UK: Wii U software sales rise by 479% in June

Wii U software sales are up by nearly 500 percent in the UK month-over-month, likely due to the launch of Mario Kart 8.

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Neonridr1616d ago

definitely due to MK8. But great to see Nintendo move good numbers in the UK.

MightyNoX1616d ago

Dat Luigi death stare effect.

Here's hoping to see a similar bump when Smash 4 comes out.

randomass1711615d ago

Crazy numbers for UK. Nintendo's performance seems to be weakest there, but this is a good sign. Hopefully the momentum continues.

joshw20111616d ago

The chart states it's comparing to June 2013, not May 2014. I wonder what the gain really is. Obviously it's going to be big, but bigger or smaller than +479%?

Geekman1616d ago

We've been waiting for this for a year for this news piece and it only gets 4 comments.

Trunkz Jr1616d ago

Because theres a large % that enjoy seeing bad news if it's not the console they purchased.

iamnsuperman1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I don't want to be a kill joy but a reason could be because the news isn't that exciting. For some reason the source has compared figures from last year's June to this year's June. Big difference between the two was that a Nintendo game was released.

Last year June's sales were abysmal for a new system but nor is it surprising the sales rose by such a high percentage when a game was released (was there a game released last June for the Wii U?)

What the data really shows is the need for Nintendo to attract third party software. For a slow month the other two systems did quite well and we're quite profitable. Let's hold excitement for the result where no Nintendo game is released or over a period of time

hkgamer1616d ago

cool, definitely a good thing for nintendo.

i mean the numbers are not as impressive as percentage sounds buts its still pretty good.