Shadow Warrior Coming to PS4 and Xbox One - It's Wang in a Box... Oh Grow Up

The cult hit from 1997 that hit Steam back in 2013 with a reboot is making the leap to consoles this fall.

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Neonridr1315d ago

They better price this game correctly. Currently on steam the game is $39.99. By the time this game releases, the PC version will be even cheaper.

Moncole1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I got the game DRM free with a Steam key for 8$.

Activemessiah1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Got the PC version brand new for £5 from my local Game store.

Edit: Web prices and store prices differ.

Neonridr1315d ago

Oh no doubt you could get this game for way cheaper, I just meant if you were going the retail route this is the Suggested Retail Price.

I was merely trying to point out that if they price the console versions at $59.99, they can forget about selling through many copies.

Volkama1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Got it for £7.50 on the 2013 Christmas sale I think? Based purely on the trailer that poked fun at the other big games of the time.

"Realistic fish AI!"
"Fully destructable Bicycles!"

It's actually really fun, and one of the nicest examples of what 4K resolution can do for a game visually.

hkgamer1315d ago

looks like a cheapish game. maybe it has a chance if sold at tground zeroes prices.

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Fishy Fingers1315d ago

Bought it on a whim in the steam sale. Pleasantly surprised. Good old fashioned fun.

xtheblackparade1315d ago

OMG really??! This is damned good news :D I've had so much fun beating the crap out of eachother as kids with this game. Really looking forward to it!

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