Microsoft Investing in VR, But Lagging Behind the Competition

It's no surprise that Microsoft is investing resources in VR in order to go head to head with the likes of Oculus Rift and Sony's project Morpheus. Never the less, Microsoft's VR research isn't as far along as its competitors due to Microsoft being primarily focused on getting its Xbox one on stable ground.

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JBSleek1587d ago

We don't even know if VR is more than some niche category which will fizzle out. Nonetheless looking forward to Oculus Rift.

DeadRabbits1587d ago

Well we all know now that Kinect failed miserably, once bitten and all. Maybe they might jump on board if SONY and the other lead competitors succeed with VR!

JBSleek1587d ago

You take this stuff way too seriously...

Pain1587d ago

Like always MS follows.. the rest.

Wikkid6661587d ago

Selling over 20 million Kinects is hardly a failure! Over 2 billion in revenues in just the hardware.

uptownsoul1587d ago

It makes sense for Microsoft to invest in VR. On the off chance that it takes off, they don't want to be the one left without a chair in this virtual "musical chairs"


Kinect and VR all we now is a treadmill so we don't walk to into the wall.

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ATi_Elite1587d ago

Monkey see Monkey Do

Microsoft see Microsoft do but like really LATE!

Microsoft: Once a symbol of leadership and innovation reduced to copy and paste business tactics.

christocolus1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Well its good to know that they are working on their own VR tech now and i must say Kinect and VR could be a really awesome combo.

corvusmd1587d ago

MS has actually had its VR tech in the works for a while, that and AR tech. They are probably at a point where they are trying to decide which direction they want to go, but they also have the luxury of not needing to rush it. If we watch Occulus and Morpheus, if they are teaching us anything right now it's that there is no point rushing because neither are getting quality support at the moment, and both have bugs that need to be worked out to make them staples of the gaming world.

There is no need to rush this at this it right.

Cupid_Viper_31587d ago

I guess that's the bedtime story you read yourself asleep to...?


Septic1587d ago


I don't see the need for the kind of comment you made.

At this stage, the tech looks relatively fresh it does look like MS are playing a wait and see approach. There is a chance that VR could end up being gimmicky or a fad like 3D (which I don't believe it to be the case) and MS clearly had some sort of R&D in this area judging by early leaks, AR tech etc etc.

So yeah, I agree with corvus; it MIGHT be a good idea to wait and then do it 'right' but obviously there is a distinct danger that, if the competition DO do it right, they lag behind the moment the tech launches.

What was the point of your p*ss taking reply?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

"Neither are getting quality support"

What in the hell are you talking about ? Morpheus is still in its prototype form hence the name . It is probably a long ways out so of course you aren't seeing support for it. But a lot of devs are interested in both the Oculus and Morpheus. I personally don't really care about either until the time comes when they're actually ready to go.

pyramidshead1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Your comment desperately needs context, and STAT because you're proving to everyone here that you're not as informed as you think you are.

Fishy Fingers1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Realistically how 'far behind' can they be. The hardware itself is 'simple' enough and when it comes to software they're probably as capable as any.

Personally, I've yet to try VR so not overly excited about the whole thing. Still struggle with the idea of shutting the world out with a headset. I know it will never become the standard gaming medium for me. But if it reaches it's potential it might be a nice, occasional, option.

Volkama1587d ago

The hardware is not that simple. The display tech is, but the lenses and such are quite sophisticated.

There is also a whole lot of potential to work on the 3D rendering methods of the software. The basic method of rendering a scene twice is hardware-intense, I reckon there are huge gains to be made in terms of using the z buffer to extrapolate depth smartly, and sharing rendering in a more efficient way.

Microsoft are well positioned to work on the rendering side at least.

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