sh*t!!! This whole time I though I lived in reality!

I guess th-th-th-th-the-thaaaat's ALLL FOLKS!!!

user74029311434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

those uc4 graphics (. ) ( . )


BigBosss1434d ago


I mean, Uncharted 4. Phew, close call lol

NextLevel1434d ago

This did it.

Nobody should doubt the PS4 after these gifs.

There is nothing even close on other consoles. You be hard pressed to even find better looking games on PC.

MegaRay1434d ago

I like ND and all but realistic graphics =/= great game.

To me infamous > uncharted. Even if it doesn't look as amazing as Uncharted, it is more fun to play.

NextLevel1434d ago

"realistic graphics =/= great game."

I never said they did. Why do people instantly jump to this? It's OK to have both.

JBSleek1434d ago

Well I can't wait for Uncharted 4 on PS4!

funkybudda1434d ago

Same here, anything ND does puts other Xbox Done exclusives to shame.

JBSleek1434d ago

Then you lost me with your stupid Xbox comment...

I also enjoy Xbox exclusives and very much looking forward to Quantum Break.

Just play games and stop the nonsensical bull crap.

mysteryraz111434d ago

uncharted 4 will make ps4 last of us look like a nes game