Digital PS4 games still up to 48% more expensive outside of the US. AAA Titles up to 57% more

Blogger Wololo compares the prices of PS4 games in the US with other countries: Canada, Australia, UK, Germany (and Europe in general), Brazil and Japan.

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DeadRabbits1583d ago

'Digital PS4 games still up to 48% more expensive outside of the US. AAA Titles up to 57% more'

Only a problem if you want it to be a problem!

1nsomniac1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

LOL it looks like no one below has understood the title or the article!

It's not saying that digital sales are increasing. It's saying that the cost of digital sales are extremely high, almost in some cases 50% more expensive.

"Only a problem if you want it to be a problem!" ...and what when they finally force through the removal of physical media & every country is forced to pay up to 48% more for their games, still not a problem??

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771584d ago

I given up on hard copies anyway and went digital. And since i don't bother with buying games from retail stores and trading them, even more of a reason why i buying my games from the ps store. I'm glad to hear the AAA games are doing great to.

JBSleek1583d ago

I'm all digital as well. I'll pay extra for convenience.

Eonjay1583d ago

Its not convenient to pay more for less.

JBSleek1583d ago

"Its not convenient to pay more for less."

I never understood that argument. I'm not getting less. It's just in a different form of media. i don't consider myself getting less for buying music on iTunes then CD.

If you are referring to me not having a case for my games...Well I can live without that.

darthv721583d ago

When you think of how this gen is designed, the games are the same but the means to obtain them are different.

digital vs physical but in the end the game must be installed no matter what. you dont play the games from the physical media.

Digital versions should cost less because there is no packaging or other materials to have to deal with. But the flip side to that is retail stores will tend to price things to be competitive with other retail stores. Like with new releases on movies, one store will have it for $19.95 and another might have it for $18.49 (just as an example).

digital games are obtained from one location. that being the service itself (ps store, xbl marketplace, steam...) so it is at their discretion to set the prices because there is no other competition offering the same game for your system digitally.

If a game on the PS store is $49.99, it isnt like i can go to through the browser on the system and get the same game for $47.99. Not yet anyway...

I think amazon is working to offer digital downloads for ps and xb games. you purchase the code through amazon, redeem it on the appropriate system and play. I know i have bought digital game download cards from amazon before. I bought alan Wake for 360 for $3 and received the digital download card in the mail that i entered on live and downloaded the game.

Great game by the way...

DualWielding1583d ago

I agree 100% with this article, and that's why I hate Nintendo's region lock which doesn't allow you to do the same thing.....

Volkama1583d ago

While we're talking about prices outside of the US, let me veer precariously towards the outer edges of the topic at hand!

I want to buy something new so I might pick up a PS4 or something. Anyone in the UK seen any particularly good packages? I'm not really interested in any games already available on the PC, but Infamous, Killzone, TLOUr, maybe even Knack would be interesting as pack-ins :)

Kurisu1583d ago

PS4, inFamous,two Dualshock 4 controllers and PS4 camera! For £430!

Volkama1583d ago

That's not a bad offer, but I'd rather avoid the camera for now. Purely because I already have that other other camera, and having 2 cameras on top of my TV would bug me.

Thanks for the advice though, here and below :)

CBaoth1583d ago

I'd wait and see if Sony themselves release a launch anniversary bundle (for lack of a better description). Something like a KZ/Infamous plus 30days free PS+ bundle would be nice since they're both 1st party IPs that feature DLC to offset their inclusion. I see Knack being PS+'s big holiday freebie.

If not, wait for the great holiday deals retailers will try to entice you with.

Kurisu1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

No worries! :) If you want to avoid the camera then maybe this will do?

PS4 + inFamous for £360. That means you're getting a game for a tenner.

I also haven't bought a PS4 yet but I've pre ordered the DriveClub bundle from Shopto they've just lowered the price from £385 to £379

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Trunkz Jr1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

They are charging Canadians $10 more for BF Hardline lool

The exchange rate difference @60 is $64 CDN
Why not charge $65 to be fair? Because Greedy people are greedy...

Not that the game is even worth $60, maybe $20-$40.

Hk85karlsson1583d ago

Have u played the full game including the campaign?
Lucky bastard...

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