New Doom To Be Unveiled Tonight At 7PM EST, Quake Tourney Currently Under Way

The moment most old-school FPS fans have been waiting for is almost upon us. Bethesda has confirmed that the new Doom game that is being developed by id Software and that is – most probably – powered by id Tech 5 will be unveiled tonight at 7PM EST.

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user74029311608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Awesome! i have been wanting a new doom for quite some time, would be nice to also have a ps4 release date.

Snookies121608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Hell yeah, pumped for that! Doom was a big part of my childhood gaming days.

FriedGoat1608d ago

Shame ID is a shell of it's former self.
Carmack is gone, and Doom will most likely be a pile of poo poo.

ATi_Elite1608d ago

oh man please don't let me down.

Doom is what got me my second taste of PC gaming (Oregon trail was the first) and I would hate for such a classic and historic game to become Pooh pooh!

Doom needs to be BIG, Fast, Graphically intense, Violent, and have a very high replay value.

Doom = classic
Doom 2 = Classic
Doom 3 = Ok game

Doom 4 needs to go back to the Doom 1 style, well balanced percentage of corridors, multi-level semi-open structures and sandbox play, lots of puzzles, NO monsters spawning right behind you as that is STUPID (Doom 3), secret levels, hidden goodies, Awesome DLC, bring back ALL the old demons, Graphics that will PUNISH a PC but 1080p 60fps friendly, slight destruction, and a game so scary that you will feel the need to look over your shoulder while playing.

if it's NOT this then delay it, go back to the drawing board and stay there until done right.

uth111608d ago

Doom was what caused me to get my first PC

XiSasukeUchiha1608d ago

Doom 4 oh yeah (Kool Aid man!).

MCTJim1608d ago

Ive got my beta code at the ready :D

uth111608d ago

Impending Doom at 7pm?!?

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The story is too old to be commented.