Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Wasn't Playable in Smash Bros. 4

If you’re into Japanese Gaming Culture, chances are you’ve come across popular magazine, Famitsu. You may not have known this, but Masahiro Sakurai from Nintendo of Japan has a weekly column that he writes talking about his development over at the Big N.

This week, Sakurai had something interesting to say in his column pertaining to the upcoming Smash Bros. 4 game on the Wii U and 3DS. In it, he explains why highly demanded character, Chrom, wasn’t included in the character roster for the game.

This post contains all of the information!

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DiscoKid1616d ago

"Chrom would be just another swordsman with no unique characteristics."

*reveals Lucina as a Marth clone*

...That's not a good reason, Sakurai. You could have easily done the same thing with Chrom. Just admit you added her because FE needed a female representative in Smash. Nothing wrong with that so just 'fess up. lol

weekev151615d ago

Why does he need to fess up? Yeah he needs more female reps hence Lucina but hes been pretty up front about why Chrom isnt in it.

randomass1711614d ago

But Lucina is a lot like Marth to begin with. When you first meet her in the game she uses the name Marth. I was hoping she would be an alternate costume for him but this works just as well IMO.

paulcek1614d ago

Lucina was originally a Marth alt costume. She barely made it in. Lucina being added in didn't affect Chrom's chances. It was either they both didn't make it in or Lucina made it in.

Chrom didn't make it in because he had no unique characteristics. He's telling the truth.

Sakurai explains why Chrom isn't playable, which has nothing to do with why Lucina is. Yeah, I'd prefer it if she weren't a Marth clone, but she's the FE female representative.

JazBear1614d ago

We already know why,
Falcon was too much for him...

MelonSaurus1611d ago

Sakurai didn't deconfirm Chrom. Captain Falcon did.