Growing up with Video Games: A Personal History

Frugal Gaming's James Holland reminisces about arcades, home computers with rubbery keys and music that made our ears bleed and why he loved that era.

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UglyGeezer1489d ago

You were playing early hardware at a late stage?

I'm 46 and the ZX computers were very much the landscape of my own childhood panorama.

ATi_Elite1488d ago

Ghee whiz u guys are OLD! lol

Odyssey 2100 and Commodore 64 were my first taste of home video Games.

Oh wait I'm old too lol

NexGen1488d ago

I had the Odyssey 2 (I don't think they made a 2100), Tandy trs80, and of course, the c64. I loved the Commodore until the NES launched and that was it for me!

Mr Tretton1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I had a Commodore 64. I even used the monitor for my PS2 days. :)

Beyond the Forbidden Forest!

TheBrit1489d ago

I started on a Sinclair ZX80 then subsequently bought every iteration of the Sinclair machines after that. ZX81, Spectrum 16k, 48k 128k bought the Amstrad version when they took over - loved those machines.

Ultimate play the game (now RARE only by name not by employees) revolutionized gaming on the Spectrums.

karlosmorale1488d ago

I started with a speccy +2 in '86. Amazing what could be achieved with such modest processing power.

snookiegamer1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I was -6 in 1986 LOL, grew up with PlayStation, but that little black rubber keyboard thingy looks cute ;)

Lon3wolf1488d ago

First system for me was the all in one Grandstand jobby with tennis and pong and a lightgun for the TV. Then Vic 20, C64 and Speccy's etc. still love gaming after all this time.