Xbox One will live as long as the 360, says UK marketing chief

Talking to TechRadar at an Xbox event, Eagle confidently predicted that, despite a rocky start for the Xbox One against the PS4, time will prove the great healer.

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NextLevel1615d ago

"time will prove the great healer"

Time, is the new savior the Xbox One. Lol.

lifeisgamesok1615d ago

Time will prove great for the Xbox One because right now the PS4 is selling off of resolution gate and not important things like quality software

This time next year resolutions won't be important and it'll be about exclusives

The PS4 (going off of Andrew House and Shu's words) will have more focus on remasters and small scale games

Microsoft could really take advantage of Sony with their finances this gen

GamersHeaven1615d ago

Funny you mention exclusives last time I checked Sonys been crushing M$ in that department ever since the original Xbox what they announced so far for next year the trend seems to be continuing.

johndoe112111615d ago

Oh, so now we have to wait and see "this time next year"? Tell me, when this time next year comes around and microsoft is still getting their a$$es handed to them, how long will we have to wait and see again?

Eonjay1615d ago

You never get tired of being wrong. This generation is going to be quire painful for some.

XB1_PS41615d ago

@GamersHeaven So, I should buy a PS4 just to wait for next years games?

DeadRabbits1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I really do not think it is fair to even put the xbone in the same classification as the PS4! A Donkey will never be a Unicorn even if it straps a dildo to its head!

Seeing as the PS4 is the standard barer as the only True High Fidelity Next Gen Console on the Market 2014, It would be much fairer to place the xbone in a category all of its own (say as you would a sub compact car, WiiU being compact)

This way the xbone can become a big fish in a medium sized pond and not eaten alive by the bigger hunger apex predators out in the ocean!

DJStotty1615d ago

I agree what will sony fans have for their articles once resolution is the same on both consoles? It will probably switch to something else that no gamer really gives a damn about. All Microsoft have to do is keep concentration on delivering new experiences and games and the rest will fall into place. October/November is going to be a heavy hitter on my wallet :(

MelvinTheGreat1615d ago

@gamers heaven,
And yet MS exclsuives always outsell sony exclusives....

ger23961615d ago

Regardless of the reasons, gamers have spoken with their wallets. They prefer the ps4 over Xbox 2-1. Im sure the Xbox will continue to make head way, but I don't think it'll catch the ps4.

snookiegamer1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )


'The PS4 (going off of Andrew House and Shu's words) will have more focus on remasters and small scale games'

You're a total Liar're purposefully taking those comments out of context to suit your Agenda.

Andrew House & Shu stated there is a market for Remasters for those who never owned a PS3. And, there is no more a focus on Indie titles than PC, Wii U & X1.

You're a One Bubble Liar!!!!

johndoe112111615d ago


Calm down, you'll blow a gasket lol. If you know that guy's comment history you'll know that he does that all the time, it's nothing new with him. He constantly twists facts to suit his argument. It's what must be done in order to provide his argument with any sort of validity (even though it is false validity).

The ps4 has a very healthy future gaming library in store for it. It's still a new system and already we've seen what it's capable of and what future games are bringing. Whether or not he needs to make up facts in order to give himself some sort of false sense of security, that's not gonna change what the devs will be doing with the system.

The less you let people like that frustrate you the better. This is gonna be a very very frustrating and harsh gen for people like him.

Pain1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

..edit.. not wasting my time.

pyramidshead1615d ago

More hot nonsense from lifeisagameok. You are literally the new georgenoob.

tontontam01615d ago

SONY can fix the software problems.

MICROSOFT can't fix the slightly underpowered xbox one.

TheDevKit1615d ago

In some circumstances higher resolutions are important for software longevity.

plasticidolatry1615d ago

PS4 will have a large number of 1st party AAA exclusive games, as many or more than PS3. There is no "more focus on remasters and small scale games". You are lying and making things up.

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Magicite1615d ago

Live or exist? So far X1 is merely existing.

Axios21615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Impressive considering 360 is about to start it's 10th year of production.

@ the troll that claims to not be a fan of X1 but spends all it's time on X1 articles, no savior is required when the X1 is already selling better than:


Unless, of course, those were all failures?

@ MightyNox, wake up, aligned sales

Allow me help you with those NPD numbers

Xbox One NPD since launch
November 2013…909,000
December 2013…908,000
January 2014…141,000
February 2014…258,000
March 2014…311,000
April 2014…115,000
May 2014…77,000
Total X1…2,719,000

Xbox 360 NPD since launch
November 2005…326,000
December 2005…281,000
January 2006…250,000
February 2006…161,000
March 2006…192,000
April 2006…295,000
May 2006…221,000
Total 360…1,726,000

@ Johndoe, you will have noticed a bump in PS2 sales when more Countries are added, just like what is expected this Sep for X1.

MightyNoX1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

PS2 sold more than 150million LTD

When did the Bone reach those sales? O_o

Xbox 360 sales:

June 2006 - 277K

June 2007 - 198K

June 2008 - 220K

June 2009 - 241K

June 2010 - 452K

June 2011 - 507K

June 2012 - 257K

June 2013 - 141K

The Bone:

June 2014: 150k

Eonjay1615d ago

Yeah I see your point. The Xbox One had a great start, but now its performing worse than the 360 at the same point in time.

creatchee1615d ago

@MightyNoX and Eonjay

The problem with that type of comparison is that 360 had no same-gen competition for its first year. Therefore, people who wanted a next-gen experience (compared to what was previously available) only had 360 as an option.

This gen, Xbox One is contending with a PS4 that is outselling it. Of course there is going to be reduced numbers when you are not the only game in town like you had been previously.

johndoe112111615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Seeing as you like to be technical, those ps2 sales are in 1 territory, so your comment about "aligned sales" is irrelevant. In fact, based on that total xbox one sale figure you gave above, I would say that it is no where close to ps2 sales figures.

Eonjay1615d ago

Guys, can we stop with the Wall of text please.

zeuanimals1615d ago

The PS4 and Xbox One had the biggest debuts of any consoles ever. If it was even conceivable to release 900k PS1s, PS2s, etc., at launch, you can sure bet they would've sold about as much at launch.

The Xbox One quenched the thirst much earlier than other consoles. Let's say 3 million people wanted PS2s, they'd be waiting quite a while for supply to finally meet that demand. If 3 million people want the Xbox One at one time, it's able to do that in a shorter amount of time because of how fast production is these days. That's why we're seeing the demand die quick for the Xbox One, because the people who really wanted one already got one. And the other thing is, the PS2's demand didn't dry up quite as quick as the demand for the Xbox One. After hitting 5 million WW, it continued to sell big every month.

Also, the 360 was also heavily supply constrained up until much later in 2006. If there was an extra million for the US, it would've matched the Xbox One's numbers quite easily.

johndoe112111615d ago


" you will have noticed a bump in PS2 sales when more Countries are added, just like what is expected this Sep for X1."

What does that have to do with the point you were making in the post above?

aceitman1615d ago

@Axios2 can u see a problem with X1 sales they only hit big numbers at the holiday launch time, and it went on a steep hill after that , the numbers are dropping all the time , and bad , if u go from jan. the X1 only sold 902,000 in 5 months , and the 360 sold 1,119,000 in 5 months so the X1 is not selling better than the 360 after the 1st 5 months on the next year out and the X1 has a price drop , so that gave june a boost , wait till july. even lower.

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JBSleek1615d ago

I agree time usually fixes crap. I mean people tend to not care about crap that was important after about a year.

DJStotty1615d ago

no, software runs and can make HARDWARE perform better, and Microsoft are Software engineers. So yeah the xbox one will improve over time

JBSleek1615d ago

Okay? Not sure how that is a reply to what I said.

Time is the ultimate healer. If Xbox One has an image problem now in a year no one will care anymore.

johndoe112111615d ago


Really? The ps3's image problem lasted for a good few years. What makes you think the xbox's image problem will be any different.

zeuanimals1615d ago

People can forget things in a year, but that doesn't mean the image problem is taken care of. Lindsay Lohan? People forgot about her. If you brought her up when she wasn't everywhere in the news for a couple of years, people still knew her as a drug addict and whatever else.

Watergate? People don't talk about it constantly and it's not always in the news but people will always remember it for how awful the presidency was.

Time may heal all wounds but actually proactively healing them kind of cuts down the time needed to heal. That's what MS is doing. They have an image problem and they're trying to fix it. If they just left it up to time, they would be in an even worse position.

christocolus1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

“Eagle admitted the 'turbulence' that has haunted the
early part in the Xbox's life has not been fun, but
insisted that things had changed direction”.

Couldn't agree more so im hoping this all means well get more investment into AA games, new ips and new studios down the line.

XiSasukeUchiha1615d ago

This is going to be fun life Xbox 1 :)

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