Everything you need to know about Natural Doctrine

Rice Digital takes a look at the gorgeous-looking PS4 SRPG from NIS and Kadokawa

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Patashnik1611d ago

This is looking very nice like a cross between Last Remnant and Valkyria Chronicles

Fullmetalevolust1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I cannot wait to play it on my vita! I know it's set to release on the ps4 out in the west for sure, but I aint got one of those yet, lol. *why I gotta be so broke!*
OT: it looks challenging and I love SJRPG :) I hope we see more of these titles come westward.

The 10th Rider1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

...Not to get your hopes up too high. It wasn't received too well in Japan.

That being said, I love SJRPG's so I do hope the changes they've made in patches and stuff have brought the game up a bit.

Fullmetalevolust1611d ago

I saw some camera angle issues and some heightened difficulty at some points in the story...hopefully that gets taken care of.

The 10th Rider1611d ago

Yeah, I believe the difficulty was addressed in a patch, which is good.

Cryptcuzz1611d ago

I am not too sure how I feel about this game yet. I love SRPG games, but the gameplay I have seen of it so far gives me mix feelings.

I hope there will be a demo on PS4 for me (and all others) that are on the fence about this game.

Fullmetalevolust1611d ago

I freakin' love your avatar! :)

Cryptcuzz1611d ago

Thanks man! Did you play the game as well? One of my fondest moments in gaming growing up.

Fullmetalevolust1611d ago

@Crypt, of course! I still have all four discs to this day for my Saturn!
Best RPG ever made, hands down!
Can't count on Sega to make an HD release of that title or to even release it digitally.
If I were them, I'd start from scratch and redo it all.

Cryptcuzz1610d ago

You are so lucky man!
I used to have my Sega Saturn with so many games and they were all stolen from my house when I was still in elementary school LOL.

Some of the games that were stolen were Shining Force 3, Dragon Force, X-Men vs Street Fighter, the Panzer Dragoon games and the worst one was Panzer Dragoon Saga :(