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Guess the cheapest game console ever

When we try to justify the price we pay for a game console, we rarely think back past the last generation. At just $400, the PlayStation 4 is a steal compared to its $600 predecessor, yet Microsoft has received plenty of flak for launching the Xbox One at $500. What’s interesting is that when we step back just a few generations further, prices suddenly plummet to $300 or less. (GameCube, Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PS4, Retro, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

uth11  +   382d ago
The article doesn't mention that these are inflation-adjusted (and that can be open to interpretation exactly how much to adjust). They are also prices at launch
Death  +   382d ago
They used the less expensive PS3 and 360 SKU's also.
MeliMel  +   382d ago
Did we read same article? The list and article mention that price are inflation adjusted.

Im just feeling old. Ive owned 21 of the consoles on the list.
facelike  +   381d ago
Wow, 21. I've only owned 10 of them but if I include my friend's houses who I've spend lots of time at, my list still only gets to 15. It will be 16 when I get a current gen system.
Magicite  +   382d ago
ouch, that 3DO price :o
Bathyj  +   382d ago
Without looking, inflation adjusted, I'm thinking WiiU followed by Ps4.

Well I wasn't even close. Didn't think the GameCube was that cheap. This chart is weird, many consoles don't seem to have gone up all that much. Plus I'm remembering Australian prices which were over double these.
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gigoran  +   382d ago
Yeah, thank nintendo and their price fixing in Australia and Europe for our extremely high prices.
voodoochild346  +   382d ago
That's not what he said at all...
UltraNova  +   382d ago
I dont know what you guys talk about but I payed the equivalent of $575 for my PS4 (425 euro)...
uth11  +   382d ago
The chart is inflation adjusted and US dollars. Those aren't the prices you would have paid then, it's the equivalent of what you'd pay today
DualWielding  +   382d ago
Ripsta7th  +   382d ago
Broburger  +   382d ago
The Dreamcast and Gamecube kicked ass
iceman06  +   382d ago
That's CRAZY!!! I procured my father's Intellevision when I was about 10 y/o, and after a lengthy divorce. Had I known the value of what I had...man I would have thought I was rich! LOL
Goro  +   382d ago
level 360  +   382d ago
PS4 is the cheapest considering the hardware/connectivity used.

PS2 a very close second for the fact it had the most number of great games available during it's lifespan.
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mixolydian_id  +   382d ago
Wasn't the original Gameboy (grey brick) 120 beans?

It's why my brothers and dad used to rock Tetris on 4 player :P
Genova84  +   382d ago
These prices also don't indicate the required peripherals. For n64, DC, PSX, PS2 and gamecube, you have to at least include a $20 memory card. Plus NES and SNES came with a game so take away $50 from both of those cobsoles. NES also came with 2 controllers so that'd knock of another $20ish. Not sure when th lightgun and world class track meet were invluded but that'd drop it even further ...
dmeador  +   381d ago
The N64 is the first system I really poured countless hours into. Fun to see how much it "cost" back in the day
xtheblackparade  +   381d ago
Definately. PS2 used to be around €1000 when it just released, transfered to euros ofcourse. We sure had a price cut :)

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