Microsoft Reconsiders Original Programming Strategy for Xbox

Microsoft is said to be reconsidering its strategy of developing original series for its Xbox platform.

The tech giant made headlines Thursday with plans to layoff as many as 18,000 employees following its recent $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s phones business. Industry sources say that newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella is taking a hard look at all of the company’s operations and is questioning the plan to produce a broad slate of original series for Xbox platforms.

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NextLevel1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Another 180. This is why they're getting destroyed in sales. You can't them seriously, they don't even know what the Xbox One is yet.


90% of the time I just post info or state what has happened. When that's considered trolling, it should be a testament to how bad things actually are for the Xbox.

Mikelarry1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

i have got to agree with that comment, Microsoft keeps backtracking on their ideas its hard to keep up with what features will stay and what will be removed. you would think a big company like them would have done some thorough research into this medium before making the announcement of the original series idea

Godmars2901614d ago

MS's ideas seem to be "make a profit with this entertainment product" rather than "make an entertainment product to earn a profit".

They didn't get into consoles because they saw that they could do things better than the other guy and make money doing it, but because they wanted to make money. The actual product or customer satisfaction was secondary. That's what tripped them up every time.

NatureOfLogic_1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I really can't take anything says about Xbox One seriously. MS vision for Xbox One is very unstable and embarrassing. Next up the power of the cloud 180.

ABizzel11614d ago

Honestly it was beyond crazy to me for MS out of all the big 3 to be the one to lead with this, and only have Halo and Quantum Break TV shows to speak of instead of a group of series we could expect. If anything this should have had Sony written all over.

I honestly think they got in over their heads with this. If you're going to start creating original programming you need to hire writers, directors, producers, lead actors, cast & crew, and so much more. Then you have to get budgets for each and every program you create. On top of that MS would be a brand new power in the market of original programming, and they have no background or history in film or television that I know of, besides the studios they just built. Being the new guy and having to compete with Cable TV, Neflix, Hulu, and other services that are offering proven services for original content creators to come sign up for, instantly puts MS back against the wall unless they start offering incentives or pick up shows that were tossed aside by those big services.

On the flip side Sony has been in the business for almost 30 years, they have a small name (being sarcastic) in the film and entertainment industries, and for them to create new original content and have people sign-up to join the service is a much easier sell than MS who has no background in the industry.

Sony has only shown Powers thus far (which is coming out before either of MS showings), but they still have tons of movies and TV shows they could realistically add to their service, as well as tons of studios and come-up writers who are eagerly and willing to jump on board.

This was a losing battle for MS to begin with, and while Sony pulled a me too, their me too unfortunately for MS had the backing to show they can realistically make it happen and not just provide expectations and hopes for the future.

Godmars2901614d ago

You either forgot or didn't know that Sony offered an anime series, Xam'd: Lost Memories, directly through PSN when the PS3 first came out.

Still, it was surprising how ahead MS was with media support apps, including Crackle which is Sony owned and likely had a limited exclusion deal to boot.

But that should also be an indication of Sony has behind it with regards to TV shows.

dcbronco1614d ago

I often wonder if the problem with gaming sites is that people don't read the articles, forget what they read or don't comprehend it. Or if it's a combo or just don't read anything else.

Next level, people consider your comments as trolling because there's no stupid option. But new CEO's often change the direction a company was going in. So this is completely different from all of the other Xbox One stuff.

Mikelarry see CEO portion of comment to Nextlevel.

Mars, are you really naive enough to believe every companies intention isn't to make money.

Abizzel, have you actually read any of the articles about what Microsoft was doing in their TV division? They hired the head of the number one television network in the world who took over that network and switched it from industry laughingstock to only second to HBO in quality and no one in ratings. She now heads Microsoft's studio. They hired major players in several other areas of TV and music also. They've brought in directors, writers and producers that have made many iconic films and shows over the last few decades. They gave the new head 1 billion to start with to make movies and shows. Those same writers,producers and directors have made movies and television for Sony, by the way. And to think they will fail because they have never done it before is ridiculous. Netflix had never done it. Bet Sony wouldn't mind owning House of Cards though. It's won a few awards even though Netflix had never done a show before. Orange is the new black is doing okay too. Netflix has been making its own shows for two years.

You know why Netflix made their own shows? Because content providers tried to get rid of them by denying them shows and movies. They've done the same to Microsoft. And Microsoft has a lot more money than Netflix. Hollywood regularly shuts out many talented producers, writers and directors. Many hit shows and movies have been turned away there. We all should hope for more options in the future. Those options have given us HoC and OitNB. Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately Microsoft might have chosen a leader that lacks foresight.

Godmars2901614d ago

Are you really so naive to believe that companies plan out or make money the same exact way?

MS tried to charge all 360 owners through XBL to use all of the console's features through Gold subscription was only really for online multiplayer. Meanwhile Sony let people use things such as Youtube at no extra cost, so when Netflix stopped being an "Only On Xbox" thing, the PS3 almost instantly became the most used platform for it.

That's even over PC - because, you know - livingroom. Given that the general consumer doesn't know how to hook up a PC to a TV.

Also, now that they've killed their own production studios, all but effectively closed down the TV division, what are they going to do with this miracle head of said division they've just closed down?

Really, where do you think the bulk of her resources where? How long before someone with such a long resume, and likely as big a paycheck, either resigns looking for another job or is just fired?

And as for not hiring the right guy, isn't that why the two new guys are where they are?

dcbronco1614d ago

Mars, She still works at Microsoft for now. But if they kept the studio open, why would she leave? There is zero logic in that statement. She built up CBS and remained there for eight years I believe. Getting a chance to do it all over again and you believe she would have walked away for no reason. What? Why take the job in the first place. People like that usually come with egos the size of the checks. They have something to prove. Microsoft is about to experience the Apple syndrome. When you hire a guy with no vision. Look at Apple before Jobs, after Jobs and again after his return. As much complaining as there was about Ballmer, he led Microsoft to it's most profitable years in history. And only a moron believes Xbox is not profitable. Basic knowledge of how the console market works makes that easy to see. Entertainment and services are the future. Ballmer was on the right track there. The beliefs of fanboys and stockholders so stupid they get ripped for half their value every ten years are irrelevant. The new CEO will feed into wall street and take the company in the wrong direction. He might be just stupid enough to sell off Xbox. It'll some else's gain though. He may be book smart, but there is more to succeeding than that.

Godmars2901614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"But if they kept the studio open, why would she leave?"

As I said before, the bulk of her resource base is now gone. She's been regulated to buying 3rd party shows rather than managing the creation of ones she could slap her name directly on. Her connections are likely behind the exclusivity deal XBL got for the premiere of FX's vampire series, but if what's left of the division can't pull its weight, at the very least she'll remain until her contract.

Or sooner if the new boss who just cut her legs out from under her feels that she's being paid to much after reducing what she can do.

"And only a moron believes Xbox is not profitable."

Profitable in what regard when the first Xbox only lost money because of bad manufacturing decisions, the billion dollar buyout to fix the 360's RROD, and now the mess with DRM and Kinect.

As someone chiding others for their fanboyism, you really need to look at your own. I mean you're blaming the new MS CEO for mistakes made by the old.

dcbronco1614d ago

Mars, I'm going to assume you know something about console manufacturing. Explain how a console with two die shrinks and the eventual combining of the two parts that represent half the initial manufacturing cost is losing money when the console hasn't had a price drop in 7 years. Do just a little research on how to reduce manufacturing cost on a console and then comment again. If you want to claim. Microsoft likes to spin things. This is where its happened.

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Applejack1614d ago

Alright, we all get it. You don't like Microsoft or the Xbox brand but do you seriously have to keep being negative in every article?

Silly gameAr1614d ago

Next is like the Playstation version of Axios2.

truefan11614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Well all this article says it that Microsoft is said to be reconsidering, no source or anything. I can do that same level of journalism.

Sony is said to be focusing solely on remastered games, indie games, and 2-3 year old pc games because they are less of a financial risk. In July 2014 Andrew House, current president of SCE, said he hopes to be more like Disney in terms of remastering old games.

I contacted Sony Corporation, but they declined to comment.

christocolus1614d ago

If the resources from the tv aspect are put into opening up new studios and getting more games out then its a great idea...but I want my two halo series released and nightfall better come bundled with my halo mcc copy.

This also proves that balmer/mattricks plans for the xbox one were very different from that of satya/Phil. If saty&phil started from the planning from the begining everything might have been so different now.

Whatever happens i hope it benefits xbox&xbx fans.

ABizzel11614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )


But Bloodbourne, LBP3, Uncharted 4, The Order, Drive Club, Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Deep Down, Yakuza, No Man's Sky, and all the games we know their 1st and 2nd party studios are working on like Guerilla New IP, Quantic Dream New IP, Santa Monica New IP, GT7, etc... would prove your point wrong.

The fact is all we've heard about from XBTV was Halo series coming, and Quantum Break possibly having a TV tie-in. Quantum break is 2015 so we'll see then, and Halo TV has been mute since the reveal.

See the difference. Now I agree there needs to be more basis than just using silence to say the direction has changed. A quote from MS would give the writer more integrity, but besides that point I truly think it was a mistake for MS to get into original content and they should have focused more on working with Cable providers and subsidizing XBO as your new cable box.

That was a lane they could have dominated at least here in the states, because going toe to toe with Sony on video content when MS has 0 experience and Sony has been a superpower in that industry for nearly 30 years isn't a wise choice.

lifeisgamesok1614d ago

This is just Phil Spencer and Sadella leading Xbox back to its glory days of top notch gaming

I can't wait to play all of the great games coming to X1

@NextLevel Xbox One launch: Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5

PS4 launch: Knack, Killzone

I don't know about others but X1 has had a gaming 1st identity from Day 1

ABizzel11614d ago


Would you care to mention the PS3 exclusives and the 360 exclusives for 2013 as well?


Stop trolling XBO threads.

Master-H1614d ago

Killer Instinct is a downloadable title, you mention it then mention Resogun. that's 3 vs 4 games, and that 4th one , say Dead Rising 3, is on PC now...

Deividas1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Lets see...

Ryse=Crytek (do we need to say more?)

Dead Rising 3 - Congratulations you can put 300 zombies on a screen running at 18fps.

Killer Instinct - Terible game, terrible studio, only reason its getting any recognition because its a lunch title and it has no competition. And even then it struggles

Forza 5 - Huge downgrade from its previous titles and prob one of the worst ones yet.

A console should not be judged on its initial games because it needs a couple years to get going. But only a fool would think that the Xbox One has had a good gaming identity since day 1. It hasn't. I want an Xbox One,, but this is exactly why im so hesitant on getting one. They have no clue what they are doing.

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Dlacy13g1614d ago

@NextLevel there is no 180. Trimming back some of the possible productions but still moving forward on the ones they have in production. Thats not a 180. Jesus you just have a hard on for the Xbox One. And yes, you are a troll don't think otherwise.

As to this story. Given all the job cuts and recent news from Nadella it certainly makes sense that MS would take a hard look at this aspect of their business. Glad the Halo productions are still coming.

NextLevel1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"Xbox Originals: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You"

"Xbox Entertainment Studios has attracted a slew of top Hollywood talent to develop its original programming slate, with names like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott attached to two separate scripted projects based on the “Halo” franchise – but that's only the beginning."

"Xbox hopes that Xbox Originals will provide incentive for fans to make the Xbox their all-in-one entertainment device. In the eyes of the Xbox Entertainment Studios team, original shows aren’t a departure, but rather an extension of what Microsoft Studios has been doing for years with first-party game development."

It's backtracking. But keep telling yourself what ever you need to.

Dlacy13g1614d ago

No sir, you just keep fighting the fight as clearly trolling Xbox One makes you happy. You don't see me running around N4G with a hard-on looking to post any bad news I can find about companies...that's your job. I just will happily call you out. And when / if you make a good point I don't / won't have a problem acknowledging that either.

It's just a shame you can't find the joy in talking about games and instead clearly take joy in trying to take shots at MS every chance you get. Hope Sony pays you well.

Goku7811614d ago

They need to just move on to Xbox Two this has been a tragedy.

dansdooz1614d ago

considering they have a totally new ceo its not that surprising hes shaking things up, hes getting the xbox back to its roots, games!

jcole971614d ago

Do you play video games or just comment on shit that is irrelevant to you and your ps4?

azure19901614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I would say it's a 180 if what's the turds face was still there? But seriously dude you stretch so far you're embarrassing yourself. Microsoft brought in a new C.E.O a new lead for Xbox. What they did was focus on making the system better, fixing the shit that happen before they got there. We get it, you fucking hate the console. Get the fuck over it, stop bashing it. It's almost like you have a personal vendetta against Microsoft. Did they fuck your family or something?

tgunzz1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

@nextlevel, Did Ms say that they were terminating this feature?? Also, is your post in the 90% marker that you set for what has happened, or is this one actually trolling? Just cut to the chase, you hate ms (maybe you apllied for a job, and didn't get it/don't know), and it doesn't matter what they do (good, or bad), you have dedicated your soul to this fight. If you really want to make a statement, get a tattoo of naughty dog placed above your butt crack, go stand in front of MS main office naked, and protest! That won't be considered trolling...

2cents1614d ago

There is no real info in this article to suggest any 180's

"Industry sources say that newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella is taking a hard look at all of the company’s operations and is questioning the plan to produce a broad slate of original series for Xbox platforms. " is the quote this article and its title is based off. So until there is any official word from MS that they are cutting this then till then keep your rattle in your pram.

As I said before, next level. Find something better to do with your time, least ye be labelled a troll forever.

mhunterjr1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

People use the term 180 as if it's a negative. If someone is headed in the wrong direction, and turns to the right direction, how can that be seen as a bad thing?

I'm sure that 1) no one one the fence about buying an xbox one would change their mind because the might not bring original tv shows to it, and 2) no one bought an xbox one for the promise of original tv shows and 3) MS indecisiveness on TV shows isn't going to dissuade people from buying the console.

Xb1 is being outsold by Sony because 1) it has a weaker value proposition and 2) multiplatforms don't perform as well. The whole 180 thing doesn't really matter to consumers. They just want good products.

You would think that a rumor that suggests MS might devote even more money towards gaming would be met with positive comments...

stiggs1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )


You are not labeled as at troll based on the content in your comments. You are labeled as troll because you do nothing but agitate, instigate and create controversy. Your erroneous statements and repetitive submissions are obviously a calculated scheme which fuels your endless desire for attention.

You say that you are concerned because “people just want to talk about me and not the facts”. This claim is simply a ruse that you perpetrate in order to conceal your devious intentions. You LOVE that people focus on your contemptuous observations. I would venture that you don't even care that much about the so called PS4/XBOX “war”. You are simply addicted to the attention that you receive when passionate video game fans respond to your nonsense. In most cases, online trolls like yourself act out in this manner to supplant any actual human interaction that is missing from their lives.

You may think it's funny now but I can guarantee that this provocative and immature attitude will not sit well with you in later years. Don't be THAT still have enough time to avoid being a pathetic loser.

MegaRay1614d ago

Even sasuke cant beat you to top on a negative xbox thread lol

PlayableGamez1614d ago

Lol. I don't see what is wrong with reversal or 180s. Would you have rather Microsoft kept the old vision they had for the Xbox One that everyone hated? I don't think so. Microsoft is trying to win some of their fans back by listing to feedback and complaints. You are acting like theses 180s are a bad thing. I see them as good things. It means people can have a better Xbox One experience. Honestly NextLevel, I've been keeping tabs on you and I think you have an obsession with Microsoft. I don't know what kind of gamer you are. However, you need to not worry about something that doesn't affect you one bit.

kickerz1614d ago

No 90% of the time your trolling . Plain and simple. Go back to your Sony articles please, we all know you hate Xbox

Ulf1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

This move is exactly in line with the "all about games" strategy, actually.

You should read more before posting, NextLevel. Your comment is either grossly uninformed, or you are trying to deceive the readers of N4G by trolling.

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JBSleek1614d ago

That's a whole bunch of speculation.

XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

Another 180 sigh! please MS make up your mind and be headstrong like Naruto i swear!

JeffGUNZ1614d ago

Dude, try reading just ONE article ONCE. This is a rumor not a fact and it states as possibly cutting back production on future development and the ones in production now are still going through, AKA nightfall. Again, all rumor. Also, it states that the CEO wants to invest that money into their core units, listing videogames at one of them.

2cents1614d ago

Some people are beyond reaching.

user74029311614d ago

And you wonder why people don't take xbox seriously

snookiegamer1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

If they revert back to their media ambitions, then may as well go all the way. DRM, 24hr check ins, no used games.

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