Indiegogo: Dream Machine, the journey of a Game Designer

This is a Indiegogo project designed to help an aspiring Game Designer from South Africa. He needs to gather enough funds so that he can realize his dream. Will you help him?

An extract from his Indiegogo campaign:

"As a writer and designer, I want to bring people together by sharing “on the edge of your seat experiences”, experiences which they will remember, experiences which will leave them hungry and wanting to come back for more. These experiences can commence through well designed game and narrative-driven mechanics. By combining these mechanics, a connection can be formed between the game and the gamer.

I want the player to have a connection with the game, the narrative, the world and the character he/she embodies. I will be able to accomplish that by helping to sculpt the characters, their arcs, and the surroundings they occupy."

Lets come together and help him out :)
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