AAA Developers Need to Take Mobile Gaming Seriously

Mobile gaming is a huge marketplace full of powerful devices that are increasingly friendly to high-quality gaming experiences. So why are the big developers fixated on bringing nothing but freemium games to the mobile arena?

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Codewow1611d ago

Mobile games are the cash grab games that cost only a few thousand dollars to make. I say AAA devs wait until the mobile devices are even more powerful before trying to add a focus on their developments.. We all know what happens when devs spread their staff thin with multiple ports...

DiscoKid1611d ago

Agreed. Really is sad how companies we've loved for ages have taken this path just for the cash grab. It made me even more sick when Square-Enix admitted just that; less development resources, more profit.

dcj05241609d ago

What is wrong with that? 3DS games are cheap as hell to make, is that a cash grab? If not why is that different than a cheap mobile game in terms of profits and resources.

ATi_Elite1611d ago

Hmmm I think AAA Devs need to stick to what made them AAA in the first place.

Mobile is NOT for everyone although it is very profitable.

We are at a point where desktop games are so complex that mobile games seem very basic.

Ariamythe1611d ago

But that's the problem -- they only see the platform as a cash-grab. That's like saying because Twilight sold a ton of novels, publishers should only publish teen vampire fiction.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1610d ago

yeah by not developing for em. Instead go for 3DS and Vita.