Naughty Dog on 'The Last Of Us' on PS4: Shows 60 FPS 'does make a difference'

Naughty Dog's Lead Programmer Jason Gregory talked about how The Last Of Us on PS4 is showing that a non-shooter running at 60 FPS does make a difference.

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RichardDawkins1611d ago

I'm telling you right now.. it does.

FriedGoat1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I cannot for the LIFE of me believe they have blanket censored this god damn game again in the EU. I wish Sony would go back to making seperate neutered German versions for the only damn country in the whole of Europe who would have a problem with the gore. I mean the rest of the EU has seen a lot worse....

For any Europeans who wanna check out the confirmation,
Here Fred Dutton confirms that AGAIN the whole of the EU and Australia get a neutered version of the game.

So, now I gotta import this game, even though I don't really want to support a company who do crap like this.

jobboy1611d ago

yes it least for me

user56695101611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

so now it does i wonder why.

all hail sony our god and savoir. if they havent said it, it doesnt exist. if they say it, it is decided.

it has been written. in be sonys name.

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Godmars2901611d ago

This feels like Sony's legal issues with rumble all over again.

"Its not important because we couldn't do it, but now that we can, it is."

SonyNGP1611d ago

Pardon my French, but no sh** it makes a difference.

Locknuts1609d ago

I can't believe anyone would question it. Any game with action components feels more responsive at 60fps.

Dan_scruggs1611d ago

No it doesn't. 60 fps didn't help the game get all those 10 out of 10 scores and reach 7 million sales when it originally came out did it?

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The story is too old to be commented.