Mass Effect 4 Survey has received "Overwhelming Response"

After the fanbase-splitting ending to Mass Effect 3, a survey concerning the future of the franchise was always going to bring out people who wanted their opinions heard. While it's hard to envy the guy that has to go through it all over the coming months, one thing is certain: there definitely have been an awful lot of responses.

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chrissx1615d ago

Just make mass effect 4 more like mass effect 1 with more rpg elements/customizations and let the players choices mk more meaning and have a great significance on the world and it should be fine

TearsOfARapper1615d ago

Or you can just make Mass Effect 4 just like Mass Effect 2 but bigger..

Not-A-Cat1615d ago

Mass Effect 2 was the best in the series to my opinion as the combat felt better but the player choices were more important in ME1.

bloop1615d ago

If they just take the best elements from each game and put them all into one they're on to a winner. The RPG and side mission variety of 1, with the combat of 2/3. Get rid of planet scanning and bring back the Mako. Even if there usually wasn't a whole lot to do on some of the planets, it gave a great sense of exploration.

LAWSON721615d ago

Also it needs the kickass MP of ME3.

DevilOgreFish1615d ago

I honestly found very few thing to not like in the last game. Sure it was a hell lot more serious, a couple plot points weren't resolved and was quite linear too with very few places to travel to. But I thought the game was pretty damn good regardless.

It had better armor options, weapon customizing and better combat. My experience was pretty enjoyable. I'm already making an other trilogy play-through as we speak.

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Trekster_Gamer1615d ago

Please just make ME4… nuff said….

showtimefolks1615d ago

ME4 has been in development for a while now, so i seriously doubt this survey will help with the game. This is more of a PR stunt than actual feedback

also the survey is so basic

either way i trust in bioware, they have learned from dragon age and now the new dragon age coming this fall is looking awesome. Hopefully ME4 will be amazing too

The 10th Rider1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

So what you're saying is that they're giving us the illusion that our choices matter when in reality no matter what we say the final end product will be the same?

Lol, I just had to...

showtimefolks1615d ago

LOL bubs up man

i just give benefit of the doubt to bioware because they are showing they leaned from dragon age 2's mistakes

I think its a safe bet that we will see ME4 fall of 2015, these survey's may help ME5 or something or maybe DLC